Rob Mastrantonio – Drunk Driving and Employee Abuse

Rob Mastrantonio received a DWI and Speeding charge in December 2021 when he crossed over the double yellow lines. 

He was driving a 2013 GMC on Fort Salonga Road. The police said Rob was going eastward at an extremely high speed and crossed over the double yellow lines several times. 

Rob Mastrantonio

During a routine traffic stop, the officer noticed that Rob Mastrantonio’s breath smelled of alcohol. Moreover, he was slurring while talking and his eyes were bloodshot and glassy. 

Additionally, Rob was swaying and stumbling when he exited the car. 

Then, he took the horizontal gaze nystagmus test and performed poorly. After that, Rob Mastrantonio started refusing any other sobriety tests. 

Rob Mastrantonio news

So, the police arrested him. But at the headquarters, Rob refused to take a chemical test. 

Hence, the police charged him with speeding: posted zone, driving while intoxicated, and unsafe lane change. 

If you’re wondering who this Rob Mastrantonio is, don’t worry. 

Because in the following sections, I’ll shed light on who this man is and what other problems he’s caused:

Rob Mastrantonio
A picture of Rob Mastrantonio

Rob Mastrantonio Reviews: What Former Employees Say

The above reviewer says that when he worked under Rob, his salary was substantially lower than other startup firms. 

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Note that the above review is for Omni Risk Management. Rob credits himself for its success as he ran the firm for a very long time. 

Similar to the above review, other employees have also complained about getting low compensation and facing micromanagement. 

Clearly, Rob doesn’t like to pay his staff fairly. 

Rob Mastrantonio
Rob Mastrantonio omni risk management

You should be wary of CEOs who disregard their employees. It means they don’t value the contributions of their staff members. 

Furthermore, these problems can pile up and make things extremely difficult for everyone. 

For example, Mark Rohald is another CEO who has received numerous complaints for ignoring his staff’s requirements. 

The number of complaints against Mark have been increasing significantly. Most of them say he doesn’t care about his employees and views them as ‘expendable commodities’. 

Certainly, you wouldn’t want to work under a boss like him. Rob seems very similar to Mark in that regard.

Who is Rob Mastrantonio? AssuredPartners, Omni Risks Management and More

Apart from getting a DWI charge and another speeding charge, Rob has a rather impressive profile.

Rob Mastrantonio has been the president of Assured Partners Northeast Construction Division for the past six years. 

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With over 190 locations in 34 states and England, this company has a reputation for collaborating with local and regional insurance providers who share its commitment to customer service. They are acknowledged for developing long-term customer connections and are listed in Business Insurance’s list of the top 100 Brokers in the United States.

Certainly, the company is highly reputed. Sadly, you can’t say the same for Rob Mastrantonio

Currently, Rob’s duties include, among other things, managing the placement of preventive liability, workers’ compensation, professional liability, and builder’s risk insurance for principal contractors. 

Some of his additional responsibilities are handling risk insurance for trade contractors, design-builders, and small and large general contractors. 

His service area includes New York, Connecticut, Eastern Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. As a risk assessor, Rob claims to offer his customers strategic advice. Also, he claims to carefully examine all compensation plans.

However, seeing how his past employees have complained about how he doesn’t pay them, I don’t think he cares about a firm’s staff members. 

This might be a big red flag for most organizations. 

Qualifications and Experience: 

Rob’s education began at SUNY Stony Brook, where he earned a Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics and Statistics.

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His first job out of college was as an underwriter for Chubb Insurance Company.

Then, Rob decided to broaden his experience by working for CNA Insurance Company. There, he promoted customized products to over 50 Long Island insurance agents.

Also, he claims he earned his law degree at Touro College’s Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center while he was still working at CNA, Rob earned his law degree at Touro College’s Jacob D. Fuchsberg Law Center.

He entered Island Risk Management after passing the New York State bar exam. 

Furthermore, he claims to have spent years learning the complexities of overwriting as well as the process of developing genuine client/insurer relationships. Rob was in charge of the entire coverage recommendation process, from comparing quotes to determining risk.

Rob Mastrantonio became the President and CEO of Omni Risk Management after getting his New York State broker’s license. 

With his team of 25 professionals (which he underpaid), Rob Mastrantonio served the Tri-State region. 

He held the role for around a decade. 

Moreover, he claims he learned more about overwriting and the research required before making policy recommendations. 

The company’s success was due to its excellent customer service, total transparency, and attention to detail, as well as its skilled workers. 

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However, as you must have read above, he used to underpay the staff and received complaints for providing a toxic environment. Also, he claims he contributed his knowledge of law to the book What to Do When Construction Projects in New York Go Wrong.


On paper, he makes himself seem like a reliable professional. But that’s definitely not the truth. 

Rob Mastrantonio has received numerous complaints for neglecting his staff members. Moreover, he was arrested last year for drunk driving and speeding. 

Certainly, he has some serious alcohol issues he needs to address. 

In conclusion, I wouldn’t recommend working with a man like Rob.

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Rob Mastrantonio was arrested for drunk driving and speeding. Also, he has received complaints from staff members for underpaying them. Beware!

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  1. 0.5

    Rob has a drinking problem. Everyone at AssuredPartners Northwest knows this. They just don’t say it. I don’t think it’s the first time he was caught drunk driving though. He must have been caught before but he didn’t make it to the headlines.

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  2. His face is the typical face of a drunkard

  3. 0.6

    Yikes. And this man is a C-suite executive? You’d think Assured Partners will be cautious while appointing someone for that position. They need to conduct a professional review immediately.

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  4. 4.85

    I find he has a nice face. He has been very successful and his father never went to jail.

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  5. *** Attention: Rob Mastrantonio ***

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  6. *** Attention: Rob Mastrantonio ***

    This webpage has been manually archived to’s Wayback Machine and will be available on the internet for ALL TIME

    The web page capture will be updated as comments are added (stay tuned).

  7. Dear Rob Mastrantonio,


    Rob, you’re an evil, putrid, narcissist, sociopath, sexual predator, rapist who destroys parts of other people’s lives – and you _delight_ in it.



  8. Regarding Rob Mastrantonio’s HOMOSEXUALITY

    Look a lot of people know of Rob’s present drinking problems and problems in the past (maybe still) with illegal narcotics especially cocaine.

    What’s also clear to some is Rob’s addictions (booze, drugs, sex, lying) is related to his suppressing his homosexuality from public knowledge thereby he turns to all these substances to tamp down his raging anxieties.

    Rob tries so hard to obscure his homosexuality that he overdoes his sexual actions with women to compensate for his closeted gay reality.

    In 2018 Rob told/bragged to a guy in a call (recorded, I’ve heard it) that Rob had had sexual intercourse with over 40 women – do you think that’s a bit off the normal/healthy scale? Do you think that by 2022 that number is now over 50 women?!

    Also indicative of his hiding his own homosexuality is how Rob Mastrantonio outs others for their homosexuality.

    As an example, in another call with that same guy in 2018 (also recorded, I’ve heard it) Rob for no reason and out of context to the conversation blurts out that recently his daughter had come out as a lesbian and had been mistreated badly for that by her mother’s ex-fiancée. WHY does Rob need to tell that info to someone who doesn’t know his daughter and has no business with her?! THIS is selfish action of Rob to use his daughter and her lesbianism to try to gain sympathy and hide his own homosexuality.

    Rob Mastrantonio doesn’t hesitate to make his own daughter collateral damage.

    If you know Rob, please encourage him to acknowledge his homosexuality and come out of the closet – it’s 2022.

  9. There’s no doubt Rob Mastrantonio is a soul-deformed monster who for decades his actions have hurt and harmed innocent people. And then he lies about it and plays tortured victim because he’s a top-notch sociopath.

    The problem in communicating to folks the horrible actions sociopath Mastrantonio does to people is that there are SO MANY actions, a really surreal amount, that it becomes “noisy” and overwhelming to comprehend that someone is this bad a human being.

    So let’s concentrate on only ONE off-the-charts despicable action that Rob Mastrantonio did this past August 28th and then you decide whether you want to have anything to do with this horrible human being:

    It is a FACT that in the past Rob Mastrantonio got an innocent upstanding married woman drunk (she’s always been a non-drinker and was a law school friend of his) at the Rose & Thistle tavern in Huntington Village (she was initially there with her study group) and after she rebuffed his uninvited and inappropriate proposition to have sex with her (#METOO), telling him it wasn’t going to happen, somehow Mastrantonio got her into the back of his owned vehicle where he sexually assaulted and penetrated her with intercourse. This married woman did not give Mastrantonio consent (#METOO) nor was she in any condition to give consent because of the alcohol (#METOO) he fed to her causing her to be drunk. She has never had a recollection of how AFTER she told Mastrantonio NO that she ended up in Mastrantonio’s vehicle with him on top of her. She was rendered so traumatized by what Mastrantonio did to her against her will, a rape, that she ended up hospitalized with severe migraines and this condition lasted more than two years and caused her to give up her law school pursuit which she was half-way through.

    Pretty horrible stuff, right? But there’s more and it just occurred August 2022.

    On August 28th Rob Mastrantonio contacted the husband of this woman he had sexually assaulted in his vehicle via text messaging accusing the man of putting this Gripeo profile about him up on the internet – which he did not – prior to August 28th he had never heard of Gripeo.

    When the man, via text messaging, told Rob Mastrantonio that he had sexually assaulted and raped his intoxicated wife in his vehicle and was therefore a “Rapist”, Mastrantonio responded in writing saying verbatim:

    “Oh. I remember. She liked that”

    Rob Mastrantonio said in August 2022 that a drunk woman he had sexually assaulted LIKED it when he raped her.

    ALL you need to know about Rob Mastrantonio is contained in that text message exchange.

    Should you still associate yourself with Rob Mastrantonio after reading this about his conduct then I don’t know what to say.

    P.S. Mastrantonio will lie and say the text exchange never happened and he’s a victim – however, a PDF containing the texts screenshots will be going up on the internet soon and he’ll be proven a liar once again.

    • Look at the mug on this mook Mastrantonio.

      He looks just like the kind of guy pr#ck that would use date r#pe dr#gs to get that woman where he wanted her.

      That’s probably why she can’t remember how he got her into his car to r#pe her.

      • Sammy – I haven’t heard Long Island-slang for a long time so I forgot the word “mook” and when I saw you using it to describe Mastrantonio I snorted/laughed while taking a sip of soda and the soda came out my nose LOL because you hit the nail right on the head:

        Rob Mastrantonio is a MOOK – right out of Central Casting!!

        SO this MOOK Rob Mastrantonio is also a sexual predator/groomer – here’s why:

        This woman friend of his that he sexually assaulted in his vehicle – who is a magnificent and caring and generous and a good person, was a class friend of Mastrantonio’s in law school who he befriended with after class stories about how his wife Kathleen would treat him TERRIBLY in their marriage and he would relate all these stories about how MEAN she was to Mastrantonio all the time and how HORRIBLE she made his life and how he was SUFFERING because of KATHLEEN/work/law school.

        The kind woman would listen to his stories and try to console Mastrantonio and provide advice/encouragement – this went on for long time and was the basis for their law school friendship.

        NOW fast-forward years later we find out this MOOK Mastrantonio WASN’T EVEN MARRIED DURING LAW SCHOOL – Kathleen divorced him over infidelity and had left the state right BEFORE Mastrantonio started law school!!

        The MOOK lied about being mistreated by Kathleen (there was NO Kathleen) in order to develop sympathy (a common sociopath ploy) and trust with this innocent woman and to groom her for later action to sexually assault her.

        I’ve got a better description for Rob Mastrantonio – how about EVIL MOOK.


        • CORRECTION: They divorced right after law school started.

          BUT, Rob Mastrantonio still wasn’t with/married to Kathleen when he was using stories about how bad Kathleen was treating him while in law school in order to groom/build trust in a friendship with the woman he sexually assaulted.

          In Mastrantonio’s own words:

          WMB sent the following message at 3:04 PM
          I’ll respond later with an effort towards wrapping things up… but this came up today… you were married at least some time during law school -or- previously married before law school?

          Rob Mastrantonio sent the following message at 3:15 PM
          I was married to not a very nice person for about one year. We lived in Patchogue until we divorced.

          WMB sent the following messages at 3:23 PM
          …Oh I just reread what you wrote… so you could’ve still been married, not yet divorced, when [you were in law school]?

          Rob Mastrantonio sent the following message at 3:39 PM
          I didn’t think so. We separated almost right after law school stared.

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