Reviews of Clayton Morris: Swindled Investors

Online “Clayton Morris reviews” consistently paint him as a con artist. Many people lost money because of the fraudster. More on this later:

Clayton Morris quit his position as a Fox News anchor in 2017 to pursue the next phase of his career, which entails assisting regular people in achieving financial independence.
Why There Are So Many Critical Reviews on Clayton Morris:

Mr. Morris, a host on “Fox and Friends Weekend,” and his wife, Natali, decided to become full-time real estate counselors, and Mr. Morris already had a popular real estate investment podcast. Their goal was to connect small-time financiers with ready-to-go real estate investments in hot markets like Detroit, Indianapolis, and Jacksonville, Florida.

Morris Invest, the company they founded, offered to take care of all the details involved in finding and renting out homes to tenants. Customers were only required to front the money and wait for the checks to arrive.

Morris Invest reportedly helped sell over a thousand properties in the prior two years, generating over $5 million in referral fees and sales proceeds, as corroborated by selling prices, investor screenings, and a lawyer representing an earlier business partner. However, many of Mr. Morris’s customers complained that Indianapolis was too expensive for them to afford a home.

Mr. Morris and his company are being sued by more than a dozen former or current customers. The plaintiffs contend that the residences were in much worse condition than represented and that the rehabilitation work for which they paid in advance was either incomplete or subpar. Land that was purchased to build new homes is littered with trash. One house caught fire, and a few days later, it was allegedly sold to an uneducated investor.

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Case Evaluations in Clayton Morris’s Lawsuit

In accordance with evaluates of Clayton Morris, he is accusing an individual from Ohio of $7 million for using his name and image in web films that were critical of the real estate transactions he helped to broker in Indianapolis and for selling t-shirts that read, “I Bought This T-Shirt Because They Don’t Make CLAYTON MORRIS Toilet Paper.”

If the complaint is to be believed, James Wise “invaded [Morris’] privacy to do so” by profiting off of Morris’s name and likeness. A federal court in Ohio is handling the matter. In particular, it claims that Wise violated Morris’s rights to publicity and publicity rights by using Morris’s name, likeness, and voice without permission.

According to Clayton Morris Reviews, Morris’s lawyers have claimed in court documents that Wise has smeared Morris’s reputation as a successful real estate investor and as a journalist who spent 18 years in the industry. Morris’s journalism career included stints as host of Fox & Friends and Good Day Philadelphia.

After shedding “speaking engagements, media partnership agreements, and business relationships, as well as internet traffic and advertising revenue (to Wise) that would have been lost to Mr. Morris,” Clayton Morris Reviews asserts he has already shed more than $2.3 million.

Morris is asking for an additional $450,000 to compensate for his emotional distress, or $1,000 every day until the year 2020.

The lawsuit was filed after Wise released a three-hour “documentary” detailing investor complaints about Morris.
As an adjunct to the “Landlords from Hell” series, he also made and posted a shorter film.

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Morris, who left Fox & Friends in 2017 to focus on his online real estate investment firm, is the target of additional federal and state litigation in Indiana. Lawsuits were initiated by investors who claim they were deceived by Morris and his company, Morris Invest, during the sale of investment properties.

Why did investors lose money? (Discover More Clayton Morris Opinions)

The basic premise of people’s stories is as follows:

  • Users of Clayton Morris’ podcast, YouTube, and other social media channels helped to bring his attention to the public.
  • Occasionally, the investor would need to spend $5,000 to $20,000 remodeling the house before it could be advertised for rent.
  • Both the home’s purchase price and the renovation budget were covered by the investor’s initial contribution.
  • Most investors blame a lack of access to crucial documentation, such as contracts, property photos, rehab reports, etc., for the problems that ensued.
  • An investor’s worries rise in tandem with the frequency of interruptions and the quality of available information.
  • The house is suddenly rented out after being renovated and is quickly occupied.

How Clayton Morris Investment works

The site provides the same information as any other website or blog, including a biography of the author, Clayton Morris, as well as a forum in which Morris can share his thoughts on various topics and events, including how they have influenced his own life and how they can help you achieve your own goals.Real estate investor Clayton Morris is also eager to share his knowledge with those who, like him, have grown weary of worrying about their future security due to their lack of financial stability.

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Morris provides visitors with a “Freedom Number” to help them envision the potential financial rewards of real estate investing for themselves.

Discovering your personal Freedom Number can assist you in making better life choices that lead to financial success and a more satisfying life. Anyone interested in learning more can subscribe to his podcast and hear previous episodes.

The website claims that the more you learn about your Freedom Number, the better access you’ll have to information tailored specifically to you and your situation.

Budgets and Rate Charts

It appears that using the website itself, the podcast (which features updates on upcoming speaking engagements), and downloading the Freedom Number Cheat Sheet are all now free of charge.

This website provides its users with free content and information, but that doesn’t mean they won’t also find information about for-sale items or investment opportunities that come with their costs and commitments.

Principles of Refunds

Since the company does not currently charge users for access to its information or services, there are currently no Terms & Conditions or Refund Policy available on its website.

If a visitor decides to purchase one of the products that this site promotes, they will likely be redirected from the Clayton Morris site to a site run by a third party, where they can make their purchase and any necessary refund claims.

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His prominence as a self-help expert and regular TV host, Clayton Morris’s website features several positive reviews, many of which come from podcasters with whom he has worked or who have featured him in their¬†shows.

Final Thoughts on the Works of Clayton Morris

In terms of the Indianapolis property market, the Clayton Morris Reviews are no longer present. They have sold over 200 houses in Detroit, where they focus most of their efforts, with hardly any of the complaints they have received in Indianapolis. However, they are no longer making it a top priority.

Based on what we can gather from the reviews left on his site, Clayton Morris is currently promoting Financial Freedom Academy, an online financial planning and advisory service. A “proven system for building wealth, guaranteed” is advertised on the program’s website.

According to Mr. Morris, his life was altered after a conversation described on the website. Years ago, while on vacation in New Zealand, he sat next to a real estate investor and his wife and learned that they were on a two-month vacation thanks to the wealth they had amassed by flipping and renting out houses.

Clayton Morris Reviews tells us whom he is by quoting him as saying, “I made it my goal to follow in his footsteps from that point on.”

Mr. Morris claims that he is inspiring other investors to follow in his footsteps by offering a nine-session online curriculum for a discounted starting fee of $697.

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