Redflag – Malaysian Luxury Resort Scam by Luis Goes – LyoPay

Why is Malaysian Luxury Resort planning to raise building funds by tokenizing?

Luiz Góes, a Brazilian developer, is behind the tokenization project funding the construction of Fortune tower in Malaysia under the IBN Highlands City. Goes is also the co-founder of LGBanks and LYOPAY CEO. He says that the construction project of the resort in Malaysia is a turning point for the crypto market and future initiatives of Tokenization, along with being a pioneer in its scale and magnitude. 

There will be 325,000 tokens for sale, which are already available on LGBank. The Hasbrotel token (HASHM) gives users a share in ownership in the IBN Corp. They operation hopes to raise US$325 million, with a completion date of  2025.

LyoPay is the brainchild of Luis Goes and Jose Gordo. Jose Gordo was a top promoter of and earner in OneCoin.

Gordo resides in Spain and was appointed Master Distributor of Latin America and Mexico after Sebastian Greenwood’s arrest.

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In mid to late 2019 Gordo abandoned OneCoin. He resurfaced as a promoter of Apex International in October 2019.

In June 2020 Gordo joined Beyond Wealth, a reboot the Onyx Lifestyle Ponzi scheme.

Eduardo Alejandro Taylor appears to be an Argentinian promoter of OneCoin, now on the run.

Ruja Ignatova, Jose Gordo and Eduardo Taylor are now fugitives wanted by Argentinian authorities.

Of the three only Jose Gordo’s whereabouts is known. That said, whether Argentinian authorities will file an extradition request with Spain is unclear.

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