Ryan Tarjanyi Exposed in Multi-Million Pound Fraud Scandal: 2023 Update

It’s a story that has sent shockwaves through boardrooms and made investors question their trust. Once-famous businessman Ryan Tarjanyi is at the center of a multi-million-pound fraud scandal that has many people thinking about how such a scam could have happened. In this report from 2023, we look at the latest news about Tarjanyi’s fall and explain how it has affected those who were affected.

The Unraveling of a High-Flying Career

Ryan Tarjanyi’s rise to fame seemed like a classic example of how to get ahead in life. He began his work in a small way, but he had an entrepreneurial spirit that would lead him to the top of the business world. His businesses were in many different fields, from technology to real estate, and he quickly got a name for being a smart and successful investor.

But, as is often the case, being successful can make people lazy. The size of Tarjanyi’s empire grew quickly, and so did the desire to cut corners and change numbers to make money for himself. Here is where the story starts to form.

The Fraud Unveiled

The first people to find out about the strange things going on with Ryan Tarjanyi’s money were a team of persistent reporters. Their hard work uncovered a complicated web of lies and showed that a long-running scam had been carefully planned.

The investigation found proof of fake papers, fake transactions, and the transfer of money to accounts in other countries. As more and more lies were revealed, it became clear that Tarjanyi had set up a complicated plan to make himself rich at the cost of his investors.

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The Fallout: Victims Left in Financial Ruin

When people heard about Tarjanyi’s fraud, it sent shockwaves through the financial world. Investors who had put their money in him because he seemed to have a golden touch are now very sad. Many people had put their life savings, retirement funds, and even money they had borrowed into his businesses, only to lose everything.

Even small businesses were hurt by Tarjanyi’s schemes. Suppliers and partners who had counted on his promises now face an uncertain future because of their ties to the disgraced businessman.

Ryan Tarjanyi Report

In 2019, FINRA began to look into how Tarjanyi makes sales. At the time, Bankers Life Securities said that customers had complained about Tarjanyi. Among other things, they said that information on an insurance application and an annuity exit form had been forged or made up.

Rule 8210 of FINRA says that member firms and people who work with them must give information and testify to FINRA during a review or investigation. Rule 8210 says that FINRA staff can ask associated people to testify under oath “about any matter that is part of the investigation.” Along with the duty to speak comes the duty to tell the truth. Rule 2010 of FINRA says that all FINRA members and people who work with them must follow high standards of business ethics and fair and just business practices. It is against FINRA Rules 8210 and 2010 to give FINRA false or inaccurate information.

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As part of their investigation and in accordance with FINRA Rule 8210, FINRA staff took Tarjanyi’s under-oath statement on February 20, 2020. During his on-the-record statement, Tarjanyi gave wrong answers when asked about a customer’s signing of a partial withdrawal form for an annuity.
Tarjanyi broke FINRA Rules 8210 and 2010 as a result.

Penalties, Punishments & Sanctions


Respondent knows that if he is banned or suspended from working with any FINRA member, he is subject to a statutory disqualification, as stated in Article III, Section 4 of FINRA’s By-Laws, which includes Section 3(a)(39) of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. During the time he is barred or suspended, he can’t work for or with any FINRA member in any way, even in a clerical or religious position. See Rules 8310 and 8311 of the FINRA.

Ryan Tarjanyi Review

Tarjanyi provided inaccurate information during on-the-record testimony regarding a customer’s execution of an annuity partial withdrawal form, in violation of FINRA Rules 8210 and 2010.

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How To Spot A Fraud Finance Advisor

Spot Fake Financial Advisors

Help For Victims Of Ryan Tarjanyi

If you lost money because Ryan Tarjanyi lied to you, sold you bad investments, or gave you bad advice about how to spend, you can get your money back. Then you can go to court and get what’s right. Fraud, bad behavior, and not doing what you’re supposed to do should not be taken easily, especially in this business. If your financial advisor or brokerage company doesn’t follow FINRA’s rules and regulations, you should tell the authorities or go to court.

Financial advisors are required by law and regulation to suggest to their clients the best investments and investment plans. Their suggestions should be in the best interest of their clients and fit with their goals and wants. In the same way, the brokerage company that hires financial advisors has a legal and regulatory duty to keep a close eye on and oversee their practices and behavior.

They need to make sure that the financial expert isn’t trying to trick them or isn’t favoring certain investments for no good reason. If the financial advisor or brokerage company doesn’t do these things, the client or customer may be able to get all or some of their money back.

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Financial advisors need to have the interest of their clients when giving suggestions related to investments and investment strategies. Reasonable basis suitability requires the advisor to do their best to analyze & identify the risks and rewards associated with their suggested investment and/or investment strategy.

Lessons Learned and Moving Forward

The Ryan Tarjanyi fraud scandal is a stark warning of how important it is in business to be alert and careful. It shows how dangerous unchecked desire can be and how bad the effects of lying can be.

As the legal battles go on and the people who were hurt try to put their lives back together, it is our job as a whole to learn from what happened. Our deeds must be based on transparency, accountability, and a commitment to doing the right thing so that the mistakes of the past don’t happen again.

The Ryan Tarjanyi fraud scandal will definitely go down in history as a lesson to be learned. It will tell us that our financial systems need to be honest and trustworthy. Let it be a call to action for change and a renewed resolve to do business in an honest way so that we can move forward with confidence and protect the interests of everyone who trusts our financial institutions.

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