QZ Asset Management Review 2023: Unmasking the Fraud Fuelling Financial Fiasco!

The multi-level marketing company QZ Asset Management is a massive fraud. In addition to that, they operate under the name “QZ Invest” and its headquarters may be found in Guangzhou, China. We would like to issue a warning to the people who read this page to stay away from any kind of engagement with this con artist because they are very risky.

Blake Yeung is the phony persona being used in this scheme. Despite the fact that he does not have any verifiable or traceable internet presence, this could be owing to the fact that the languages are different from one another.

In spite of the fact that QZ Asset Management does not yet have an official YouTube account, the company has been making a concerted effort to sell its advertisement videos across the internet.

Many of the people who were scammed by QZ Asset Management in 2021 are unaware that the company changed its name in 2021. Prior to that time, it had been operating under the name Qianze Asset Management.

Roger Sim, Julian D. Meyers, Panjal Chandra, and Andrei Petrov are a few of the other prominent figures that have been linked to the QZ Asset Scam.

As of right now, their website may be seen at qzinvest.com. Be careful of the fact that fraudulent multi-level marketing schemes like this one frequently alter the domain name under which they do their business.

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We are able to determine from Who. is that this domain was registered in the year 2016, but after researching the history of the domain on the Web Archive, we discovered that it has only been operational since the year 2021.

In spite of this, the company asserts that it has been operating for more than ten years, which is categorically not the case.


They offer no retailable services or products. There is only their QZ affiliate membership which is promoted by their marketers and affiliates.

How QZ Asset Management Manages Compensation 

In QZ Basic, they claim you can invest $100 to $900 and get a return of 1.75% a week, while in QZ Elite you can invest $1000 or more to receive 3.5% a week. Their ROI cap is at 400%, any money after that you’ll need to reinvest to continue the cash flow.

Seems too good to be true?

Because it is.

They also penalize affiliates who withdraw their money before 91 days. If withdrawals are made within the first 30 days, then a 50% fee is charged. For 31-60 days a 25% fee and for 61 – 90 days a 10% fee.

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Affiliate Ranks Within QZ Asset Management

There are a total of 5 affiliate ranks within this MLM’s compensation plan. As you might’ve guessed it is a pyramid scheme and the rank system follows it as well.

Rank 1 – $3000 (residual commissions)

Vice President – $6000 (residual commissions)

Senior Vice President – $20,000 (residual commissions)

Executive Vice President – $50,000 (residual commissions)

Director – $150,000 (residual commissions)

Along with this they also pay a rank achievement bonus:

Rank 1 – $500 investment position

Vice President – Samsung Galaxy S22

Senior Vice President – Rolex DateJust

Executive Vice President – Rolex Submariner

Director – Mercedes-Benz GLC

Nefarious Activities Of QZ Asset Management

Previously, we talked about how QZ Asset Management was formerly known as Qianze Asset Management. 2019 marked the year of their debut in South Korea. But it was not long before it went bankrupt in 2021, and after that it changed its name to QZ Asset Management.

They have only recently begun marketing themselves, having done so for the first time since September 2022, and their primary markets are South America and Africa. Due to the low levels of money and knowledge found in each of these areas, MLM con artists frequently target them as potential victims.

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It is claimed that QZ Asset Management has been in business since 2012; however, if this is true, then their weekly return of 3.5% ought to have made them billionaires by now.

They are also not subject to any regulation. despite the fact that they claim to be registered with the Asset Management Association of China (AMAC). The fact that AMAC is a self-regulated organization renders this registration completely pointless because it is not a regulatory entity like the SEC.

In China, it is against the law to operate a multi-level marketing organization without first registering, which is why QZ Asset Management has not registered in that country. They are no evidence that the CSRC registration was completed.

QZ Asset Management is committing securities fraud. MLM companies like this often lend themselves to running a Ponzi scheme.

The numbers don’t add up and just like other Ponzi schemes, QZ Asset Management is bound to fail. 

Dirty Secrets Of QZ Asset Management: Misleading Paid PR & Online Manipulation

If you Google “QZ Asset Management” right now, you will see results similar to this:


At first glance, you might not see anything wrong with them. But there is a lot of Google manipulation going on here. The highlighted Google results in the screenshot below are biased news posts where someone from QZ Asset Management’s marketing team paid a PR service for getting featured on the websites.

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We take it for granted that Yahoo! and Bloomberg.com are reliable sources of information, so nobody bats an eye when they are mentioned. On the other hand, online PR firms make it possible for virtually anyone to have an article published on one of these websites in exchange for a charge. These services are typically utilized by owners of small businesses as well as influential individuals. However, this does not prevent con artists from employing this as part of their scams.

The victims of QZ Asset Management are being given a false sense of security and social proof through the use of these biased PR articles, which are being used by QZ Asset Management. The majority of the time, the people who are victimized are unaware of the distinction between press releases and news coverage. Con artists will take advantage of this fact.

They also boast in their presentations about the “Media Coverage” they have received:

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