“Pushpa Jewellers Indore 2023 Scandal: Fraud, Lies & Harassment Exposed!”


Pushpa Jewellers, which has been in business for more than three decades and is based in Indore, is a well-known name in the jewelry industry. However, in recent times the jewelry store has been the subject of a controversy that has shaken up the entirety of the neighborhood.

In the year 2023, allegations of deception, lying, and harassment surfaced regarding Pushpa Jewellers, which has left both the company’s clients and its stakeholders in a state of shock. In the following paragraphs, we shall investigate the scandal involving Pushpa Jewellers Indore and look into the sequence of events that led up to this embarrassing situation.

The 498A statute was enacted with the intention of providing protection for women. They could not use it as a weapon against the men since that was not their place. On the other hand, one dacoit (looteri) decided to game the system by using one of its vulnerabilities.

It dawned on her that her now ex-husband, who was a non-resident Indian (NRI), had discovered how she had been exploiting him to obtain a British settlement visa for her family.

Pushpa Jewellers in Indore includes Kiran Liladhar Parwani as an employee there. She portrays herself as a helpless victim in order to gain sympathy. When reviewing the evidence presented in court, however, it becomes clear that she cannot be considered innocent under any circumstances.

As an illustration, she provided a grocery list and said that her husband had been lying to her about it. On the other hand, everything that was on the list was intended for her family.

It is very clear that there is more going on than first appears.

In the following analysis, I will present more evidence to demonstrate that Kiran Parwani of Pushpa Jewellers in Indore, together with her parents, Maya Kamlabai Parwani and Liladhar Parwani, is in violation of the Indian Penal Code.

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In addition to that, I have reviewed all of her remarks, and I am going to reveal her lies here:

First Lie of Kiran Parwani (Pushpa Jewellers Indore)

In a number of publications that can be seen online, Kiran Parwani asserts that her now ex-husband, Kabir, was the one who initiated communication with her family. Then, she alleges that he attempted to deceive her and her family.

On the other hand, Maya Liladhar, Kiran’s mother, was the one who initiated communication with Kabir through a matrimonial website. In her statement to the police regarding the FIR, Kiran lied about this particular detail.

Here’s the proof

Second Lie of Kiran Parwani (Pushpa Jewellers Indore)

Friends and relatives of Kiran and her family were under the impression that she and her family were heading to London to attend a wedding. In point of fact, Kiran traveled all the way there to tie the knot.

When Kabir questioned her about why she had kept the details of her wedding a secret, she said that there were two primary reasons for this decision.

To begin, she stated that her family had appropriated some funds from her stepfather’s side of the family. In addition to this, she brought up the issue that if they invited those people, they would be responsible for paying for their travel and lodging expenses.

Kiran, who works at Pushpa Jewellers in Indore, lied to her coworkers at Infocrat Web Solutions, including Mr. Rakesh Jain, who is the manager there. She kept the news of her wedding a secret from them.

Third Lie of Kiran Parwani (Pushpa Jewellers Indore)

It was really necessary for Kiran to complete her settlement visa with everything in the exact order. It was impossible for her to lie here.

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However, she was dishonest about that as well. Kiran lied about knowing Kabir since 2015 so that her application for a settlement visa would have a better chance of being approved. The fact of the matter is that Kiran and Kabir have only been familiar with one another since the month of October 2016.

Despite the fact that Kabir had instructed her to provide truthful information, it appears that Kiran did not comply.

Fourth Lie of Kiran Parwani (Pushpa Jewellers Indore)

Kiran asserted in the statement that she gave to the police that Kabir’s family had collected dowry money from her family.

On the other hand, she has not been capable of proving that because it is not the case. The fact of the matter is that Kiran desired to have a large-scale Indian wedding attended by more than 1,500 guests from her family.

Those individuals began drinking as soon as they arrived at the location.

Kabir questioned her about the motivations behind her family’s desire for a lavish wedding. She explained to him that it was because their eldest child, Harsha Chauhan, had run away with their younger son, Akash Chauhan. As a result, she went two years without communicating with her sister.

Why? Because Kiran’s family disapproved of the relationship due to the fact that the young man was from a different caste.

The Kabir family didn’t even bother to show up for their son’s wedding in India. This is due to the fact that Kabir was required to satisfy the expectations made by Kiran’s parents. Even though all of the guests were coming from their own side of the family, they insisted that Kabir’s family pay for the wedding regardless of who attended.

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Lidhar Parwani continued to insist that his daughter required a lavish Indian wedding due to the numerous clients and connections he has in Indore, despite the fact that Kabir’s family was adamantly opposed to the idea because they were already covering the costs of the wedding in the United Kingdom.

Additionally, Kabir presented Kiran with a diamond ring that was valued at £4,000.

Kiran’s family put a lot of pressure on him to go through with the traditional Indian wedding in order to protect her family’s reputation.

Kabir made an effort to provide evidence of the process by which he moved money from his account to Kiran’s. On the other hand, they refused to look at it.

Fifth Lie of Kiran Parwani (Pushpa Jewellers Indore)

When Kabir later informed Kiran that he was going to file for a divorce, she responded by lodging a formal complaint with the police, charging Kabir with abandonment, harassment, and torture.

After some consideration, Kiran’s family came to the conclusion that they would not be able to get their paycheck. They did this by bringing fabricated charges against Kabir.

After all, if Kabir was harassing her, she should not have waited for half a year before reporting it to the authorities.

In addition, why did she write to Kabir claiming that she enjoyed how the two of them got along so well and that there was never any conflict between them? You can see that Kiran even apologizes on behalf of her family in the screenshot that has been provided below:

In August of 2017, they got married in the United Kingdom. After that, Kiran stated that she desired to remain with her family and hence returned to India.

After that, in December of 2017, they tied the knot in an Indian ceremony. Once more, she was presented with the option to travel to the UK and visit her spouse there. However, Kiran made the decision to live with her parents.

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because she had no desire to continue living with Kabir’s relatives. She explained her situation to everyone in Indore by saying that she was waiting for her settlement visa to be processed.

However, she already possessed a Singapore passport, which enabled her to travel to the United Kingdom without encountering any difficulties. She went so far as to suggest that Kabir lease a property before she left for Britain so that the two of them could relocate far away from Kabir’s relatives.


Because of their insatiable desire for profit, the family that runs Pushpa Jewellers in Indore deceived their friends and relatives. It is easy to understand why Kabir did not want to discuss these specifics with any other person.

In addition to this, it is unacceptable that the authorities in India did not even bother to hear out Kabir’s side of the tale. Kabir most likely was aware of the strategy that the Indian police would employ to investigate this case.

The intention of Kiran and her family was for Kabir to move in with them so that they could take care of Kabir’s disabled parents. They would have been able to take advantage of him and quickly obtain settlement visas if they had done it this way.

Please take note that Pushpa Jewellers Indore can be found in the UG-5 Bansi Trade Center at 581/5 Mahatma Gandhi Rd in Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452003.

Watch out for people that are dishonest, like Kiran or Peter Fetherston. These individuals depend on deception to achieve their goals.

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