Rockwills Group Faces Investigation Over Data and Confidentiality Breach in 2023

According to sources who have knowledge of the report, criminal investigations into the will-writing company Rockwills Group have uncovered multiple breaches, infractions, and infringements of customer data and confidentiality. These findings were made public by the company.

The article, which was corroborated by two investigative journalists from The Edge, references several former employees on the problematic activities and lack of data protection since 2017 that the company has been engaging in 2017.

After multiple regulatory organizations were made aware of a violation of client confidentiality and corporate espionage committed by several high-ranking employees of Rockwills Group, a joint inquiry was begun in February 2022 as a result of an email leak. The email revealed that the Rockwills Group violated customer confidentiality.

The Personal Data Protection Act of 2010 makes it illegal for data users to disclose or make their data available to any third party without first obtaining the authorization of the individuals whose data is being used.

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Rockwills Group markets itself as an estate planning company and claims to employ more than 6000 people in this line of work. Will writing, trust services, and estate preparation are some of the other services they offer.

A review of the company’s Facebook page reveals a number of complaints posted by customers who are unhappy with the ways in which Rockwills Group does business.

“I am dealing with your team over handling my sister’s estate and found the team extremely unprofessional. We were not informed about the status and all transactions earlier. And suddenly sending an email demanding us to pay for the mortgage from July 2022 onwards on the 24th of June 2022!!! What nonsense is this? If you cannot manage and plan all these, why are you still charging admin fees and misleading the public to trust you to manage wills and estates? Utter failure!!”

As a result of Rockwills’ high-level workers continuing the unethical practice of releasing private and personal information about the company’s customers in a careless manner, the ongoing inquiry has named many employees, including from the Management Team, as well as a Head of Department and IT as responsible.

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The report also revealed that the stolen private and highly confidential data regarding the company’s customers include client names, addresses, identification card numbers, banking information, and even the contents of the will. This information was sold to third parties, including several funeral parlors at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, as the report stated.

According to a source for The Edge, numerous former employees of Rockwills Group have submitted complaints to the authorities regarding a variety of problematic activities within the company. Some of these problematic practices include pervasive racism, misogyny, and a lack of data protection.

Between March 2020 and June 2021, the persons who are the subject of the inquiry are suspected of conspiring to steal customer data and then selling the stolen information to a source that has not yet been revealed in exchange for substantial bribes.

Rockwills Group declined to comment when contacted.

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