Samuel Hagai Accused of Scam by Multiple Customers

Samuel Hagai Art has been accused of scamming and defrauding multiple customers, as evidenced by their reviews. He sells his artworks under multiple aliases, including and Samuel Art.

Samuel Hagai Art is an artist from Israel, a country that is well-known among art enthusiasts. Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are highly regarded for their art market. Tel Aviv is home to several renowned art galleries, such as Litvak Gallery, Alon Segev Gallery, Gordon Gallery, Stern Gallery, and Artspace Tel Aviv.

The US Justice Department has listed art crime as a highly profitable global criminal trade, which is quite intriguing. In terms of profits, it ranks third after drugs and arms.

Art crime, which encompasses theft, fraud, looting, and trafficking, results in an annual loss of $8 billion.

Art Reviews by Samuel Hagai: Perspectives from the Victims

Numerous online reviews reveal the dubious practices of Samuel Hagai and his unscrupulous art enterprise.

The reviewer mentioned that they sent a payment and waited for 9 months. However, Samuel ceased all communication and retained their payment of $4,000. Unfortunately, there is dishonesty in the art community, as some people say.

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Robert emphasized that he had placed his trust in Samuel Hagai Art and had paid him in advance. Unfortunately, Samuel sent the incorrect item and ceased all communication with the recipient.

Since that time, he has been disregarding their phone calls and emails. After receiving the payment, Samuel sent him the worst fake. Samuel blocked him when he tried to discuss it with him.

According to the reviewer, the individual in question is indeed a scammer who is tarnishing the reputation of their country. In his review, he concludes by expressing his disappointment towards the occurrence of such scams.

Samuel Hagai is an artist whose work is worth exploring

He has had many highlights in his artistic career. In 2014, he was invited to showcase his work through the Art People Gallery at SNAC EXPO, as stated in his online bios.

In the past, Macy’s commissioned him to create artwork for a Christmas promotion.

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His paintings were displayed in top-tier department stores for two months.

Samuel Hagai Art worked at the US Air Force Base in New Jersey in 2017. He created four murals in that location and subsequently organized a solo exhibition in West Village, New York.

He exhibited his artwork solo at Basquala Art and Biderman Gallery in both 2015 and 2018. His paintings are still on display at the place.

According to his online profile, he has transitioned to a career in teaching and is currently leading painting workshops at Kibbutzim College of Education.

It’s no surprise that his services garnered a lot of interest from people. One wouldn’t anticipate that an individual with such an outstanding track record would engage in fraudulent behavior toward oneself. Regrettably, the victims were unaware of his malevolent intentions.


Based on the aforementioned points, it appears evident that Samuel Hagai is engaging in fraudulent activities.

He has been the subject of several complaints due to his failure to fulfill paid commissions and his fraudulent activities toward consumers. Several victims incurred losses amounting to thousands of dollars.

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It is important to acknowledge that there may be many more victims who have not shared their experiences online. Two examples are David Ruiz de Leon and Luiz Goes.

One should refrain from engaging with this scammer. I would advise against conducting any business with Samuel Hagai Art.

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