Rahul Mannan, India’s Fake Guru Promoting Worthless Courses

Have you seen the YouTube commercial with the young man showing off his Audi A6, his ideal laptop, an iPhone 11, a Flat, and a DSLR camera?

If so, you’ve undoubtedly guessed who I’m referring to. Mr. Rahul Mannan aspires to emulate Sam Ovens in India. Unfortunately, he’s not smart enough, skilled enough, or experienced enough to create anything of value. But he promotes himself on social media as if he were an all-around expert, which is not the case.

Rahul Mannan is aware that fake gurus employ several ways to deceive their victims. Some examples of these are:
1) Discourages research and criticizes
2) Presenting slanted and sponsored links as “proof” of the success of their strategies
The third strategy is to avoid critics altogether.

Fake Wealth & Lies

To begin, he is dishonest about his wealth. Taking a look at his Instagram feed makes it clear that he does not have an iPhone 11, as the picture quality is far worse than that of an iPhone 11 shot. A comparison is shown below:

There is the newest snapshot uploaded by Rahul Mannan, and there is a photo taken with the front camera of an iPhone 11. Mannan’s photo wasn’t taken with an iPhone 11, which is why I think it’s so blurry. He probably doesn’t have an iPhone 11, so that’s out.

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It’s safe to assume that the Audi A6 and the apartment are both for the show if he doesn’t even have an iPhone 11.

Note: His dad or an uncle may own the Audi A6. But I know for a fact that he does not own that car.

He’s probably from a middle-to-upper-class family and a school dropout. Due to his wealthy background and lack of motivation, he chose to market an online course. He is essentially replicating the widely publicized online guru fraud in India.

Rahul Mannan

Mannan is currently advertising his course because he is aware that many individuals have lost their employment as a result of the virus. He intends to use the unemployed and underemployed as pawns in his manipulation scheme.

His academic prowess is demonstrated on his YouTube channel’s About page. How could you possibly learn affiliate marketing from Rahul, who can’t even write an about page that sounds professional?

Rahul Mannan’s Questionable Policies and Procedures

If you visit the Rahulmannan dot com terms and conditions page. You’ll be subjected to the Terms & Conditions hilariously bad writing. It appears that Rahul wrote the page in an attempt to pass himself off as a lawyer, however, he utterly failed at this.

Although badly written, the terms and conditions page contains several comments that cast doubt on the legitimacy of the business and strip the buyer/customer of all agencies.

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Although I would normally have my legal department investigate, this particular content is not hard to dissect. So I did it on my own.

Before you buy Rahul Mannan’s Affiliate Secrets course, below are the terms and conditions you should be aware of:

We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee on our Affiliate Secrets course, provided you have completed less than 40% of the course and have a good cause for asking for a refund. This requirement is in place to safeguard our company against fraudulent activities.

Since people began calling Rahul out on his scam, he has REMOVED this portion from his TnC. Instead, he has included a mind-controlling video lesson on refunds.

The first 60% of the course is filler, so by the time you discover the course is terrible, it will be too late to get your money back.

No Warranties

Rahul Mannan does not guarantee that the information provided is correct or reliable.

The information presented in the course is offered without any guarantee of correctness on his part. If he claims the course will help you earn 1 to 2 million rupees monthly, you can assume that he is lying.

Errors On Rahul Mannan's Website

There could be some technical, typographical, or photographic errors in the content on Rahul Mannan’s site. Nothing on this site is guaranteed by Rahul Mannan to be true, full, or up-to-date.

The customer has no recourse against Rahul under this and the previous condition I displayed. This gives Rahul carte blanche to make his outlandish assertions. He is not required by law to verify that his claim that he made 30 million rupees through his “trick” is accurate.

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Rahul Mannan University and Affiliate Secrets 3.0’s Creator:

Rahul Mannan, a graduate of Delhi University, calls himself the “Chief Executive Officer” of the company he founded, Rmannan Marketing Pvt. Ltd. The paid-in capital of his company is a massive 1 Lakh INR. Instead of working for a reputable company, he has chosen to cheat young Indians out of a comfortable living. On his website, rahulmannan.com, Mannan offers many courses for sale.

Rahul Mannan lacks the skills necessary to be a coach.

No refunds from Rahul Mannan.

You won’t get a refund if you visit RAHUL’s site and ask for one.

People started requesting refunds after they realized Rahul was ripping them off. And since Rahul is not a legitimate businessman, he has no interest in refunding dissatisfied clients.

To discourage people from requesting a refund, he has included an 8-minute film on the page where they may do so.

This demonstrates how false and needy Rahul is.

Reviews of Rahul Mannan’s Classes Are Fake!

False testimonials praising Rahul Mannan as a great teacher may be seen anywhere on the Internet. Here are all the hoaxes about Rahul that you might come across; please don’t believe them! They’re paid for by Rahul Mannan and designed to get you to buy his worthless course.

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The question “How do you know these are fake reviews?” is one I could be asked. Here is my comprehensive analysis of these fraudulent evaluations, so you know I’m not making anything up.FAKE

Reviews on YouTube

Reviews on YouTube

The description of this “review” includes a reference to Rahul Mannan’s online lecture series. If you can look beyond the godawful emojis, you’ll see that this isn’t the same link as the one to the actual course. What’s the reason? Because this is a portal to monitor progress. Rahul Mannan is using this counter to monitor the number of new clients his ad on this YouTube video has brought in. Or, to put it another way, how many people he has managed to successfully defraud?

The same may be said for any other Rahul Mannan reviews you could come across on the web.FAKE

Analyzing SmartSuman.com

Analyzing SmartSuman.com

Examining AffiliateMarketing.Tech

Examining AffiliateMarketing.Tech

Evaluation of the Medium.com Website

Evaluation of the Medium.com Website


Rahul Mannan dupes victims into buying his worthless course by displaying his lavish lifestyle and using psychological manipulation. He has intentionally misled customers by posting multiple fabricated 5-star reviews of his course. He has no credentials and uses phony web reviews to deceive potential customers. You should avoid him at all costs; he is a con artist.

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