“Peter Fetherston: A Shocking Tale of Assault, Battery, and $89k Fraud Unveiled in 2023!”

Peter Fetherston, a financial consultant located in New York, was taken into custody after he was accused of physically abusing a lady. In May of 2017, according to the reports filed by the police, witnesses spotted a woman who was bleeding and was running nude from his hotel room.

He had to pay a bail of one thousand dollars.

Peter had 52 years under his belt at the time. While he was in Springfield on business, he allegedly assaulted a woman, and the local authorities charged him with two counts of assault in connection with the incident.

Because of his involvement in the crime, Peter served eight nights behind bars.

The volatile financial expert used to work as a broker before he became violent. However, he was unable to withstand the many regulatory measures taken by FINRA and consequently lost his license.

It was only because the prosecutors decided to withdraw their petition to deny him release on the grounds that he posed an unacceptable level of risk to both the victim and the general public that he was able to get out on bond.

Judge Patricia Poehler presided over his hearing earlier today. On the other hand, Peter Fetherston entered a not-guilty plea to the charges of battery, domestic assault, and intimidation of a witness.

According to the arrest record, Peter Fetherston was charged with his alleged crimes on October 16 of this year.

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More Details on the Assault Case:

After receiving repeated loud complaints from other guests at the Sheraton Springfield Monarch Place Hotel, a security guard decided to approach a tenant and knock on their door.

After he had banged on the door, he could hear a woman yelling for assistance. After that, a man started reassuring the security guard from within the room that everything was going to be okay.

According to the security officer, all of a sudden a woman ran out of the room “naked and covered with blood.”

She was shedding tears. Her nose and eyes were swollen as well.

According to the statements the victim made to the authorities, she had a sexual relationship with Peter Fetherston that lasted approximately two years. They were both on business trips, and one of those trips took them to Springfield. After drinking for a few hours, they went back to their hotel room to continue drinking.

When they got there, she immediately began bragging about how well she was doing at work, which enraged Peter. According to the allegations, he hit her head against the floor.

Peter would start punching and kicking the victim whenever she tried to phone 911. In addition to this, the investigation reveals that Peter repeatedly asked the victim, “Are you scared?”

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At a later time, the woman exercised her right to remain silent throughout the trial. It is likely for this reason that the prosecution wished to press charges against Peter for intimidating a witness. On the other hand, they did not.

Undoubtedly, this is not a typical pattern of activity.

The fact that this is not the first time that Peter Fetherston has been in the news for committing a crime makes the situation even more troubling. He was a financial counselor in the past, and the following part of this analysis will discuss the reasons why he is now a “consultant” rather than a “registered broker”:

When Peter Fetherston Stole From His Investors:

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) opened an inquiry into Peter Fetherston in March 2022, on the suspicion that he had stolen money from investors.

Peter is accused of stealing $89,000 from his customers and depositing the money into his own personal account, as stated in the allegations. The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) asserted that Peter had fabricated a note that stated his investors had given him the money to pay for his medical needs.

In addition to this, the authority figure reveals that Peter refused to disclose the medical costs.

The regulatory action has not yet been completed.

There is a disagreement posted for $89,000 on February 2, 2020, as indicated by the disclosures provided by Peter on BrokerCheck.

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In this case, the investor claimed that Peter told him that the monies are invested and/or used to pay commissions.

Peter paid $89,000 to end the legal dispute.

After defrauding a client, it is typical practice for shady financial advisors to reach a settlement with that client. They have the expectation that their customer won’t discover their fraud, but occasionally, people do figure it out.

As an illustration, Justin Goodbread is a financial advisor who is responsible for the losses of $725,000 that his clients incurred as a result of his incompetence and inappropriate investment suggestions. In the end, he agreed to a settlement of $400,000 for the matter.

Peter Fetherston was fired from his position at Principal Securities in the days before this case owing to charges that he did not adhere to the company’s regulations regarding switch and replacement transactions.

Peter Fetherston was fired from his position at MML Investors Services in 2017 as a direct result of the criminal allegations I mentioned above in this paragraph.

Peter’s employment history also includes stints at Aegis Capital Corp, MSI Financial Services, and Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, in addition to these two companies.

What Peter Fetherston Claims to Be

It would appear that Peter is unconcerned about the severe regulatory action that could be taken against him by the financial watchdog; yet, he is currently facing this action.

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Peter Fetherston has recently begun to promote himself as the founder of PJF Consulting Group, a financial consulting firm based in New York City. However, if you search for “PJF Consulting Group” on Google, you won’t be able to locate any information about this company.

Instead, you will come across another firm of name “PJF Consulting” which has no affiliation with him.

It is abundantly clear that he is attempting to fool customers into believing that he is connected in some way to the well-known and regulated company.

It is very clear that Peter has begun spreading lies online in an effort to improve his image. He does not want anyone to know about his history of criminal activity.


The details of Peter Fetherston’s past make it very clear that he cannot be trusted in a professional capacity. An accusation has been made that he assaulted a woman and made her run away nude.

After that, he was fired from his work because he had stolen $89,000 from his customers. As a result of his use of false papers in this case, he is now in danger of facing regulatory action from FINRA.

You need to steer clear of doing business with such a dishonest advisor.

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