Rhinoplasty: Meaning, Reasons, and Risks

The surgical reshaping of the nasal bridge and/or the underlying bone and cartilage is what gives rise to the “nose job” moniker. One of the most prevalent types of cosmetic surgery is also one of the most challenging.

Reasons For Getting A Rhinoplasty

A rhinoplasty may be desired for a variety of reasons. People receive this surgery to fix broken noses, fix breathing problems from birth defects, fix cosmetic issues with their noses, or fix any combination of these reasons.

The nasal bone must be fully developed before rhinoplasty may be performed to improve the nose’s appearance. The average age of a teenage female. However, boys’ nasal bones may continue to develop until they reach adulthood.

A rhinoplasty for breathing reasons can be done at a younger age than for cosmetic reasons.

The surgeon might alter the size and angle of the nose after inspecting it and any problems it may have. They may alter the form of the nose’s tip, bridge, or nostrils.

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Complications From Nose Job

There is always a chance of complications during surgery, such as blood loss, infection, or an adverse reaction to the anesthetic. Possible side effects of rhinoplasty include numbness, scarring, breathing difficulties, and nosebleeds. People don’t always love the outcomes of their surgery.

You should wait until your nose has fully healed before undergoing a revision rhinoplasty. This takes about a year.

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