Ruslan Varivonchik Exposed For Scamming 2500+ Innocents

Ruslan Varivonchik, the founder of the R2BC financial pyramid in the city of Ufa, collected large sums from 2500 people at 16% monthly, and there have been no conclusions for a year and a half, only one promise.

R2BC, an automated trading system, offered to passively earn a 16 percent return each month.

The minimum deposit of one depositor was from 50 thousand rubles + 10 thousand from each depositor for entering the system. Many have invested huge sums.

At the moment, depositors are going to submit applications for the initiation of a criminal case. Previously, the founder of this system had already been involved in fraud on a particularly large scale, but unfortunately he had to avoid punishment.

I have compiled all the evidence down below:

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