“Exposed: Sports Betting Scam by Billy Giakatis AKA William Giakatis – Federal Charges Filed in 2023!”

Billy Giakaits, also known as William Giakatis and referred to by his nickname Will G, has allegedly been taken out. It’s possible that the person responsible for one of the largest cons in the history of online sports betting will be brought to prison. Pick Professor Inc.

On Wednesday, federal officials allegedly charged a sham sports bettor known as “Will G” with 17 counts of fraud involving amounts greater than $5,000. Billy Giakatis, also known as William Giakatis, was active on many “pick plug” profiles across various social media platforms between the years 2018 and 2021.

Con artists have been taking advantage of those who wager on sports for decades, and they show no indication of stopping. Sadly, every year a considerable number of people wind up losing a significant amount of money as a result of falling prey to these scams.

In 2023, federal charges were brought against Billy Giakatis, also known as William Giakatis, for his alleged participation in a scheme involving sports betting. Billy Giakatis also goes by the name William Giakatis. This article will get into the specifics of the con, the charges that have been brought against Giakatis, and the potential repercussions that his actions may have caused.

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William Giakatis Prison Story

In the event that Billy Giakatis is found guilty, he might be sentenced to a maximum of five years in federal prison. Reporters and other investigators tried to contact William Giakatis through phone and email, but he did not respond to their messages.

As of the 9th of March, 2021, it is alleged that Giakatis has defrauded over 38 separate persons for a total of more than $450,000. When his victims confronted him about the scams, he texted several of the victims the following statements: “I will enter your home as you sleep and kill you.” “Your entire family will be beheaded and burned alive.” “Watch your back, you’re a dead man walking.”

In his affidavit, Giakatis states that “His substantial and persistent online fraudulent Instagram posts suggest that he may have scammed and then threatened his followers who had invested money or bought picks where he had unsuccessfully predicted the outcome and lost money.

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The Financial Crimes Division stated in an affidavit that the email address associated with Giakatis was used to register the fraudulent Instagram account that was used in the scheme. According to the allegations contained in the lawsuit, the Instagram account @pickplug is responsible for sending around 38 messages to followers who were not aware that they were being targeted in an attempt to con them into participating in a fraudulent investment scheme and stealing their money.

Billy Giakatis became well-known in the world of people who bet on sports and was profiled online when it was reported that he had won many high-dollar parlay bets, but it was later discovered that the photographs depicting his victories had been doctored, and after he posted on Instagram while riding in exotic automobiles and living in mansions.

Before you waste your hard-earned money on baseless boasts, this is a gentle reminder that you shouldn’t believe everything you read on social media and that you should perform your own research as part of your due diligence.

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On Wednesday, his @pickplug Instagram account was still active, and it included pictures about his victories and his extravagant lifestyle. All of these depictions were completely fictitious, and they were created with the intention of defrauding the general public out of their money. It turned out that he was not who he claimed to be, and after tallying up his overall results from betting on sports, it was determined that he had a negative net profit.

The Sports Betting Scam

The scheme involving sports betting in which Giakatis is suspected of being involved is a common one. People who are interested in sports betting are often the victims of these cons, who are lured in with the promise of high profits on their investments.

In the instance of Giakatis, the fraud consisted of persuading victims to invest money in sports betting with the promise of significant returns on their investments. However, when the money was deposited, the victims were allegedly given incorrect information regarding the results of the bets, which caused them to lose their investments. It is also alleged that this information was intentionally presented to the victims.

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The Allegations Against Giakatis

Giakatis is facing very significant claims in this case. It has been alleged that he participated in a conspiracy to commit wire fraud, that he laundered money, and that he committed other crimes associated with these activities. The sports betting scam that Giakatis and his friends perpetrated resulted in victims losing considerable sums of money, according to the reports.

After conducting an investigation into the matter, federal officials decided to press charges against Giakatis. Phone records and other financial documents were apparently found during the investigation, which led to the conclusion that Giakatis was involved in the hoax.

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