Russian Charlatan Alexey Smirnikin’s Crypto Scam on Crypto Bridge update 2023

A Russian man named Alexey Smirnikin has made astounding claims about an upcoming event called Crypto Bridge 2022 – Summer Sprint. This is a legitimate hoax that is currently making the rounds on the internet.

Nobody is familiar with Alexey Smirnikin and nobody has heard anything about him. Publicity-seeking news releases now include the claim that they will reveal some previously unknown information. In addition to that, they assure us that we will receive a brand new Smarnika coin.

A scandal involving the Russian businessman Alexey Smirnikin rocked the world of cryptocurrency in 2022. The incident involved Alexey Smirnikin. Smirnikin had made claims that he would give solutions for secure cryptocurrency transactions, however, it was discovered that he was actually operating a scam on the widely used site Crypto Bridge.

As a result of the incident, many investors were left without their money, and concerns were raised regarding the safety and validity of the Bitcoin sector. This article will investigate the specifics of the cryptocurrency hoax perpetrated by Alexey Smirnikin, including its influence on investors and the cryptocurrency market as a whole.

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Alexey Smarnika had previously planned a similar event with the same name, which took place in Greece in the year 2019, and it was named after him. During that time period, the market for cryptocurrencies was seeing explosive growth.

In addition, this con artist planned a real-world seminar at which admission was restricted to those in possession of a valid badge. The event was advertised to wealthy tourists who wanted to participate in the bitcoin theme, thus they were encouraged to attend by local scouts.

The gathering more closely resembled a meeting of a clandestine poker club that took place in the 1930s. There was a private party held in the basement of a building, and guests were not permitted to use any electronic devices, including their smartphones.

The coins owned by Alexey Smirnikin have been turned into cash. Could you even fathom that happening? It was promised that everyone who attended the event and left their email addresses would receive a message with access to the addresses where these currencies were meant to be stored. On the other hand, nobody received any tokens.

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The world of cryptocurrencies has never witnessed an initial coin offering (ICO) that was simultaneously so foolish and so ingenious as this one.

Why was this possible and why should Alexey Smirnikin be avoided?

A con of this nature was successful, despite the absurdity of the circumstance as a whole. It boils down to Smirnikin’s magnetic personality, nothing else. He possesses an amazing amount of eccentricity in addition to the talent of being persuasive.

If you put him in the same category as the most accomplished presentation specialists in the corporate world, Steve Jobs would have been envious of this con artist’s abilities.

During one evening in 2019, while he was in Greece, he made off with $1.5 in cash. And he ran away in a direction that was not clear.

There is no documentation available that verifies an individual’s investments. The only thing that matters is the comments made by those in attendance.

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Alyosha can not be found on the internet, amongst other things.

Crypto Bridge 2022 — Summer sprint – SCAM by Alexey Smirnikin

In the accompanying press release, Smirnikin is referred to as “a modern-day Satoshi” and is also called a security specialist. In addition to that, he guarantees that he will expose the scam projects that are now available on the market. But Alexey himself is the only one running a scam.

This man’s conviction carries an unbelievable amount of weight with it. And what’s even more unbelievable is the total absence of any principles.

The seminar, even if it is offered free of charge, is a snare. After the session, individuals will learn that they have been scammed out of their money.

Stay away from the expert con artist Alexey Smirnikin if you care about the financial future of your business.

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