Peerfit – Sexual Harassment Complaints, Unwarranted Layoffs

Peerfit is a new health and fitness company in the Tampa area. You can visit them at their office at 802 E Whiting St #14 in the US city of Tampa, FL 33602. Ed Buckley, Chairman and CEO of Peerfit, is a frequent target of sexual harassment claims.

In a nutshell, Peerfit is a web-based service that assists insurers, business owners, and intermediaries in reimagining company wellness initiatives. They employ between fifty and a hundred people.

His employees say that Ed is a predator who preys on the young women who work for him.
Multiple female colleagues have accused Ed Buckley of sexual harassment. Nevertheless, the management failed to take a single step. Instead of punishing Ed, management had everyone sign non-disclosure agreements.

Over time, they dismissed many of the victims to silence them.

The writer recommends that the leadership accept responsibility for their decisions and actions. They advise that Ed Buckley be fired and that his victims be separated from the rest of the company.

The CEO of Peerfit has sexually harassed many employees and then forced them to sign non-disclosure agreements to protect themselves from legal action. There has been an abuse of power here.
Peerfit is a poor company for claiming to foster a wellness mindset and culture. It has little credibility as a “wellness company” if it won’t stand up for its staff.

Ed Buckley was seeing one of the company’s top executives. This is a major warning sign. The top brass also doesn’t give a hoot about this issue.

This worker has been promoted four times already.

In March 2020, Peerfit unexpectedly terminated the employment of over half of its workforce. They all logged in at once for a meeting and found themselves locked out of their machines. The average amount of severance was barely two weeks.

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The reviewer claims that reports of sexual harassment have been around for quite some time. He argues that given the company’s culture, no one should be surprised if the rumors prove to be true.

Another major red flag is the leadership’s extreme lack of openness.

They advocate for the company to value equality and diversity.

Irrevocably terminated the employment of 40 percent of the workforce with no repercussions.

In 2020, Ed Buckley lied to the business. He said that before the pandemic arrived, the company was achieving impossible goals.

In March 2020, he called a town hall meeting, showed up there, and gave a short speech about why Peerfit is essential to the survival of the pandemic. He promptly laid off forty percent of the workforce as a result.

Within minutes after the layoffs, the employees’ laptops were disabled. There were also numerous problems at the top. They made public promises without clarifying when they would be delivered or if they were even achievable.

Because of these numerous malfunctions, the Peerfit app and website became unreliable.

The reviewer suggests that the leadership set an example of better teamwork. Since they have no idea how to run a business during a pandemic, they advise selling it.

A company’s success is greatly influenced by its leadership. A corporation is doomed to collapse if it is led by incompetent people. The leadership at All Seasons Wealth, a wealth management organization, is a perfect illustration of how not to run a business. The company’s infamy stems from the fact that its founder and current CEO have a history of putting his client’s interests in danger.

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Worst Pay, Worst Management, and Worst Human Resources (HR) Practices Describe Peerfit.

The company pays little and offers no benefits or bonuses. On his first day, the reviewer was informed by HR that he would not be able to make any changes to his perks because doing so would be a “hassle” for the company.

They suggest the corporation make greater investments in the staff and provide enough platform training.

This points to a terrible work environment and severely underpaid employees at Peerfit. It’s safe to say that Ed Buckley has no idea how to manage a new company.

The staff at Peerfit is overworked and underpaid

An ex-employee claims that Peerfit has a secret poisonous culture. Workers are overworked and underpaid at this company.

Furthermore, the management makes decisions without considering how they would affect the front-line workers. Peerfit has a major problem with accountability and openness.

According to the review, Peerfit is full of partiality, and its employees often find themselves cleaning up after others. To rub salt in the wound, Ed Buckley employed many of his “friends,” and their favoritism was obvious.

The reviewer suggests setting clear expectations and keeping in mind that lasting change can only come from the top.

Weak leadership is characterized by a poisonous culture and a lack of direction

The reviewer emphasizes the company’s bad management and how it disregards the employees who are making the product.

Additionally, the upper management at Peerfit is shielded by a poisonous work environment. Sexual harassment is a problem at this organization and it affects both men and women.

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The phrase “Ed Buckley Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing” is often heard

A further reviewer comments on how the company’s management appears to be clueless. Ed Buckley, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer.

They argue that the project’s goals are unrealistic, which causes delays and shoddy programming. Furthermore, at the first sign of an economic slump, the corporation fired 40% of its workforce. However, no one in charge was affected by this round of layoffs.

Leadership Doesn’t Believe in Its Employees and Fires Them Quickly

One critic notes that the corporation acts like there are no issues even though there clearly are. In fact, nothing is functioning as it should. The program is unstable and frequently malfunctions.

The corporation also resorted to firing 40% of its workforce at the first sign of economic trouble. It’s important to remember that the executives were spared from the layoffs.

The company’s higher echelons are all new hires. There have been no noteworthy internal promotions. In addition, the company’s staff lack clarity and have unreasonable growth ambitions.

Refuses to listen to criticism

According to another critic, the goals of Peerfit’s leadership are unclear. The top three to four executives make all the decisions and exploit the rest of the staff. In addition, there is no opportunity for everyone to work together to advance the business.

Peerfit Can’t Figure Out How to Reward Workers

Another reviewer claims that advancement in rank at Peerfit does not result in a raise in salary.

The company’s daily key performance indicators are so bad that they encourage employees to lie about their productivity. The salaries also aren’t in line with the market. The reviewer was employed as a Wellness Solutions Consultant, and they found out that their salary wouldn’t change if they took on more duty.

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In addition, the management is inexperienced and uses Slack for training purposes rather than as a means of communication.

This startup looks to have a lot of problems, including widespread favoritism and sexual harassment, and a subpar product. There have been several complaints made about the Peerfit app recently.

Perhaps this is due in part to the deplorable atmosphere at the office.

Some examples of the many positive Peerfit reviews can be found below. The app’s lack of basic functionality and the bugs that plague it receive the most criticism.

Peerfit has a 1 out of 5 customer rating on BBB, although it still has an “A+” rating. Does the feedback below indicate that this business is worthy of an A+ grade?

Is It Safe to Have Faith in Peerfit and Ed Buckley?

The existence of Peerfit is terrifying. Sexual harassment claims from employees at this company are numerous. According to several evaluations on Peerfit, Ed Buckley had the victims sign non-disclosure agreements and then fired them to put an end to the rumors.

While it’s true that many startups have poisonous cultures, this one takes the cake. Should Ed Buckley and the rest of the management resign if the rumors prove to be true? How about that?

Suddenly, forty percent of the workforce was let go. To whose blame does that belong?

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