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To make ends meet, the people behind resort to extortion, specifically against local businesses. They’ve been bothering my company for weeks. Without providing any evidence, they made false statements on their website, including posting a fake review of my products and accusing me of running fraud.

The blog’s administrators openly solicit donations. They wouldn’t take down the negative comments they made against my company when I asked them to.

To remove the review, they demanded that I pay $10,000. An obvious case of extortion. I’m sure I’m not the only individual being harassed by’s fake and dishonest reviews, as the site regularly publishes new articles. The ringleaders of this extortion scheme need to be locked up, in my opinion. It was already challenging to run my company during the pandemic. After I paid my employees and met my family’s basic needs, published a critical review of my company, accusing it of being a fraud just as things were getting back to normal.

When I informed those dudes I couldn’t come up with $10,000, they said there was nothing they could do. Their email read something to the effect of “That’s your problem,” if memory serves.

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Already, I’m having trouble clearing the debt I racked up during the lockdown to keep my employees paid and my family fed. Now they’re trying to ruin my business and harass me constantly. These people are the lowest of the low; they are selfish criminals.

Several reviews on their site purport to reveal scams. Most of the comments are false and an attempt to blackmail legitimate businesses.

During a pandemic, should be arrested for fraud against businesses. They’ve proven themselves to be villains, thus they should be dealt with as such. Please don’t think I’d pay someone from personal reviews $10,000 to take down an article that spreads nothing but lies if they happened to see this. Criminals run the website

I am not the only victim

I’m not the only businessperson this shady firm has taken advantage of recently. Because of this con artist, many companies are suffering. I received a lot of negative feedback from customers throughout the country when I searched online for personal reviews. The public has lost patience with this con artist.

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There are already too many victims of this business’s actions. The fact that most of the reviewers are themselves business owners just makes matters worse. After this infection and the subsequent lockdowns, they have very few available resources. It will be a long road back to normalcy for these companies. Personal-Reviews-Dot-Com and other con artists are making matters worse for them. They are pestering local businesses and seem to think it’s acceptable behavior, while in fact, it is not.

How such a website is even up and running is beyond me. uses a Gmail address for its shared email address on the homepage. A legitimate business would use an official domain email address. But this site’s sole purpose is to extort money from local businesses by publishing false statements about them.

Reviews From Previous Victims

This review clearly shows that the reviewer considers this site to be fraudulent. They claim that makes uninformed criticisms of businesses. At the end of their evaluation, the reviewer issues a warning to potential customers. is also reported to be fraudulent in this review. They warn that others should not visit the site since it is fraudulent.

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This review suggests that the owners of this website are con artists who prey on trust to spread their false information about other businesses. There are so many bad evaluations of the company on Trustpilot that they suggest you check out instead.

This reviewer reiterates what other reviewers have already mentioned. People have complained that personal-reviews dot com is a scam website that publishes false information about companies in exchange for financial compensation. They would approach businesses and demand payment to remove the derogatory content. Someone who worked as a digital marketing executive there spoke about their time there. If I were employed by an extortion ring like this, I, too, would feel guilty and want retribution. I’m pleased that this person finally saw the light and helped expose this fraudulent scheme.

This individual claims that is a fraudulent resource. They write empty reviews of legitimate businesses and focus on defrauding them. There is some hazy, plagiarized stuff on the site. The reviewer also advises readers to disregard any emails promising to assist with money recovery that appear to be from As this person pointed out, the website uses shoddy email, further proving that it is a hoax. There isn’t a single respectable e-commerce company that communicates with clients using Gmail.

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This site contains garbage to extort money from businesses. Nobody’s business is any of their concern, including their own. They are completely self-centered, proving that they are a con and nothing more. I can’t imagine being able to maintain my integrity while working in this industry. I had no notion that modern-day extortion rings even existed.

There are a variety of legitimate occupations one might pursue. The people behind, however, have no idea how to earn an honest living from their work. They are only interested in ways to defraud and blackmail lawful enterprises. The multiple testimonials I’ve presented above also demonstrate the absurdity of the company’s attempts to extort legitimate businesses across the country. Please notify the FTC about this website. That’s the most effective strategy we can employ.

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