Roostify Inc.: A Troubled Tech Company Exposed in Reviews

Roostify Inc is a San Francisco-based banking company. They are a top provider of home lending technology, and they say they make the lending process easier for different lenders.

The company wants to hire more people, so Ten Coves Capital gave it $32 million as part of its Series C funding round.

Roostify Inc. has been in business for a long time as a SaaS company. Their office is at 180 Howard St, San Francisco, CA, and you can reach them by calling 888-908-2470.

Roostify Inc. looks like a normal tech company at first, but it has a lot of problems. Their leaders have gotten a lot of criticism because they show too much favoritism and aren’t very good at what they do. Before you look into how much money Roostify Inc makes, you should read some of the Roostify Inc reviews that are on the web.

It would help you decide whether or not to do business with the company:

CEO of Roostify, Inc., Rajesh Bhat

Because of bad management and leadership, this company has heard a lot of complaints from its unhappy workers. Because of this, the company does its best not to say much about the top management.

Rajesh Bhat is the CEO of Roostify Inc. He is also a co-founder, and before starting this company, he was a senior associate at Pace Harmon, a consulting and advisory business. Before that, he had worked at Ernst & Young and Allolio & Konrad, among other places.

Eric Amblard is the CFO of the company, and Chris Boyle is in charge of home loans.

Most of the issues about this company are about its leaders, so it’s important to know who they are. As you read the Roostify reviews below, you’ll see why it was important to point out the problems with this company:

The leaders of Roostify Inc. do not care about their employees.

This review comes from a person who works at the company. The reviewer says that the people in charge at Roostify Inc don’t care about their workers. They say that one of the company’s core ideals, which is to put people first, is not being met.

Also, a lot of people come and go from the company. Many bright employees leave the company after a year because the top executives have made it a bad place to work.

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The company wastes money from investors and doesn’t have a plan.

In their review, the former employee of Roostify Inc. says that the product team and the senior team are the worst they have ever seen. They say that they’ve worked in the field for seven years and that the teams at this company were the worst they’ve ever seen.

The reviewer tells the company that they should pay attention to what their tech team says and look at what their competitors are doing. They left the company because it had the worst attitude of any small business they had ever seen.

Ignoring workers and giving them a bad place to work is a huge warning sign. Most of the time, it means that the top management is dishonest and doesn’t care much about the company’s growth, which is bad in a market where keeping good employees is key.

Think about the case of Trulieve Cannabis. The CEO of the company is being accused of public corruption and giving money to government officials. Their management gets a lot of bad feedback for taking advantage of its workers. Roostify, Inc. seems to be going in the same direction.

Hard Work is Not Appreciated

The writer says that this company’s biggest problems are bad management, not knowing where to go, and not working together. They point out that you don’t even know what some hired people do, and that some people who work here take their jobs for granted.

The writer points out that some of the staff only come to work a few times a year. Since they don’t do their jobs well, employees who work from home are much more effective than them. But, strangely, an employee whose job is to talk to clients can’t even converse well.

Still, these workers who don’t do much are paid a lot more than those who work hard. Also, the application and growth aren’t given enough attention. The reviewer says that bosses should start to appreciate employees who do their jobs well and meet the needs of the employees.

Bullying is a way of life at Roostify Inc.

This reviewer says there is no direction, no alignment, and no contact. The only time people talk is once a week when the leaders talk about all the cool things that are going to happen but never do.

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Also, people leave the company like rats leaving a ship that’s going down. But the managers can’t be replaced, so new employees are treated like trash. The writer says that you should think twice before working in such a toxic place.

Also, they show that some people managers are rude, hurtful, and out to get people. People aren’t treated the way they should be by the company.

Employees complain that Roostify’s leadership is flawed and not very strong.

This reviewer says that Roostify Inc’s leadership is weak and seems to think that sloppy work will somehow lead to success. Outside of the product group, there isn’t much leadership strength.

Also, the company always has trouble getting things done, and very few of its workers know anything about the industry. Because of these things, the staff spends a lot of time learning about the business.

For example, most of the top management has never worked in the banking business before, since most of them came from SaaS startups. If the company’s main market wasn’t the mortgage business, their experience with SaaS would have been helpful.

The reviewer says that the book doesn’t have a clear goal, but there is a lot of talk about expanding to other countries. These things can make the operation fail.

The reviewer says that strong women should stay away from the company because they will overwork them and not show any thanks. They also say that women are undervalued by those in charge.

The reviewer advises that Roostify admit that its leadership is weak and focuses on getting things done. They also say to pay attention to putting plans into action and understanding what the market wants.

Leaders tell employees lies and make empty promises.

This reviewer points out that it is very hard for the top executives of this company to switch their attention from the founding vision to the work that needs to be done to move on to the next step.

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They say that the most recent decisions have been made with short-term wins in mind instead of how they might affect the staff.

The company doesn’t make sure that the team has the tools it needs to do its job, and it also has standards that are too high. They ask the management to improve planning and set up reliable ways to carry out tasks, but their requests are ignored in favor of focusing on short-term gains.

Also, the company often lied to its employees about what it would do. They said they would do something, but when the team’s jobs were done, they didn’t follow through.

Also, there isn’t often direct communication with the workers who are affected. Most of the workers who were hurt were women.

Like other Roostify reviews, this one says that leaders should set standards that are based on reality. They also say that the team should make sure it has everything it needs.

A Roostify Inc. worker has lost faith in the company’s leadership.

The reviewer says that the top team is the worst they have ever worked with. None of them listen to what people say. Instead, they criticize their coworkers and can’t turn high-level ideas into action.

Most of the company’s tech jobs are sent to India, and the management is so bad that they can’t even understand what the product team tells them.

At first, the reviewer was hoping that things would get better, but the management only acts like they want to hear feedback when they ask for it. Everyone they know at the company is looking for work elsewhere.

They suggest that the company get rid of bad people who are in charge.

Roostify Inc. is a sloppy company that doesn’t know what it’s doing.

The reviewer says that the company doesn’t have enough different kinds of people working there, that the ratio of expert contractors to full-time engineers is crazy, that the open floor plan is very distracting, and that there’s no trust in the leadership.

Also, the result isn’t very good because of how badly they treat each other at work. Instead of taking responsibility for these problems, the company says they are the result of being a startup. They tell the company’s bosses to stop playing games because everyone can see right through them.

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Management at Roostify can’t listen to any feedback.

This former employee says that some of the workers at this company make it hard to work there. Also, the top management doesn’t want to clean up the mess made by their new developers because most of the managers don’t know much about the industry. The critic says that working at this place is like working at a circus.

They also say that the people in charge at this company can’t listen to any complaints.

The company talks badly about former workers

The reviewer says it’s not a good place to work if you want a broad team. Also, the people in charge won’t hire you or promote you if you don’t fit their very narrow idea of what makes a good culture fit.

The new management likes to waste time and make goals that can’t be reached.

They say that the company’s leaders shouldn’t bury their heads in the sand and go after people who point out problems. The reviewer says that the company’s management didn’t care that the team was made up of bright and passionate people.

Also, the company hires many foreign workers who don’t know enough about the business.


The tech company Roostify Inc. has a lot of problems. The company should first try to make itself more diverse and meet the wants of its workers.

Many reviewers say that the leaders don’t do enough to help minorities and are very closed-minded. These are not small problems, and we should talk about them.

Worse still, a lot of people who used to work for the company left because they lost faith in the leadership. It’s time for the top people at Roostify Inc to pay attention to these problems and start doing something about them.

It’s best not to do business with them until they change their rules to be more inclusive and employee-friendly.

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