Robert Inbody – Morgan Stanley is a Fraud

Robert Ibody Morgan Stanley is a well-known name in California’s finance field. But not everything that shines is gold, as the saying goes, and this is very true of Robert Inbody.

At first, he seems like an honest and loving person who wants to make money. But the small print in his contracts tells a whole different story. His disclosures say things that make it seem like you’d be in a bad position as a customer if you worked with Robert. Also, they show that Robert and his team would be better off ignoring your needs.

Read the review of Robert Inbody Morgan Stanley below before you put your money in his hands.

Who is Morgan Stanley, Robert Inbody?

Robert Ibody Morgan Stanley is a company that helps people with their money. It is based in San Diego, California. His office is at 1111 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037, US, and his phone number is 858-729-5010.

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Robert has worked at Morgan Stanley since 1971, and over the course of his job, he has won a lot of praise and awards. His services include fixed income, alternative investing, asset management, exchange-traded funds, cash management, commodities, and a lot more.

At first glance, Robert Inbody Morgan Stanley looks like a reliable financial expert with many years of experience in the field. But if you look deeper, you’ll find a long history of client fights and rules that put you in a very bad position.

Robert and his team do their best to keep everyone from seeing these hard-hitting red flags. But as an investor, you have the right to know what a financial advisor does well and what they do poorly.

The last disagreement on his FINRA BrokerCheck profile is from July 7, 1994. The client said that trading in commodities wasn’t right for her. All of the client’s claims against Robert were thrown out, so the court gave the client $4,000.

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Keep in mind that all of these disagreements are going to court. When a client has a problem with their financial advisor, most of them don’t file a claim against them. So, the fact that Robert Inbody has so many fights with his clients says a lot about how skilled he is.

Using clients’ money to make money for yourself

Robert has had a lot of fights with his clients, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. At the moment, there are too many red flags in Robert’s admissions to count. The biggest warning sign is that he trades in the investments he suggests.

This means he can buy or sell the things he tells you to trade. There are a lot of conflicts of interest when an advisor trades advised investments because he can use his clients’ money to change the returns of the investment for himself.

Putting Fees of 12b-1

Robert also charges 12b-1 fees, which is another important part of his services. This is a fee for promotion, but it doesn’t add anything to the value of the investment. Investments that charge a 12b-1 fee are much more expensive than those that don’t.

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But investments that have this fee don’t do any better than investments that don’t have this fee. So, you end up paying more without getting anything extra.

The SEC did a thorough study to compare the returns of stocks with this fee and those without it. It found that the return on investment for stocks with a 12b-1 fee was lower because they were more expensive.

Robert isn’t the only shady trustee whose terms and conditions include such self-serving clauses. There are a lot of people who take advantage of buyers in the same way. Scot Benefiel Merrill Lynch, for example, trades suggested securities and also charges 12b-1 fees.

Robert Inbody’s Review of Morgan Stanley: The Conclusion

If you care about your financial security and don’t want to be taken advantage of, you should avoid doing business with Robert Inbody Morgan Stanley. The rules in his terms and conditions are meant to trick investors into signing a bad contract that will hurt them.

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You should find a financial advisor who works on their own and doesn’t get paid to “sell” stocks.

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