Rohini Mundra: Fraudulent Mastermind Targeting Young Professionals

Rohini Mundra would likely target you if you are a young, well-off professional who frequently uses social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

A dream purchase from Rohini is a sure thing. She will make you believe you can achieve incredible wealth, and her crew will not stop influencing you until they have extracted every last cent from you.

I’m writing this because a close relative of mine was just taken in by Rohini’s sad plan. They would never have believed Rohini Mundra if they had understood what a con artist she is.

Rohini Mudra TEDx

If this post prevents even one person from falling for Rohini’s deceit, then it was worth writing. I’m a full-time student trying to pay for school by writing this helpful guide; I spent hours researching and writing it to help my fellow students save thousands of rupees.

I’ll explain several pieces of evidence that the Rohini Mundra scam is real.

Can We Trust Rohini Mundra? In a word, no!

My close friend’s family member isn’t the only one who’s been duped by Rohini. Hundreds more victims exist, some of whom have spoken out about their experiences.

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Rohini Mudra Review

Rohini’s team has published PR stories on major media websites like Hindustan Times to bury these, so you have probably never seen them. If word of the truth spreads, they know no one will fall for their scheme.

I’m going to submit all of their concerns and reviews here to make sure that they get the help they deserve. Right here is where they’ll finally see the light of day.

Rohini Mundra’s Team May Publish Fake Responses.

I found this out by reading the consumer complaints forum on Rohini Mundra.

Half a dozen false favorable comments were placed on that forum by the team responsible for marketing the Rohini fraud. Even if the original message was courteous, the comments were calling the author a troll and using profanity.

Even though I have no background in this, I can already tell that Rohini’s marketers are trying to derail this topic. Why? Simply put, they don’t want you to know the unpalatable facts I’m about to reveal. Take the feedback with a pinch of salt. Scammers would sink to whatever depth to steal from honest individuals like us.

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Rohini Mundra Fraud: The Whole Story

The public persona that Rohini actively promotes is opposed to the truth. She states that she has “impacted” lakhs of people and thousands of enterprises across seven nations on her website, I don’t even know what she means by “seven countries.” The idea that a petty con artist like Rohini could influence seven nations at once is laughable. This demonstrates what a bunch of idiots Rohini has worked for her.

You’ll find the link to Rohini’s TedX lecture if you scroll past the lovely black-and-white photo of her.

The general public tends to attribute extraordinary success to anyone who has given a TED talk, reasoning that TED wouldn’t invite someone who wasn’t already famous.


In reality, though, things are very different.

Rather than giving a “TED” talk, con artists like Rohini give a “TedX” talk. Although they share a name, there is a world of difference between the two.

TED v/s TEDx

Regular people like me can deliver TED talks; all we have to do is pay a fee to the TED crew. Absolutely of no worth.

But Rohini and her group make a great deal out of it in their advertising. The vast majority of people (99%) have no idea what sets TED apart from TEDx. The executives at TED, in my opinion, have purposefully made the difference so minimal that they can make a killing off of these fraud artists.

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Let’s return to Rohini’s terrible website design now.

You’ll be prompted to spend 500 on Rohini’s book “The 1% Club: 7 Hacks to an XtraOrdinary Life” when you scroll past the phony TED talk.

There are several reviews of the book available if you click the annoying “Buy Now @ INR 498” button. Listen to what I have to say. EVERY SINGLE REVIEW HERE WAS POSTED BY A FRIEND OR BRAINWASHED TARGET OF ROHINI!

Not convinced?

Let’s delve into the matter further.

The most popular review of the book on Amazon is a one-star review that considers it a knockoff.

Rohini Mudra Review

Among reviews of this book on Amazon, this one has received the most votes.

To avoid you seeing this, Rohini is now selling her book exclusively through her website, where she can choose to display positive reviews while hiding negative ones.

This is the classic con. She tries to bury the negative evaluations with the nice ones because she doesn’t want you to realize the truth.

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Stop The Rohini Mundra Ponzi Scheme!

Please assist me in stopping Mundra’s criminal activities if you have been a victim of her fraudulent scam.

Please forward this message to everyone you know who may fall prey to Rohini’s scam. You could prevent their utter financial and emotional devastation!

Please tell us about your ordeal if you are a victim. Scammers despise it when their victims (people like you and me) start spilling the beans about their schemes.

Conclusion: Rohini Mundra

Rohini Mundra is a con artist who preys on the naive. She employs a group of aggressive salespeople who will relentlessly email you until you give them thousands of rupees. While Rohini excels at basic motivating, she is a terrible business coach. As a professional instructor, she has very little experience, and her lessons are extremely general. Don’t have any contact with her.

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