Russ Ruffino Review: Fake Guru Scamming Innocents 2023

Russ Ruffino is a scammer and this review has proved it. He has added fake positive reviews, has no credible information available, and is teaching an MLM scheme. I don’t recommend anyone to buy his Clients on Demand program. 

Marketing scams aren’t anything new. There are many self-proclaimed gurus who teach nothing but charge a lot. That’s the new scam of the industry. 

Such scams have been running for decades. Everyone wants to find out the secret to getting rich and these scammers capitalize on this general tendency. So when I discovered Russ Ruffino, I was very disappointed.

“Here was another self-proclaimed guru who sells an online product,” I thought to myself. However, when I looked into him, I discovered many horrific things. I have to admit, I was wrong. I underestimated Russ’s scam. He is charging $10,000+ and is selling a terrible product. 

That’s why I have written this Russ Ruffino review. It will help you make a better-informed decision about this product. 

“Russ is selling a $10,000+ program where he teaches you to hold webinars to teach others to hold webinars. There are many red flags in Clients on Demand and it is not recommended.”

Who is Russ Ruffino?

Russ Ruffino Clients On Demand 2023

If you go to Russ’s personal website ( and head to the ‘About’ page, you’ll get to see a few paragraphs talking about the history of Russ Ruffino. However, the only thing the ‘About’ page of Russ’s website tells you is that he sells the Clients on Demand program. 

There is no other information present about him. Russ conveniently turns what should be his bio into another pitch.

This is a common theme among online gurus. They either give a rags to riches story or give no background info at all. So, we don’t know what the qualifications of this guy are and what’s his experience with running online businesses. According to Russ, we should only take his word for it. 

All of this indicates that Russ actually has zero experience in running online businesses. If he was experienced enough, he could’ve shared that information, but because there isn’t anything to say, he remains silent. 

After all, why would someone not tell others about his/her past successes, especially when that person wants them to buy from him/her? If you have launched multiple online businesses in the past and want to teach others on how to run one, wouldn’t you mention your past ventures to showcase your expertise? 

So isn’t it suspicious that Russ doesn’t share any of his past successes except the only program he is running at the moment? 

There’s a lot more to uncover in this scam. We’re just getting started. 

What is the Clients on Demand Program?

Before I start discussing my experience with Clients on Demand, let me explain what Russ claims it to be. This way you can understand what a huge scam it is. 

Clients on Demand is a program that teaches you how to set up an online training business and generate an impressive income from it. It’s marketed as a very easy to follow program.

According to him, this program helps you find a specific audience for your business, according to your expertise and niche. The program should then help you target the most elite clients in your audience and thus, get the prices you desire. In theory, it seems a pretty viable and interesting business model.

Russ also claims that the people who have used this program have generated great sales on their first attempts. According to them, Russ’s team will help you in building your business from the ground up and help you organize webinars, set up Facebook ads, and attract audiences. 

Russ claims that he’s making more than $200,000 per month by using this same business model. As I said, in theory, this business model sounds excellent and is probably the biggest reason why we see so many webinar ads out there these days. 

I like how Russ says that he doesn’t like the “slow” method of online marketing, implying that his program offers “fast” results. Yet, he claims on his landing page that it’s not a ‘get rich quick scheme’. Hypocrite much Russ?

Now that I have given you a rundown of what this program is, let’s discuss my take on this. 

Clients on Demand Review: Why You Should Avoid It

This section of the article will help you understand why Clients on Demand is a scam. Russ Ruffinio is using mischievous marketing techniques to promote this over-priced product. I have divided my Clients on Demand review in the following sections: 


The program costs $10,000+ to enroll. Yes, that’s how much you need to pay Russ to help you set up your business. In my opinion, this is a terrible price point. Russ is demanding a huge commitment from you right at the start.

Not many people have this kind of cash lying around. I’m afraid that many people would’ve taken a loan to pay this huge fee. This is the biggest reason why I’ve written this review. As soon as you pay the $10,000+ fee, you’re trapped. Russ doesn’t care whether your business succeeds or not. You’ve already paid him more than ten grands. I don’t want people to get in debt just to pay off a scammer. 

Inexperienced Instructor:

As I have already established there’s no way to find out how experienced Russ truly is. The only venture he runs or has any experience with is Clients on Demand. So we can easily assume that he hasn’t worked on anything except this. Trusting him at this point seems like a poor choice.

However, dubious marketing tactics and sleazy copywriting can do wonders. And many people would get distracted by the $200,000+ income claim so they wouldn’t even notice this fact. 

No Address

This is another huge red flag. Russ’s COD doesn’t mention its registered address anywhere. It’s a sign of a scam. Otherwise, there’s no reason for Russ to hide his company’s address. An address helps you determine where the company is located and where its office is. Normally, companies don’t hesitate to mention where they are based. But Clients on Demand avoids mentioning its address anywhere. So you can’t actually check how many people are actually working at this company, or visit its office. Even the about page of the company fails to mention its location. It’s filled with similar fluff I found in the about page of Russ’s personal website. 

For a company that demands you to pay them $10,000 upfront, the least they can do is mention where they are based in. 

Selling an MLM Scheme

During the course, I realised that the marketing & sales techniques they were teaching were quite similar to MLM schemes. They teach you to hold webinars so you can teach other people to hold webinars. You’ll run Facebook ads to attract your audience and then you’ll teach them how to run Facebook ads to attract their audiences. It creates a chain of webinars and Facebook ads. Sounds familiar? This is the business model of MLM schemes. 

I’m not saying this is the only way to use the webinar-based business model. There are other ways too. For example, you can hold webinars to attract an audience and then sell a product to a segment of that audience. However, that’s not what these guys are teaching you here. 

Aggressive Sales

The sales guys at COD are very aggressive. They are probably the second-biggest reason why people are falling prey to this scam. Every sales guy is reading from a script and sounds very aggressive. Usually this sales tactic doesn’t work but it works in Russ’s case because the person they are contacting has already attended his webinar at some point. 

Fake Reviews on Trustpilot

I don’t know what to say about Trustpilot. It used to be a good platform where people left great reviews, but companies and scammers have started abusing it by adding fake reviews to enhance their reputation.

The Trustpilot page of Clients on Demand is filled with fake reviews as well. Most of the reviews are about praising this product. They don’t give any specific details about their experience with the program and simply claim “It changed my life” or “Best program”. You might ask, “How do you know those are fake reviews?”

Easy. Just look for the following signs whenever you have the suspicion:

  • Are there too many 5-star reviews? In the case of fake reviews, this number is in hundreds. 
  • Are the positive reviews vague? These reviews don’t provide any specific details and only praise the product in different ways. 
  • Have the reviewers only posted one or two reviews on the platform? Trustpilot lets you see how many reviews an account has posted there. If the number is one or two, it means the account was set up only to add a review on that page. 
  • Is the number of such accounts (accounts with one review) high? If the number of such accounts is very high, then it’s obvious that the reviews are fake. 

The Trustpilot page of Clients on Demand ticks all of these boxes. Their positive reviews are vague, the reviewers have added no other reviews on the platform, and they are in hundreds. 

Russ Ruffino Clients On Demand 2023 fake reviews

As you can see in the above reviews, they all provide no details about the program and simply praise the team or the product. Also, notice how they all have added only one review per account. There are hundreds of examples on Russ’s Trustpilot page. 

“Russ has added fake positive reviews on the internet to deceive people. “

Deceptive Marketing

Russ Ruffino tries all the techniques to win your trust. One of them is to make it seem like his company is bigger than it really is. When you visit the homepage, you see these pictures of Russ surrounded by many people:

However, when I looked up this company on LinkedIn, I didn’t find many people affiliated to this organisation. It’s clear that Russ is using deceptive marketing techniques to fool people here as well. If that’s not a red flag, then I don’t know what is. 

The only good thing about the Clients on Demand program is the good customer support it offers. Although Russ makes it seem like his company has a lot of people even when there aren’t, those few people try to do their best. I didn’t face any problems with the support staff of this company, which is a rare feat and deserves credit. But then there’s the fact that it’s the only good thing about this program. When you compare it with the numerous disadvantages it has, you realise that it’s not worth it at all. 

Other People’s Reviews of Clients on Demand

If you think I’m the only person complaining about COD, you’re mistaken. The internet is filled with numerous complaints and bad reviews of Russ’s program. In this section of my Clients on Demand review, I’ll discuss these reviews so you can see others’ opinions on this program too.

First Review:

The following is a Russ Ruffino review I found on a forum. This person is similar to me, i.e. they did their research and exposed the scam Russ has been running for years. The reviewer enrolled in the $12,000 program and the $30,000 program. Both of them were horrible. 

After their painful experience, they decided to raise some interesting questions, some of which I’ve already mentioned in my review here. However, I’ll point out all the things this reviewer has mentioned.

They first raise suspicion on the amount of customers Clients on Demand is attracting. COD used to claim that they were attracting 100 customers per month, so within two years they had scammed at least 2400 people. However, at the time of this review, there were only around 200 Trustpilot reviews on COD and they were all positive. This reviewer also suspected that Russ had added fake reviews to his COD page to seem convincing. 

Second Review:

The one I’m sharing below is a response to the complaint I mentioned above. This reviewer had also bought Russ’s program and their experience was terrible. They complain that Russ’s team has misled them about the investment they’ll need to run their business. Also, Russ kept urging them to buy a more expensive program to get the complete training. 

This reviewer pointed out the suspicious nature of Russ’s Trustpilot page too. They have also mentioned that the Facebook group of Clients on Demand has the same problem. Russ took down a negative review page in the past according to this reviewer. 

Third Review:

This Russ Ruffino review comes from Reddit. A person had asked on r/Entrepreneur, a Reddit community about entrepreneurship, about Russ’s program. This review was posted there as a comment there:

According to this person, they got $15,000 in debt to get this program and run the business COD’s staff were teaching them to run. They worked very hard but they couldn’t generate any positive results. When this person realised that they were scammed, they requested a refund. But like any other scammer, Russ doesn’t issue refunds. His staff made various excuses, blocked this reviewer, and kept all of their funds. 

It’s sad to read such experiences. These are real people who have suffered financial loss because of Russ’s scam. The worst of it all is that Russ is getting away with it. His scam is still attracting customers. 

Russ Ruffino Review: Conclusion 2023

I feel bad for those who have enrolled in Russ’s program in the past. Those people had great aspirations but Russ duped them and ruined their entrepreneurial dreams. 

This review is for anyone who was interested in Russ’s coaching. I don’t want others to fall prey to this scam.

On the other hand, if you have bought Clients on Demand in the past, feel free to share your experience in the comments. Feel free to share this review with others. Thanks for reading. 

3.2Expert Score

Russ Ruffino is a scammer and this review has proved it. He has added fake positive reviews, has no credible information available, and is teaching an MLM scheme. I don’t recommend anyone to buy his Clients on Demand program. 

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  1. This is the latest scam coming into existence where unauthorized teachers are educating people with accurate knowledge thus it’s time to beware of the latest scams.

  2. The online gurus keep bragging about their success and knowledge according to Russ Ruffino it is essential to make the necessary investigation before getting connected to this fake guru.

  3. The government should pay special attention to these market scams where people without any authorization are making fake educational knowledge and scamming people after not providing the required and valid information.

  4. I attended Russ Ruffino’s classes and regretted it a lot which was my biggest mistake of all time I lost my money and the most important thing was my time was discriminated against after taking his classes.

  5. Russ Ruffino is a complete scammer with all types of fake brags and no knowledge is being shared.

  6. His false and misleading brags were caught when one of the students asked him about his previous business ventures and wanted to see the proof of his successful firms but he didn’t reply to the question and made false faces.

  7. Every guru has some fake past that is never explored, and you will keep wasting time after following his false leads.

  8. People like Russ Ruffino keep making his users dark and none classes are impactfully focusing on the topics, most of the time he asks us to post positive reviews for promoting him.

  9. He is asking his students how to be part of the MLM scam and he is asking them to post positive reviews and no information related to his ventures is provided, #scammer.

  10. I will suggest you not invest in any of the ventures of Russ Ruffino, the educator is promoting his MLM schemes in the name of education thus making his users feel regret after completing the session.

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