Randy Douthit: Racist, Abusive Fraudster with Many Lawsuits

Randy Douthit is a racist and vulgar celebrity who has faced multiple lawsuits for his fraudulent activities. Find out more here.

Randy Douthit has faced multiple lawsuits for fraud and breach of contract. Also, he has faced flak for his racist comments.

Randy Douthit is an American producer who received the Peabody Award in 1991. He is well-known for his work as the “Judge Judy” show producer for many years. He has also been involved in producing other successful shows, including CNN’s “Crossfire” and “Larry King Live” in the late 1980s. Douthit’s contributions to the television industry have been widely recognized, and he has played an essential role in the success of many popular TV programs.

Randy Douthit was born in Newberg, Oregon, on Nov. 15, 1949. He started his studies at Stanford University, 1968-1969, Following his undergraduate studies, Douthit continued his education and earned a Bachelor’s in Psychology, from Portland State University in 1970. And he also completed his Master of Science in Psychology, at Portland State University, in 1973.

His advanced degree provided him with the skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career in the film and television industry. Douthit’s education in film and television production laid the foundation for his successful career as a producer and executive in the television industry. His training and experience have enabled him to develop and produce some of the most successful reality TV shows in recent years.

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FULL NAMERandy Douthit
MOTHER NAMEElizabeth (Butler) Douthit
DATE OF BIRTHNov. 15, 1949
BIRTH PLACENewberg, Oregon
PROFESSIONAmerican Producer and Television Executive
NET WORTH$17 Million

Randy Douthit has an extensive career as a television producer, with executive producing credits on popular shows such as “Judge Judy” and “The People’s Court.” Additionally, he has produced other television programs such as “The View,” “The Tyra Banks Show,” “Gossip Girl,” and “Everybody Loves Raymond.” In 1999, Douthit founded Douthit Productions, Inc., where he currently serves as President. The production company is responsible for producing “Judge Judy” on CBS, which received an Emmy Award for Outstanding Talk Show Host in 2007, along with numerous other awards for its outstanding production work.

Uncountable Controversies with Randy Douthit:

Randy Douthit has been involved in many controversies throughout his career:

  1. Dispute with ex-wife and former “Judge Judy” star Judy Sheindlin over marital property: In 2012, Sheindlin accused Douthit of selling several of their personal belongings, including her expensive china and silverware, without her permission. Sheindlin filed a lawsuit against Douthit for breach of fiduciary duty and claimed that he owed her over $500,000. The case was settled out of court.
  1. Allegations of fraud by former “Storage Wars” star Dave Hester: In 2012, Dave Hester, a former star of the reality show “Storage Wars,” sued Douthit and the producers of the show for wrongful termination and alleged that they had committed fraud by planting valuable items in storage lockers. Douthit was named as a defendant in the lawsuit, but the case was eventually dismissed.
  1. Lawsuit over unpaid wages: In 2020, Douthit and Discovery Communications were sued by a former employee who claimed that she had not been paid for overtime work. The lawsuit alleged that Douthit and Discovery had violated federal and state labor laws by failing to pay overtime wages to non-exempt employees. The case is ongoing.
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Randy Douthit

Producer of “Judge Judy” Randy Douthit Speaks Crudely and Racially About Litigants:

Judge Judy executive producer Randy Douthit has made the news due to allegations of improper and crude behavior towards litigants on the show. Randy Douthit is a producer and director best known for his work on Judge Judy’s reality court series, which saw former Judge Judy Sheindlin take on real-life small case claims. Court documents and former employees blasted Douthit, saying he routinely mocked and shamed the litigants who appeared on the court show spearheaded by Sheindlin. He allegedly would make crude comments about females saying they were either “too fat” or “too ugly,” Insider reported.

A 2001 lawsuit filed by a former segment producer named Shawn Griggs says Douthit would make pig or cow noises whenever he found a female litigant unattractive. He also referred to a Black female guest as a “ho,” and made references to wanting to “get with” particular female litigants. The court documents show that Douthit denied calling anyone a “ho” but said “I don’t believe so” when asked if he made animal noises about the guests. “I hope not. I may have, but I hope not,” Douthit said when asked if he made rude comments about the show’s litigants.

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A few written reports from Douthit found that he called litigants “gross” and “low rent.” In talks with Insider, Kurstin Haynes, a former producer who left the show in 2021, shared: “He’d make comments about their weight, he’d make comments about their teeth.”

“He definitely didn’t talk about them like they were people; it was like they were subhuman,” one former associate producer said. In response to the lawsuit filed by Griggs, Douthit’s lawyer explained: “the allegations pertaining to Mr. Douthit in this lawsuit were completely false. The trial court determined that based upon the undisputed material facts, [the plaintiff’s] claims failed as a matter of law.”

Wrapping it up:

Randy Douthit has been embroiled in numerous controversies throughout his career. Former employees claim that ‘Judge Judy’ was troubled by allegations of sexual harassment, drinking while on the job, and racism. They are concerned that the new Amazon streaming show, which costs $25 million, will follow a similar pattern. 

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  1. The judges are being judged for sexual harassment what the fu#k, this site is fun, there are various interesting and untouched topics being discussed over here, I love reading about these popular celebrities committing crimes like these, bloody rascals.

  2. Randy is a complete package of molestation authority in the shows where he can comment on any of the coworkers and make funny noises for teasing them

  3. He used to make the voices of pigs and cows when he find any woman less attractive, thus making them feel uncomfortable during work and also destroying the work religion after committing such crimes.

  4. He was molesting his co-worker how shameful for such a popular celebrity.

  5. For instance, he was found consuming alcohol on the set and tried making fun of the people who were less attractive according to him, and after being part of such a popular show he was making these foolish crimes.

  6. His famous case with his ex-wife was in the news, due to popularity because of the martial property cases he got the limelight for the case.

  7. In the case where he failed to provide wages to his employee thus the case is still in court and he will have to face the consequences of the case as well.

  8. The man is trying to misuse his popularity and trying to harass people on the basis of race and making them feel depressed through dirty comments and then making sounds of animals to tease them, so cheap.

  9. Being a producer in the industry doesn’t mean that you have a right to do anything with your co-star. The saddest reality about the film industry is that the person whose four fathers or family member is not belonging to the film industry had to suffer the most.

  10. The Head honcho Randy Douthit doesn’t know the moral values and how to run the particular organization.
    The costar and small worker claimed that his behavior is not good with his subordinate. This shows that authority is greater than responsibility.

  11. The wife of Randy claims that Randy is doing domestic violence in the house. And abused and beat him very badly. As his wife, she had to face a lot of difficulties like mental harassment, and mental illness. she also goes to the doctor due to this type of activity which was done by randy.

  12. Randy is Lascivious, which shows that he is drinking while he is in the office. And always see the female staff of the company as commodities. And he also does sexual activities with his female subordinates.

  13. Randy had an illegal connection with most of the unwanted criminals. His Organisation is also funding some illegal organizations.

  14. This kind of activity by the manager to his subordinate suppressed the feeling of working and finds women discriminated against in the organization.

  15. The government takes particular actions against this type of producer who misuses his power and makes his dominance to the particular industry.

  16. The organization is called to be a good organization when it performs all the functions of management in a systematic manner.

  17. While reading this particular article I got tears in my eyes that how the particular person becomes so cruel that he forgets his moral values for his desire.

  18. The big authority of the country takes strict action against this type of morone whose main motive is to do sexual harassment and misuse his power. And get this bastard behind the bar.

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