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Commercial loans are provided by Crestmont Capital, which has its headquarters in Irvine, California. The company has a well-deserved reputation for spamming customers and poorly treating customers. Their salespeople have a reputation for telling lies to customers and belittling them if the customer decides not to take advantage of the offer.

To enhance its reputation, this company engages in a large number of unethical marketing practices. Find out what other people who have done business with them have to say about them before you even contemplate doing business with them:

About the CEO of Crestmont

Since 2015, Gregory Keleshian has served as the Chief Executive Officer of Crestmont Capital. When he became the boss of the company, he did not have any prior experience working in the financial field. He was completely inexperienced.

Crestmont Capital is lying to you

Crestmont Capital asserts that it places a priority on assisting its clients. However, based on what the customers have said, the employees at this company are impersonators and spammers who would do anything they can to get their hands on your money.

As I was doing research on this particular lending company, I came upon a forum where people were discussing Crestmont Capital. Several individuals were discussing a person identified as Bruce, who asserted that they were employed by this company.

Either the company does not understand how to communicate with customers and resorts to spamming them, or other con artists are utilizing the company’s name in an attempt to attract unsuspecting victims.

It’s possible that at first, I assumed it was the former, but when I did further research on this company, it became abundantly clear that Crestmont Capital was the company in question.

Many customers are also venting their frustrations on other review websites, in addition to this one, regarding the unethical business tactics of this company. Additionally, a few of them have brought to light the questionable advertising practices of Crestmont Capital.

They describe how this business deceives unsuspecting customers into believing them by using phony reviews on their website. I’m going to run down a few of those complaints here in order to assist you have a better grasp of the situation:

Removing a Client’s Complaint Three Times

Hamed reveals that he had written an unfavorable assessment of the lending company in April 2020 and uploaded it on Trustpilot; however, the website removed the review. Therefore, he submitted it once more in May, only to have it disappear a few days later this time.

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Hamed explains that he tried to post his complaint about the company on the site three different times, but each time it was deleted. He claims that you should not put your faith in Crestmont or Trustpilot. Additionally, he awards Crestmont Capital a single star out of a possible five for each and every category, such as “Time in Business” and “Conflict of Interest.”

Lied to Get a Complaint Removed

This Trustpilot reviewer had previously lodged a complaint against Crestmont Capital, but the lender refuted the claim by stating that they were unable to locate the reviewer in their database.

On the other hand, it turned out to be a false accusation that was made in order to get rid of a legitimate complaint on the wrongdoings of the company. As a reply, the reviewer instantly offered Trustpilot evidence that they had made the purchase in question.

He draws attention to the fact that Crestmont Capital employs this strategy in response to each poor assessment. They make the accusation that it is fraudulent in the hopes that the review platform would remove it. Additionally, in many instances, individuals do not bother to take the effort to refute this assertion. As a result, review websites take down their users’ complaints from their own websites.

According to the reviewer, you should look for an alternative to spending your time with this company and locate someone who is more qualified.

Crestmont Capital is Using Fake Reviews (Exposed by Consumers)

This critic claims that most positive reviews of this lending company are spam. Out of curiosity, they looked up this corporation after receiving an email concerning business funding.

The reviewer discovered mainly positive ratings from temporary accounts. They posted one or two reviews on the platform. Most accounts complimenting this firm also gave the Travel Inn in Washington positive evaluations.

Besides sharing reviewers, these firms are unrelated. Crestmont Capital paid marketers to publish phony business directory reviews to increase its reputation. Shady finance companies often utilize this strategy.

Oxford Gold Group in Beverly Hills fakes positive ratings to attract customers. They don’t care that it’s unethical and malicious.

Avoid companies that use such deplorable marketing methods. Bad firms need to deceive customers. Thus, Crestmont Capital is untrustworthy.

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Lawsuits Crestmont Capital is involved in:

Crestmont Capital has troubles with customers and other businesses. They’ve covered P.A.R. Consulting, LLC lawsuits for years.

In 2020, an intellectual property lawsuit was terminated.

Crestmont Capital sued this firm first. Later, PAR Consulting LLC sued lending firm CEO Gregory Keleshian.

How Crestmont Capital is Abusing Their BBB Accreditation To Mislead Customers

Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a popular consumer platform where customers may research companies. They base this on BBB business ratings.

Most don’t aware BBB ratings are unethical.

BBB-accredited businesses get A or A+ ratings. The BBB charges $10,000+ every year to accredited businesses. Thus, a BBB certification is a paid member of the site that makes you look good.

BBB accreditation boosts credibility and consumer acquisition.

CNN revealed it. BBB-accredited Crestmont Capital. They’re great, don’t they?

Their paid profile has a 3.22 Customer Reviews rating from dissatisfied customers. It may have been lower without accreditation.

Crestmont isn’t well-liked elsewhere. 23% on RepDigger.

21 recommend this business and 196 don’t. This corporation utilizes unethical practices instead of improving. The company clearly doesn’t care about customers.

Avoid Crestmont Capital Careers, According to its Employee

Crestmont Capital Insults Customers, Behaves Unprofessionally

Hamed says the company is unprofessional when you reject their offer. He borrowed $100,000 daily with 33% interest. Travis Gerlach, the corporate spokesman, said Hamed was mistaken and “doesn’t know how to calculate a simple interest rate”.

Insulting a potential client is also unprofessional. Hamed declined Crestmont’s offer, citing better options. Travis said, “What COVID-19 offers do you have?” Travis openly asked Hamed why he applied with Crestmont when he knew they would give 15% interest when he had an 8% Chase line.

Hamed agrees with Travis. His potential business should not have “bothered” his corporation. He should have searched “Crestmont Capital reviews” online.

Hamed lists this firm’s issues. First, the corporation shouldn’t offend its clients. Second, with $180,000 in A/R, a $100,000 approval on stringent daily payments for 8 months makes little sense.

Third, don’t take the rejection of your company’s ludicrous offer personally. Hamed notes that Crestmont Capital can reject clients who don’t qualify, but customers can reject their offerings if they don’t make sense.

They Make Disrespectful Remarks if You Decline Their Offers

David’s company sought a loan from this firm. His original payment paperwork were sparse.

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Monthly payments of $207–251 were expected. The payment and 5.5% interest were unknown.

He received many emails to view the loan documentation after a week. After eight days, the firm representative followed up.

David told the firm rep that he couldn’t sign the contracts without understanding the loan and payment plan. Crestmont answered, “Thank you for not wasting any more of our time”.

How could David not pay $251.90?

David wonders how he wasted the firm’s time. If they had explained the offer properly, he might have taken the loan. The reaction was unprofessional.

Lie to Customers and Treat You Terribly

Eddie’s application for a loan was successful, and Alex at Crestmont was very kind to him throughout the process. However, Eddie’s nightmarish experience didn’t start until after he had received the money from this company.

It was a loan with a short repayment period of twenty days. Alex had initially informed him that they report to all of the business credit bureaus and had further emphasized that they record each payment on a daily basis.

Absolutely nothing of the sort took place. After that, Alex informed Eddie that after a specific date, he would receive $375 in daily compensation. However, Eddie did not start receiving his daily payment of $375 until some time after he had received the money. In addition, they informed him that if he makes all of his payments on schedule for the next ten days, he will be eligible to refinance the loan and receive additional money at a better interest rate.

However, that did not take place.

Alex was constantly finding lame reasons to postpone everything. Because of this, Eddie was forced to retain the services of an attorney.

After hearing this, Alex and his coworkers at Crestmont Capital began to give Eddie the impression that they were going to fulfill their promises. They requested that he remove his negative review and assured him that they will address any and all concerns.

Eddie performed what was asked of him, but they did not. As soon as Eddie put his complaint in writing, they started making excuses for themselves.

Alex provided Eddie with a phone number to contact and identified him as the “lender” throughout their conversation. Eddie was taken aback by this information because it indicated that Crestmont Capital is not a legitimate lending company. It is a corporation that acts as a broker.

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In addition to that, the individual with whom he spoke was not a lending institution. Eddie was the target of continual insults from a person who lacked professionalism due to the fact that he had contacted an attorney and lodged a complaint about the firm.

There have been many occasions on which Eddie has put in a request to speak with higher-ups at Crestmont. But it never happens. He claims that the employees who work at Crestmont Capita speak quickly, making it impossible to ask the appropriate questions. If you ask a question, they will stall in responding or act as though you should already know the answer.

Crestmont Capital review

The loan Officer Kept Pressurizing the Client into Getting a Loan from Crestmont Capital

Crestmont Capital review

Jessica reveals that she did not approve their loan request since she came across a more favorable offer. Because of this, one of the loan officials at Crestmont started texting her and told her that she had made a terrible error by choosing to go with a different lender.

He continued to text her for the next 20 minutes, urging her to pick up her phone when he called. She begged him to cease messaging her on four separate occasions since she was content with the loan she obtained from Avant. In response, he advised her to pick up her phone and call the person back.

According to Jessica, it is a really foolish and rude action on their part to act in such a way.

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Crestmont Capital review is that Crestmont Capital is an awful lender. Only call this company if you are interested in receiving insults in addition to ludicrous offers and unprofessional behavior. In that case, it is strongly recommended that you steer clear of collaborating with them. This recommendation is not coming from me; rather, it is coming from the clients of this company.

Additionally, they have a well-deserved reputation for spamming people, so communicating with them is done at your own peril.

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