Profitix – Fake Copyright Takedown

It looks like a few stories that aren’t good for Profitix are ranking high on search engines. The owners of the website didn’t agree to take down the reviews, so Profitix did it themselves.

It is a well-known Forex company that has been in business since 2019. They give a wide range of trading services to their customers, such as forex trading, commodities trading, stock trading, and trading in cryptocurrencies. Recently, it has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.

They have been charged with impersonation, perjury, and stealing someone else’s work, among other things. In this piece, we’re going to look into these claims about Profitix and see if they’re true.

Alleged Fraud

The first and worst charge against Profitix is that it is a fake. Many of Profitix’s past clients say that the company ripped them off by taking their money and then not letting them get it back. These clients say that Profitix made it hard for them to get into their accounts or get their money out, and some of them have even said that Profitix stole their money.

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It has been said that these accusations are false and have no basis in fact. But there have been a lot of complaints about Profitix, and the proof against them is strong. Many clients have written about their experiences with Profitix online, explaining how the company took their money and then wouldn’t let them get it back. Some people have said that Profitix even wiped their accounts or changed their passwords so they couldn’t get to their money.

It has hired a team of lawyers to protect itself against these claims. They have also started a PR effort to try to make their accusers look bad and make themselves look like innocent victims. But there is more and more proof against them, and it is not clear if they will be able to clear their names.


Impersonation is another major charge against Profitix. Several of Profitix’s former clients say that the company posed as them on online groups and social media sites. These clients say that Profitix posted good reviews of the company using their names and pictures, even though they never gave permission for this to happen.

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Impersonation is a serious crime that can do a lot of damage to the image of the victim. In the business world, it is also against the rules of ethics and professionalism. If what is said about Profitix is true, it would show that they are willing to do things that aren’t right to promote their business.


The third thing said about Profitix is that he lied. A former worker for the company said that Profitix lied in court about one of their customers. The employee says that Profitix lied under oath when it said that the client had done illegal things, even though there was no proof to back up that claim.

It is a crime that can lead to fines and jail time, among other serious consequences. If what is said about Profitix is true, they could be in trouble with the law for what they did.

What’s a fake DMCA?

If you are one of the “beneficiaries” named in this report and want to know what really happened, we suggest you read the report itself. If it wasn’t you or your coworkers, it must have been the “Reputation” or “SEO” company you hired in the past. It could have been your law firm.

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So, instead of blaming us for this piece, you should ask your Reputation/SEO firm a lot of questions to find out what happened. We are just putting out information that is already in a public record. We have nothing against you personally. There’s a good chance that the service you hired used illegal means to get results for you.

Fake Fraudulent DMCA might not seem like a big deal until you are the victim of it. It’s not a joke. This is not a bother at all. This is not a mistake. Criminals plan these fake DMCA cases to go after very specific and very important information or material.

In the name of Reputation Management, these hit jobs are generally done against the media to help their client hide important information from the public. This costs millions of dollars, and if no one wants to talk about it, we will if no one else does.


In conclusion, the allegations against Profitix are serious and significant. If they are true, they would indicate that Profitix engaged in a wide range of fraudulent and unethical practices to promote their business. While it has denied these allegations and launched a public relations campaign to defend its reputation, the evidence against them is compelling. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to clear their name or face serious legal consequences for their actions.

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