Robert Wickboldt III- Deceit, Detention, and Exoneration

Robert Wickboldt III, who works in the investing and financial services industry, is in charge of the investment plan at Essex Investments.

Robert Wickboldt III was charged with cashing big checks that had already been returned

At the Houston Zoo’s February Gala, there was a stir when Robert Wickboldt III, whom no one seemed to know, started bidding on almost every item in the silent auction.

Aristocrats who often go to the zoo’s charity events saw the 37-year-old guy in a black T-shirt and gray sport coat among the blue cocktails, an ice sculpture, and live animals that the zoo staff was showing off.

He seemed like a generous donor because he won bids on a painting made by a sea lion and shots of the sea lion with other animals. In the end, he wrote two checks for a total of $5,000.

Then, he stood with his “personal assistant” on February 4 for a society photographer who was there to cover the event.

Robert Wickboldt III was permitted to attend the $100-per-ticket gathering since the day before, he presented the zoo with a check for $50,000.

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He said he was trying to help the animals. A few days later, the bank called and told the zoo that Robert Wickboldt III’s checks were useless, just like many of the other checks he had written in the past.

Robert Wickboldt III is being looked for by the police because he was accused of forgery last week. The zoo’s managers didn’t want to say anything.

Why would a person who had been guilty of a crime try to be friends with Houston’s rich and powerful, even if it was just for a short time? Robert Wickboldt III wrote a big check to a charity, but it didn’t look like he got anything out of it.

Robert Wickboldt III Stole dad’s identity

Robert Wickboldt from West Virginia said that his son had stolen from him before and used his name to steal more than $25,000.
Wickboldt has been in and out of jail since he was 20 for stealing, forging, and stealing cars.

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When he was 22 years old and living in Houston, he tried to use an American Express Black card. The fake card has the name of Rupert Murdoch on it.

Even though the court documents aren’t clear, it seems like someone didn’t think the young man was the CEO of the huge global company NewsCorp.

In 2006, a Houston Club member told cops that his locker was broken into and his wallet and Rolex were taken.

When he called his credit card company right away, he found out that the card had already been used at a department store downtown. There, employees remembered that Robert Wickboldt III spent $240 on perfume and makeup.

After he was caught, a worker at the city club remembered a similar theft from 2001. Both club thefts were blamed on Robert Wickboldt III.

Robert Wickboldt III was let out of prison recently

Robert Wickboldt III was caught in 2007 after he tried to get away from cops in a stolen car.

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He was found to be mentally unfit while he was waiting to go to court. Five months after he was found to be sane again, he pleaded guilty and was given a 10-year prison term.
After his term was cut, he just got out on parole.

Fake checks were used to give $50,000 to the Houston Zoo

Robert Wickboldt III, who is 35 years old, is accused of forgery. A director at the Houston Zoo told the Harris County District Attorney’s Office that Robert Wickboldt III gave her a check for $50,000 on February 3 and then asked her to a gala for donors. At the event, Robert Wickboldt III wrote two more checks that added up to more than $5,000.

When the director of the zoo found out that all three checks were made on accounts that didn’t exist, he called the police. A person from the bank said that the checks were not real. There was a mistake with both the account number and the bank routing number.
The head of the zoo chose Robert Wickboldt III from a group of pictures. In this case, a bail of $100,000 has been set.

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It’s not clear what the supposed scam was, but Robert Wickboldt III gave the Houston Zoo three checks for more than $55,000 in Houston, Texas. At least the zoo thought so. When they tried to deposit the money, the bank told them that the accounts on which the checks were written did not exist. Robert Wickboldt III is charged with forgery. He allegedly offered to give money to the group over the phone, and a few days later, at a meeting, he gave them a check for $50,000. He was then asked to a gala, where he paid for some auction items with two more checks.

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