Schulman Bhattacharya LLC is a law firm facing charges of perjury and fraud after it stole millions from the government of Somalia.

Vladimir Gersamia (aka Vladimer Gersamia) is a criminal involved in money laundering and more illegal activities. Find out more on RepDigger.


Think+ is an MLM ponzi scheme you should avoid investing in. Read the following Think+ review to find out more.


Brian Korienek has faced multiple customer disputes for fraud and misrepresentation. Beware of this financial advisor.

Hrithik Alwani uses fake pr and false advertising to promote himself. He relies on lies and deceit to gain credibility.

Christopher Cane Florida is a predator who sexually harassed a female trainee he was supposed to oversee. Learn more on this creep here.


If Bradley Laughlin approaches you to borrow money, invest in his business or partner with you in any way, RUN!!  Over the last two years Bradley ...


David Shadpour is on a mission to ruin the company Social Native. He is highly egoistic and does not pay any heed to the needs of his employees and doesn’t ...


How does Rob Posner get away with ruining the lives of his wife and family and other women around him, and hundreds and thousands of innocent consumers?

Michael Troeger is an extremely unethical and unreliable man who sued his employer wrongfully and lost the lawsuit. Find out more on RepDigger.


Tim Sykes lies about his parents and scams innocents. He is an incompetent trader turned con-artist. Read the Tim Sykes review here on GripeO.

PointPay is a financial pyramid, which is more expensive to associate with. The company positions itself as a major tycoon of the financial market, but in fact ...

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