Privateer Holdings CEO Embroiled in Scandal

Making money can be done in a variety of ways. Some are sanctioned by law and others are not. Brendan Kennedy is someone who values both legitimate and illegitimate means of financial gain.

There have been far too many lawsuits involving his company, Privateer Holdings Inc. They have been taking advantage of investors, celebrities, and their employees for far too long.

In the following column, we’ll learn more about Brendan Kennedy’s fortune and the recent shenanigans at his enterprises.

About Brendan Kennedy

Privateer Holdings, Tilray, Wealth, Pay, and Other Compensation.

According to Brendan Kennedy’s LinkedIn profile, he, along with Christian Groh and Michael Blue, founded and serves as CEO of Privateer Holdings. Previously, he served as the head of Tilray. The current estimation of Brendan Kennedy’s wealth is $2.5 billion.

approximately the past few years, he has sold Tilray shares valued at approximately $125 million. His income is likely in the millions, and Brendan Kennedy is highly compensated by his employer.

The myriad scams that Brendan Kennedy has perpetrated over the past few years suggest that his actual net worth is far higher. Brendan has done it all, from tricking Tilray’s minority investors to acquiring a company dishonestly.

He and his family are Seattle residents. In 2011, Brendan established Privateer Holdings.

Against Brendan Kennedy’s Enterprise, a $150 Million Lawsuit

Litigation Concerning Privateer Holdings

Multiple lawsuits have been filed against Brendan Kennedy’s firms Tilray and Privateer Holdings. Because of their dishonest approaches to doing business.

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Saavy Naturals sued Tilray in 2019 for $150 million, alleging that Tilray attempted to put Trimax Corp. out of business. Brand Kennedy’s attempt to bring down that company was mysterious. Saavy Naturals claims that Tilray attempted to acquire them at a lesser valuation so that they could add CBD-infused goods to their existing offerings.

After being featured on the popular TV show Shark Tank, Saavy Naturals gained a lot of attention. They claimed that Tilray had deceived Brenan Kennedy’s Privateer Holdings into going bankrupt so that Tilray could cheaply acquire the company.

In their complaint, the Trimax stockholders say that the deal’s creditors received zero dollars. Trimax corp. was proposed to be taken private by Privateer at a valuation below the company’s current market value. Since the Trimax CEO would be released from any obligation to repay either creditors or shareholders, Privateer Holdings was successful in persuading him to proceed with the deal.

However, that was only the beginning. Eko Holdings LLC was then proposed to purchase Trimax from Saavy Naturals for the ridiculously low price of $70,000.

As a result of these circumstances, Trimax sued Tilray for $150 million.

Tilray is facing multiple legal challenges at once.

Privateer Holdings, led by Brendan Kennedy, is being sued by shareholders.

Investors Have Filed Suit

The Delaware Chancery Court found in favor of the investors suing Privateer Holdings Inc in June 2021. Privateer Holdings is being accused of completing a downstream merger at the expense of Tilray’s investors, who have filed suit.

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Privateer Holdings’ original investors have indirect control over Tilray. In addition, the downstream merger was completed for tax purposes without providing enough compensation to the investors.

In 2019, Tilray canceled the stock that Privateer Holdings owned and subsequently reissued it to Privateer’s stockholders as part of the downstream merger.

This was done to avoid paying Tilray’s minority investors and to take advantage of tax breaks.

The case involving Privateer Holdings and Master P has been resolved.

Celebrity Conflict

Master P, a well-known public figure, recently settled with the company Privateer Holdings. Because the private equity business had failed to fulfill its promise to advertise and produce its cannabis product, he sued the company.

Rapper and socialite Percy Miller is better known by his stage name, Master P. He sued the cannabis private equity firm in 2017, claiming that they had broken an informal agreement to distribute his products.

Privateer Holdings Inc., no doubt, wanted to avoid the possibility of losing the litigation and did so by settling. Probably in exchange for some free advertising, Brendan’s firm made their promises to Master P. They were solely interested in exploiting Master P as a marketing tool for themselves.

These cases reveal that Brendan Kennedy’s businesses routinely exploit their suppliers and exploit their investors.

Dooma Wendschuh, the founder of Ebbu, says the investor is unqualified.

Just recently, one of Brendan’s coworkers accidentally disqualified him as an investor at a public event.

Ebbu was established by Dooma Wendschuh, who also goes by that name. Brendan was in attendance at the same event where he was speaking. Dooma was discussing the best methods for selecting investors. He also advised searching for a possible investor’s identity and the word “scam” online.

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If your Google search returns unfavorable results, you should probably stay away from this investor.

I can’t speak for anyone else, but using this logic, Brendan Kennedy is automatically eliminated.

If you look up “Brendan Kennedy scam” on Google, you’ll get millions of results.

Therefore, even his coworker advises you to stay far away from him as an investor.

Tilray: A Giant Stock Market Ponzi Scheme

Tilray has all the makings of one of the largest stock bubbles in American history. Their stock price has increased at a dizzying rate ever since they went public. The company was losing money and making no progress toward profitability, yet its stock price continued to soar.

When the DEA finally gave the firm the green light to provide UC San Diego with THC capsules, the company’s stock skyrocketed from $30 on August 20 to $154 in September. Only a clinical trial of THC’s therapeutic potential was given the go-light. The stock price increased even though this would result in zero new income for the company.

After the stock’s subsequent rise to $300, the business was worth $27.6 billion. The company’s operating deficit had increased by a factor of five in just one year. In Q2 2017, their losses were $2.3 million, and by Q2 2018, they had ballooned to $11 million.

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Keep in mind that 83 million of Tilray’s 92 million total shares were held by insider investors.

Something like this has happened before. It reminds me of the bursting of the dot-com stock market in early 2000. During that time, CMRC stock was trading at $200 per share; it then jumped to $600 before beginning a steady decline.

Brendan Kennedy’s Firm: Toxic Place To Work

Brendan not only exploits his investors but also his employees, who he treats unfairly and who endure bad management and deplorable working conditions. It’s not me who is making these claims. It’s his team working there.

These Tilray reviews from former and current employees provide a bleak picture of what it’s like to work for this manager:

Keep an eye out for Brendan Kennedy and Co.

Brendan’s businesses have done it all, from inflating stock prices to swindling investors. Despite Brendan Kennedy’s consistent multimillion-dollar pay, his backers had to file lawsuits to recoup their money. Scammers like Brendan put the lives of their victims in danger, and others breach the trust of their partners in business. He is intelligent, but he utilizes his intelligence for dishonest means. Avoid doing any kind of business with Brendan Kennedy or his companies.

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