Project Feenix Scam 2023: Beware of the new crypto scam

The newest cryptocurrency company, Project Feenix, is making big promises to all of its customers. On the other hand, the overwhelming majority of the data points to it being yet another rehashed crypto scam with the intention of taking advantage of consumers who are not paying attention.

They assert that “Transparency” and “Open Communication” are two of their fundamental principles. Additionally, the development team asserts that they are willing to accept responsibility for their acts, irrespective of what those actions may be.

On the other hand, as we are about to discover, it will be pretty challenging to hold them accountable if they abscond with your money and pull the rug out from under you.

There have been some nefarious actions going on, and the public will be able to witness them. Although I have nothing against the team that is working on Project Feenix, there have been some malicious things going on. Everyone is able to look up these sources and verify the information contained in this report because all of the sources that were used are accessible.

Now that we’ve gotten all of that out of the way, let’s proceed with the examination of Project Feenix.

WhitePaper Analysis: Is Project Feenix Even Worth It?

Their white paper consists almost entirely of filler material.

It is essentially a 10-page statement that does not provide any specifics regarding the project and continues to beat around the bush throughout its whole. The white paper only skims the surface of explaining the concept that underpins the initiative, let alone how it actually operates.

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The people who own shares in Project Feenix are referred to as “FEENS.” However, in the same way, as bogus gurus do, the developers of Project Feenix don’t want to openly acknowledge that they want your money, so they describe a “FEEN” as the following:


To tell the truth, if I were in their position, I would not choose to go the route of calling my shareholders or investors “nerds.”

They have stated that one of its goals is to “redefine the way crypto does business in the digital world.” This statement in and of itself makes no actual sense, as cryptography is understood to exist solely in the digital world. In addition, there is no explanation of how Project Feenix will “redefine” such a well-oiled machine. Cryptography lives alone in the digital world.

In addition to this, they assert that Project Feenix will effectively function as a hub for everything that is associated with gaming and cryptocurrency. This makes me think of another con that is quite similar to it, called, which has a well-deserved reputation among journalists for being a risky con.


There is no additional information provided regarding the duration of the project or the plans for it. They have just offered their fee transparency chart, which looks like it was drawn by the developer’s daughter. When it comes to the money, they have not provided any more information.


They also make reference to the route map, which is absurdly upbeat and, to tell the truth, completely unrealistic. In spite of the fact that at first glance, their objectives appear to be lofty, in reality, they are somewhat open-ended. In addition, to make matters even worse, they have not presented ANY strategy to support their ambitious goals.

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They have developed this roadmap in the hopes of convincing individuals to put money into Project Feenix. However, because there is no obvious plan to follow, it appears to be practically impossible to accomplish such lofty objectives.


The Team Behind Project Feenix: 


Fredrick Rengensjo, the principal developer of the project, has no online activity that can be traced back to a time before the debut of the project. His Twitter profile was created in June 2021. In other words, he is free to vanish from the internet whenever he pleases without being subject to any kind of repercussions for his conduct. Whatever happened to being a “doxxed team”?

There is not a single member of the crew who maintains a big web presence or profile that you could investigate. Therefore, in the event that they one day choose to pull the rug out from under us and vanish, they are able to do it in an instant. The fact that the investors would be unable to stop it is the second worst part of the scenario.

Although I am not suggesting that they will commit fraud against their holders, it will not be overly difficult for them to get away with it. Keep in mind that Project Feenix is not within the jurisdiction of any governing body, making it extremely difficult to obtain your money back even through legal action.

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The individuals in charge of Project Feenix have nothing going for them, as they lack a comprehensive plan and come from questionable backgrounds. How exactly do they plan to convince people to buy their coins? through the utilization of sponsored affiliates.

One of their paid affiliates, which has been acknowledged, is a YouTube channel named “My Crypto Journey.” The channel has maybe around 16 thousand subscribers. Having a public associate does not in any way constitute a problem.

Undisclosed Paid Affiliates of Project Feenix

Below is a screenshot taken from a Twitter thread made by Tammy Sypniewski where she was promoting Project Feenix. She recently did an AMA with the lead developer of the project, and she was called out for being a paid shill by many of her viewers.

WccArlpTb wEFGeoEVhdu74lwUFClKFVFz53P8f 7ZlvazHkbji L RDK9dKjrhsTns0ZaHxPYfEdfOTnmUlhNEXY6eT7yD4cubI4JH3WVd9z8gWo07CG7j789rk 26Kqq 8qjkS

As you can see, many people are accusing her of being a paid affiliate of the cryptocurrency scam that is now going on. People took notice of the fact that she didn’t ask any challenging questions, and everything appeared to be scripted.

Tammy did not carry out an adequate analysis of the token. The Ask Me Anything was one-sided and designed to paint a favorable picture of Project Feenix.

Bear in mind that the creators of this project do not have an internet presence, nor have they provided a detailed plan for their coin. Keep in mind that this is something that you should take into consideration. The only thing they claim to have to provide is a standard collection of promises, just like other cryptocurrency scams.

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NlvJMZF4FEJivhns3d5dnC1yRC3CY QpN9HmVATd AvE4 yKTCFthO2 Pb4MqsFC t 2FnG6jPP1E04r3Ement2VHAvot7uBCNNjFGDEPl2jWOhoJNuj3td6nYVF7O5ErqadNUji

Someone questioned Tammy about whether or not she had been compensated for doing this AMA in the comment area of the entire thread. She refuted the allegations made against her. However, she was unable to explain why the entire hour-long AMA was full of questions that were predetermined to be prejudiced and why it did not include any questions that were difficult to answer or revealing.

You can see that many people have questioned their intentions for Tammy and whether or not she was paid by Project Feenix. One of the questions that has been asked is whether or not she was compensated.

If a company needs to rely on marketing strategies that violate ethical standards, you can probably guess how reliable they really are.

Project Feenix Review Conclusion

Con artists are behind the Project Feenix cryptocurrency scheme. The sole motivation behind the creation of this project by its creators was to capitalize on the rising excitement surrounding the token market. The creators of Project Feenix want to capitalize on the growing interest that individuals have shown in purchasing new tokens, and they are aware of this trend.

The team of developers does not have any credibility, and the plan for the coin is full of statements that are not clear at all. In addition to this, in order to attract the attention of potential investors, they are engaging in unethical marketing practices.

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