Renee Fourcade: A Broker With Shady Rules and Red Flags to Watch Out For

Renee Fourcade UBS is a name you might hear if you’re looking for a financial advisor in Los Angeles. Even though she has been in the business for a while, it seems like she doesn’t know how to use her knowledge and experience well.

Her company has a lot of selfish and shady rules that put her clients in bad situations, especially over the long term. Before you decide whether or not to work with this investment advisor, you should read through these rules to see if she is worth your time.

About Renee Fourcade and UBS

Renee Fourcade UBS is a financial manager in Los Angeles, California. Her office is at 1999 Avenue of the Stars, 36th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90067, US, and her phone number is 310-772-7058.

She is an expert in retirement services for both public and private companies. She has qualifications from CIMA and CRPS. Renee also says that she can help her clients with mergers and acquisitions, as well as problems with their retirement plans that come up because of these things.

Renee Fourcade UBS Financial Services, Renee is the Senior Vice President of Investments. Renee also offers services like planning for multiple generations, getting money for school, and planning for retirement.

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If you didn’t read her disclosures carefully, you might think that Renee Fourcade UBS is a reliable and honest financial advisor. But her disclosures show that she doesn’t put the needs of her customers before her own.

Red flags in Renee Fourcade’s terms and conditions

You should look up a financial expert on FINRA BrokerCheck before you start working with them. FINRA BrokerCheck is a database with a lot of information where you can find out everything you need to know about your financial expert.

This includes details about their education, the tests they’ve passed, their work experience, and any conflicts they’ve been in. The FINRA BrokerCheck page for Renee shows that she has been in court twice with clients.

Her first disagreement happened in 1998 when a client said she didn’t follow the client’s directions and didn’t use the client’s option to buy and sell 2,000 shares of Medical Alliance Company stock before the client quit the company.

The person who was wronged asked for $23,000 in damages, but Renee turned down the request.

The second disagreement Renee has is a regulatory move. Renee broke NASD Rule 2110 in 2009 when she took commissions from portfolio trading from her member firm, which shared those commissions with retail sales staff. This goes against NASD Rule 2830(K), which says that portfolio trade commissions can’t be shared with retail sales staff.

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Acceptance, Waiver, and Consent with censure sanctions was the way the regulatory case was settled. Civil and administrative penalties cost Renee $15,000.

Getting in trouble with the law is not a small thing. It seems to say that Renee Fourcade UBS is a careless and irresponsible financial planner. The way her reports are set up now points to the same thing. I’ve put them in bold below:

Charging Performance-Based Fees

The fact that Renee Fourcade UBS charges fees based on how well she does is a big red flag. This means that she will make more money if she takes risks.

In the finance business, charging performance-based fees is a very bad idea because it often leads to low returns for the client. With this fee arrangement, advisors get paid if they do better than an index or benchmark.

When managers do this, they often double down on the risk, even if it isn’t right for the client. As the name suggests, high-risk methods fail a lot, and most of the time they lead to poor returns or, even worse, big losses.

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They are especially dangerous when the market is going down.

If you’re saving for retirement or looking for long-term protection, you should be wary of performance-based fee structures. It hurts long-term progress and isn’t good for portfolios with low risk.

On top of that, you can’t blame your advisor if you lose money because of the high-risk tactics they recommend. That’s because when you become a client, you have to sign a lot of waivers.

Selling Proprietary Investment Products

Renee works for Renee Fourcade UBS Financial Services, which is a big company that makes its investment goods. In theory, there’s nothing wrong with selling your investments, but in practice, it creates a lot of problems you can’t ignore.

First, when you work with a financial expert, you should expect to get advice that fits your needs and goals. But things get tricky when your financial expert has a reason to ignore your needs.

Advisors make big fees on the investments they sell that they own. Also, UBS managers have a bad name for recommending these kinds of investments.

Recently, several UBS managers were sued by their clients because they suggested the YES Strategy Program without thinking about how well it would work.

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Your advisor might not give you the best advice if they think they can make a lot of money by selling their goods. It gives them a reason to ignore your plans and goals for your money.

Most of the time, clients get average or bad results when they could have gotten much better ones. Then there are special situations in which clients lose a big chunk of their invested money because they were given bad advice.

Keep in mind that getting paid through commissions is one of the main reasons why experts give their clients bad advice.


Stay away from Renee Fourcade UBS by a long shot. Most investors, especially those who are looking for long-term progress, don’t like her rules and terms. You’d be stuck in a bad deal where you can’t do anything about getting poor results.

It would be better to find a counselor who is more knowledgeable and cares about you.

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