Richard C. Wayne & Associates, P.C.’s Lazy Practices Exposed

Imagine spending money on a lawyer to help you keep your house. After collecting all of your money, however, the attorney sides with the other side, causing you to lose your house. Doesn’t that just sound dreadful? This sort of thing happens frequently to Richard C. Wayne and his colleagues.

Legal services are provided by the Atlanta office of Richard C. Wayne & Associates P.C. Specifically, you may find them at 100 Hammond Dr, Atlanta, GA 30328, USA. At first look, Richard Wayne’s company and its operations appear to be those of any other similar business.

This guy has a lot of problems, though.

Many of his former customers have said that he acted dishonestly or selfishly.

Richard Wayne asserts that he is an authority on contract law. However, feedback suggests that he isn’t equipped to deal with complex problems. One reviewer claims they dropped $150,000 due to this individual. They aren’t the only ones who are unhappy with this lawyer’s performance.

To assist you decide whether or not to hire Richard C. Wayne, this review compiles comments from a number of his past clients.

What Richard C. Wayne & Associates, P.C. Claim To Be:

An Atlanta-based law company with an emphasis on commercial contracts. Richard Wayne, who founded the company in 1996, is a practicing attorney. The law practice also represents clients in commercial real estate and insolvency matters.

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At first sight, the company appears to be rather typical. However, there are numerous warning signs indicating the organization in question is attempting to trick its customers.

First, they have a page labeled “Richard Wayne reviews,” on which several questionable testimonials from purported customers may be found.

The issue with these critiques is that:

  1. You have no way of knowing if they are genuine.
  2. They are available on the business’s website.

Never put any stock in the testimonials posted on a business’s website. In particular, those that are lacking visuals. Con artists frequently use this strategy to trick their targets.

Richard C. Wayne’s Client Suffers a Home Loss After Hiring Him

Such a complaint broke my heart. The reviewer claims that they worked with Richard Wayne and his company to secure their property against unlawful entry.

According to the critic, Richard C. Wayne is a con artist. They needed to shield their house from their mortgage lender, so they headed to his office. Richard charged them a lot in service costs. And they committed to him by signing a contract.

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But he failed to carry out his duties as per the agreement. He was employed to help with house security. But he ended up making them lose the house.

The critic calls him a criminal and argues the Bar shouldn’t let him practice law anyplace.

I bet you can guess Richard’s reaction to this criticism.

He has taken legal action against this review, saying it is fraudulent. That is the rudest approach to dealing with an angry customer.

However, dishonest companies frequently use the “complaint is fake” excuse to dismiss legitimate customer concerns. Their response sounds like something a politician would say. No politician ever admits to his shortcomings, instead insisting that his detractors are spreading “fake” news.

Another dishonest business that employs this strategy to dismiss client concerns is Mt. Cook Financial.

Very High Costs with Very Little Return

Another one of Richard Wayne’s former customers has posted a scathing assessment of his services online. Three problems were identified by the reviewer with Richard’s assistance. To begin, there is a significant price premium given the level of service provided.

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They claimed the fees for documentation and court filing were double the norm. Furthermore, the standard is low.

It would appear that Richard Wayne’s legal pursuits are fruitless. Since the critic emphasizes this as a major problem with this lawyer. They say Richard doesn’t do a good job of looking out for his client’s best interests. This means that he is only recommended for low-level jobs like contract drafting.

The complaint also states that clients have received poor treatment from Richard C Wayne & Associates, P.C. His company consists of just him and an assistant. Therefore, everything is handled very inefficiently, and the place is not worth the price.

Anonymous Former Client Calls Richard C. Wayne & Associate “Careless”

The complaint states that Richard Wayne is unqualified to manage a legal business because of his inexperience. Since time was of the essence and a thorough legal investigation was required, Richard was hired on the spot. The consultation price alone was worth $250 to him.

Unfortunately, the service was quite poor. The reviewer’s work was being negatively impacted by the numerous mistakes in the reports Richard was sending them. The reviewer’s client found multiple flaws in the provided reports, which slowed down the case.

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In a crucial file, Richard erroneously wrote a false date. The entire file had to be redone by the reviewer.

The law company in Georgia had also charged an extra $75 monthly. However, he never provided any evidence to back up his assertion that the accusations were related to his communications with senior attorneys.

Richard charged $10,000 to represent this person for three months. However, it was for nothing. The person claims they made no progress because their presented paperwork contained numerous errors.

The fact that Richard Wayne wasn’t keeping them in the loop properly didn’t help matters either. He’d say he’d update us, but never follow through.

The reviewer advises potential employers to look elsewhere.


Richard Wayne has been called an ineffective and greedy lawyer in numerous evaluations and complaints. This attorney has a reputation for not doing a good job of representing his client’s best interests.

These are all good reasons to keep looking for a different Atlanta attorney.

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