Satvir Singh Birk: From Stealing $800K to Using Illegal Methods to Erase Crimes

Satvir Singh Birk used to be a financial advisor. In 2018, he went to jail after pleading guilty to stealing $800,000 from his clients.

Birk took a different method than most people who try to start over by changing the way they act after committing financial fraud.

After he was found guilty, his lawyers started removing stories from the internet by using illegal ways to market.

More information about Satvir Singh Birk’s case of fraud

Two and a half years in jail was the sentence. Satvir Singh Birk was from the Gold Coast, and the Southport District Court was where he got his term. The probe was done by ASIC, which is the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

In a statement, they said that what he did was dishonest and broke his client’s trust.

But this wasn’t the first time ASIC had accused him of theft. In July 2016, he was charged with theft after the ASIC looked into him. But he was able to get out of jail after meeting a few requirements.

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The charges against him are for things he did between September 2010 and October 2011. At the time, Satvir Singh Birk worked for a company that helped people invest their money.

When the company told ASIC about his shady behavior, they began to look into him.

Several things were said about the former financial planner. ASIC said that he was using his job to take checks out of his client’s retirement account without permission.

He also tricked many clients into using the money in their retirement accounts and investing in a plan that was against the law.

Also, he was accused of sending money from a client to his father.

But this isn’t the end of the story.

Satvir Singh Birk didn’t want other people to know about his bad past, it seems.

Taking Down News Stories with Fake DMCAs

Satvir didn’t spend a long time in jail after he was found guilty. The term let him out of jail after only 4 months as long as he was good for the next 2 and a half years.

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So, he was out pretty fast.

Satvir’s scams had been written about in the news, but he didn’t want people to know.

So he started putting up fake DMCA notices on these stories. When someone copies the original material, posts it on their website, and then claims to be the original owner, this is a fake DMCA notice.

It’s against the law to use it as a business strategy, but scammers and other criminals do it all the time. Criminals use this method to get rid of any online mentions of their shady activities.

For example, Margex is a shady forex company that used this method to get rid of bad reviews on the internet.

Satvir Singh Birk seems to have put up a lot of fake DMCA warnings. Here’s an example:

As you can see, he used a fake website that tried to look like a big news source. Since his conviction, he (or his people) has done this a lot of times.

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Keep in mind that it is fraud, perjury, and impersonation to post fake DMCA complaints.


After reading the above, it’s clear that Satvir Singh Birk is a bad person. Not only did he take part in shady plans to steal money, but he also used illegal marketing methods to clear his name.

Be careful of him and anyone else he is with. A lot of con artists use these kinds of tricks to trick people. When dealing with them, you should be very careful.

For example, Patokh Chodiev is a very well-known oligarch who has a long past of doing bad things. Since nothing was done to stop him, he never stopped doing shady things.

So, you should be very careful when you deal with Satvir Singh Birk.

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