Ryan Kurkut Warned About His Arrest for Firearms

Ryan Kurkut has been apprehended for unlawfully possessing multiple guns. The following review provides additional information regarding the mistakes made by the individual in question: Following an investigation by Alberta Law Enforcement Teams (ALERT), a number of firearms were discovered at a residence in southwest Edmonton and a storage facility on Calgary Trail. On May 18, Ryan Kurkut and Alexander Kurkut were arrested as a result of this incident.

ALERT says that both brothers were not allowed to own guns for the rest of their lives at the time of their arrest because of past crimes.

At the same time in Fort McMurray, police arrested a different suspect who they said was carrying a gun with bullets when they caught him.

The police say that five firearms, a bulletproof vest, and drug trafficking tools were taken from Nicolas Moores’ home in southwest Edmonton. They also say that Moores is related to the brothers and that he lives in Fort McMurray.

The 23 things that go against Moores have to do with guns.

The Edmonton Police Service, RCMP ALERT Fort McMurray, RCMP Service Alberta Wood Buffalo, RCMP Service Alberta Vancouver, and Crime Stoppers are all part of the investigation.
The verdict on Ryan Kurkut: Supporters of the accused cheered and clapped after the verdict, which was made after about two and a half hours of discussion. The judge then gave a harsh warning.

Outside the courts, Ryan Kurkut’s happy friends picked him up and threw him into the air. After that, Kurkut gave Clayton Rice, the defense attorney, a hug and called him “the best lawyer in Canada.”

Ryan Kurkut was accused of trying to kill someone with a gun and beating someone up, but the jury of seven men and five women found him not guilty by a large majority.

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On March 24, 2012, early in the morning, kurkut was accused of shooting 24-year-old Fahad “Shaun” Qureshi from behind a car in a city parking lot.

Qureshi said in court on Monday that he spent a month in the hospital getting better after a.22-caliber bullet went through his head.

Qureshi told the jury that after Ryan Kurkut “confronted” him at the Starlite Room and hit him in the back of the head, he was walking through a parking lot at 100 Avenue and 102 Street when he heard his name. When he turned around, he saw a car’s rear window break and a gun come up.

Qureshi said, “I know it was him,” telling the judge that he caught a “short glance” of Ryan Kurkut when the defendant was sitting in the trunk and that Kurkut’s voice was the one that called out to him right before the incident.

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During an interrogation, Qureshi stated that he had informed the police at the hospital that he was not aware of the shooter’s identity. However, he mentioned the fact that he was high on drugs and upset over the situation.

When told that Ryan Kurkut was it, he said, “I know that.” When it said, “Yo, Shaun,” I knew it was him because I had heard it before. According to evidence from the car’s driver, Joshua Martinovic, Kurkut got into the car with what looked like something wrapped around his arm.

Martinovic said that after hearing yelling, he saw Ryan Kurkut leaning out the back passenger window with his arm “covered in a sweater” and then heard a “pop.”

Martinovic told cops many times that the shooter was a drug dealer, but he told the jury that his first lie was because he was “completely embarrassed and terrified” about himself and the people he killed.

Kurkut chose not to give any proof in his case.

Rice said in his closing statement that the court shouldn’t find Kurkut guilty because the government couldn’t prove without a question that he did something wrong.

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Ryan Kurkut

Rice told the jury that Qureshi had told police five days after the shooting that he didn’t know if Kurkut’s voice was the one he heard calling him right before he was shot.

Rice warned the jury not to trust Martinovic because he lies.

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