Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville: Unveiling a Horrendous Place Review in 2023

In Nashville, Tennessee, Drs. Gingrass and Haws run the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville. On their website, they make a lot of claims about how knowledgeable they are. But what their patients say is the exact opposite.

Patients say that the clinic’s staff is rude, makes mistakes during treatments, and doesn’t care about the patients. Is it worth your money to go here? The following reviews of Dr. Melinda Haws and Dr. Mary Gingrass can help you decide:

Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville Details

Dr. Melinda Haws, who is also a doctor, works with Dr. Mary Gingrass to run this center. They say that they are “exceptionally gifted” plastic surgeons who focus on what each patient needs.

The same duo’s website has a disclaimer that says you can’t hold them responsible for any choices you make based on the information on their website. Because there are technical, typographical, or photographic errors in the text.

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So, they’re saying that some of the pictures in their “Gallery” have been changed. By putting this kind of disclaimer on their website, they can make promises without fear of being sued.

Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville review

Watch out for these warnings. They release the surgeon from any legal responsibility, so you can’t take them to court even if they ruin your appearance or cause lasting damage. Dr. Randal Haworth is a well-known surgeon who is known to use this method.

Scammed the Client Twice by Posting Fake Reviews

Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville review

Ronald says that this clinic tells its workers to write good things about it on different websites. They warn other people not to trust this clinic with their money unless they want to be ripped off.

Ronald says that the only thing the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville is is a scam. The clinic took advantage of them twice because they thought the second time, the clinic would fix its mistake. They got it wrong.

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Injections Gave Swelling, Clinic Took No Responsibility

Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville review

Before writing this review, the person who wrote it had shots around her lips. When the swelling went down, they left behind extra lines. When she called the office and told them what was going on with her lips, they didn’t answer. They didn’t even admit that there was a problem. The office didn’t ask her to come back or offer to fix the mistake.

Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville Gave Disappointing Results

Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville review

This person paid $1800 for CoolSculpting but received horrible results. They point out that even the staff was disappointed to see the before and after pics because there was no change in their appearance. 

Dr. Mary Gingrass Rushed Appointments, Botched the Surgery, and Showed No Sympathy

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The talks for this review were rushed by Dr. Gingrass. The reviewer had surgery to make her breasts bigger, and the nurse told her that Dr. Gingrass had done three other surgeries on her.

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The reviewer said that after the surgery, her left breast tore and dropped lower than her right breast. Also, Dr. Gingrass never gave her time for meetings. After the surgery, it took her 3 months to meet with Gingrass.

But when the reviewer brought up the problems, Gingrass said that the tissue is thin and that the reviewer should “embrace it.” After reading this complaint, I didn’t find it strange that there are so many bad online reviews of Dr. Mary Gingrass.

Here is some more Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville reviews.

Dr. Melinda Haws Recommends Unnecessary Surgeries and Treats Patients Like Numbers

Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville review

Did Not Remove Sufficient Skin in Tummy Tuck

Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville review

Went for Injections, Nurse Gave Bruising and Swelling 

Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville review
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The center that Drs. Mary Gingrass and Melinda Haws run is very dangerous. It seems that the patients feel like they are being cheated, and the surgeons have to rush through meetings because the clinic is too busy.
It’s clear that this pair doesn’t have the care and professionalism needed to run a good practice. They may have been great a long time ago, but new reviews say they have changed a lot since then.

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It’s not worth your time or effort to go here.

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