SD Bullion: Allegations of Counterfeit Products and Unethical Practices

SD Bullion is an esteemed e-commerce platform that specializes in offering a wide range of gold, silver, and platinum products to its customers. Nevertheless, they are not your typical precious metal traders.

Although it may appear to be a straightforward gold and silver trading company, this particular establishment has gained notoriety within the industry. Numerous consumers have voiced their grievances regarding the company’s questionable business practices, subpar customer support, and apparent disregard for their concerns.

There have been complaints from certain consumers regarding the overcharging and distribution of counterfeit products by this particular dealer.

Before making any purchasing or selling decisions, it is advisable to peruse the feedback provided by their clientele.

What is SD Bullion?

SD Bullion is a precious metals dealer that offers a wide range of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products for investors and collectors. SD Bullion is a well-established dealer of precious metals, having been in operation since 2012. The company asserts its position as a top bullion dealer with competitive pricing, despite some customers expressing dissenting opinions.

Tyler Wall serves as the Chief Executive Officer of SD Bullion.

You may reach out to them at 800-294-8732 during their business hours, which are from 8 AM to 6 PM on all business days except Fridays. The office’s operational hours on Fridays conclude at 5 PM.

The company specializes in a diverse range of gold and silver products, encompassing bars and coins. In addition, the company engages in the purchase and sale of platinum coins and bars.

The website offers a wide range of products including US Gold Eagles, Australian Gold Coins, British Gold Coins, Gold Maple Leafs, US Silver Eagles, 90% Junk Silver, 1 oz Silver Rounds, and several others. In addition to their product offerings, the website provides valuable information resources about gold and silver.

Despite their assertion of having achieved over $1 billion in sales, the numerous reviews of SD Bullion present a contrasting narrative. Initially, there have been reports from consumers regarding the receipt of counterfeit products from this particular dealer. This firm has been subject to complaints regarding allegations of harassment and unethical business practices.

Before delving into the various complaints lodged against SD Bullion on the internet, it is pertinent to first examine a recent legal action taken against the company.

Sanchez vs. SD Bullion, Inc. Lawsuit

In March of this year, Christian Sanchez lodged a legal complaint in a New York Federal court against SD Bullion Inc. The complaint pertained to the company’s website, which was found to be non-compliant with the WCAG 2.0 and WCAG 2.1 accessibility standards.

In his complaint, Christian has brought to light several concerns, including the absence of alt-text on websites. To ensure web accessibility, each image must be accompanied by alt-text. This enables screen-reading software to audibly convey the content of the image to individuals with disabilities.

It is imperative to note that captcha prompts necessitate the inclusion of alt-text. The feature in question does not alter the appearance of the image in any way. Rather, it introduces a text box that appears upon hovering the cursor over the image. The absence of alt-text on the bullion dealer’s website hinders the ability of screen readers to provide descriptions of the visual content.

The SD Bullion lawsuit has brought to light yet another accessibility concern, namely the presence of empty links lacking descriptive text. Links that utilize this technique conceal the link’s intention from the user, which can pose challenges for individuals who rely on screen readers to navigate the website.

The website contained duplicate links that were positioned nearby and directed to the same URL. This contributes to the users’ concerns regarding navigation. The website of the bullion dealer contains linked images that lack alt-text.

In situations like these, the functionality of the link cannot be conveyed to the user by a screen reader.

To the layperson, these concerns may appear insignificant. The matter of accessibility is of significant concern. It is imperative to acknowledge that a significant portion of the American population, approximately 7.5 million individuals, depend on screen readers to navigate the internet. Therefore, the absence of fundamental accessibility features can be regarded as a type of discrimination.

It is worth noting that SD Bullion has been in operation since 2012. The website has been in existence for almost ten years, providing ample time to ensure its accessibility to all users. Ensuring that your website is accessible to screen readers doesn’t require a significant amount of effort. However, it appears that Tyler Wall has neglected to prioritize this aspect of website design.

Customer Feedback Regarding SD Bullion: Allegations of Counterfeit Silver.

Reddit is a widely-used social media platform that enables users to pose inquiries within various interest-based communities. One frequently searched query among individuals who are interested in this particular online bullion dealer pertains to the legitimacy of SD Bullion on Reddit.

It is presumed that there are ongoing discussions in that particular location.

The discovery I made was quite startling, to put it mildly. It has been discovered that SD Bullion has been distributing counterfeit silver to its customers.

A query was raised by a Reddit user regarding the authenticity of silver sold by a certain bullion dealer under the title “Fake silver from SD Bullion?”. The user shared a series of four images showcasing the silver coin that was received from the dealer.

As evidenced by the accompanying images, the coin in question was observed to exhibit magnetic properties, as a magnet was observed to adhere to its surface.

It is important to note that silver is not a magnetic metal and therefore, a silver coin should not attract a magnet.

It has been reported that the user received a counterfeit coin from SD Bullion. The customer’s grievance regarding the counterfeit coin was met with a rather disappointing resolution. The company’s offer of a mere 10% discount coupon for the next purchase failed to address the issue at hand. The statement appears to be concise and conclusive.

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Despite the significant investment made by the customer on their website, they were unfortunately not able to receive any form of compensation or partial refund from the service provider. Alternatively, the individual could have opted to exchange the coin in question, given that they were responsible for selling a counterfeit item.

Numerous individuals have expressed their apprehensions regarding this careless mistake.

Several users have expressed their lack of trust in SD Bullion. One possible option that was recommended is to visit a nearby bullion dealer or the US Gold Bureau.

If you are curious about the legitimacy of SD Bullion on Reddit, let me provide some insights. Regrettably, the response is negative.

In addition to the precious metal trading circles, the clientele of this particular dealer has expressed dissatisfaction with the quality of service provided. To provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the trading experience with SD Bullion, I have compiled a selection of reviews sourced from various online platforms.

According to SD Bullion, the package has been delivered, but the client claims to have not received it.

On February 22, 2021, a complaint was posted by the reviewer. There seems to be a discrepancy between the customer’s claim of not receiving the package and the website’s record of delivery to an individual.

The package in question was ordered from SD Bullion on February 1st, 2021, with an expected delivery date of February 21st, 2021, as reported by the reviewer. On the 20th of February 2021, the reviewer was notified by SDB that the product had been delivered at 4:19.

According to the user’s review, they have installed the Ringer app and it has verified that there was no delivery made at their doorstep. Upon conversing with the mail carrier, it was revealed that the package in question was neither deposited at the recipient’s residence nor handed over to any individual.

The customer had placed an order for a 2.5g PAMP Suisse Lady Fortuna gold bar and a 5g gold bar.

The customer has expressed their desire for a complete refund, a replacement, or a store credit. The customer expressed their preference for a replacement as they had initially purchased the products for investment purposes.

Upon further examination of SD Bullion reviews on both BBB and Google, it becomes apparent that some customers have reported receiving counterfeit products or experiencing issues with delivery.

The customer was overcharged and unfortunately, no action was taken to address and resolve the issue.

Several customers have filed complaints about overcharges on SD Bullion’s platform. This is one of those.

As per the reviewer’s assessment, SDB has been implicated in engaging in unethical business practices. An additional fee of $40.00 was levied upon the reviewer. Upon attempting to purchase a $950 piece of gold bullion, the reviewer was charged $990 by the dealer.

In addition, upon the reviewer’s request to modify the overall amount, they declined to do so. The customer service representative provided an unhelpful response, stating that there were no available solutions. Additionally, the representative declined the request to speak with a supervisor.

It is not recommended to collaborate with this particular dealer.

The customer received fewer products than what they had ordered, but the company refused to acknowledge their mistake and accept responsibility for it.

As per the client’s statement, they have procured gold, silver, and platinum from the aforementioned company. The package that was received was found to be lacking 4g of platinum.

The reviewer reached out to SD Bullion’s customer service team regarding their missing item. The representative informed the reviewer that they would need to provide evidence of the missing item while they investigate the matter by reviewing their video footage. The reviewer expresses apprehension about having lost their funds to SDB.

Failed to Charge the Customer, Started Calling them a Fraudster

The customer in question purchased gold valued at $1,965 and attempted to make payment via wire transfer. After two weeks, the customer received a call indicating that the payment had not been received. The caller also informed the customer that if they wished to cancel the order, a fee would be required.

An attempt was made to remunerate SDB via a check, wherein the account and routing number were provided. Unfortunately, the payment did not go through successfully.

Despite the reviewer being blameless about the payment cancellation, SDB issued a notification accusing them of attempting to defraud the company by submitting an invoice for a cancellation fee amounting to $162.70.

The bullion dealer has issued a warning to them, stating that they may escalate the issue to cancellations. As per the reviewer’s feedback, they have expressed that the transaction failure was not their responsibility and have expressed disappointment towards the company’s handling of the situation.

The client requested the company waive the $162.70 fee associated with the cancellation. Similar concerns can be observed in numerous SD Bullion reviews that are BBB-affiliated.

The invoice was issued by the company for an order that had already been canceled.

Upon placing an order, the esteemed reviewer was requested by the reputable bullion dealer to provide additional information. They complied with pleasure.

After 5 days, the reviewer has yet to receive any form of communication regarding the confirmation or cancellation of their order. Subsequently, upon receiving a refund, the individual in question assumed that the order had been canceled.

Upon placing another order, the reviewer discovered that their initial order had not been processed by SD Bullion for a week. The company is currently seeking to charge the customer for both orders, despite neglecting to inform them of the confirmed order status.

SD Bullion has been accused of engaging in unethical practices such as extortion and harassment of its clients.

The customer in question placed an order on January 31st, 2021. However, due to complications with the wire transfer, they were required to place a new order. It was assumed that the previous order would have been canceled by SDB.

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On that particular day, the reviewer opted to place two additional orders using credit cards as a means of payment, to circumvent the wire transfer process utilized for their initial order. The total cost of those orders amounts to approximately $10,000. The tasks were accomplished and the products were duly delivered to the reviewer.

On the 20th of April 2021, the reviewer was issued a cancellation invoice. According to the reviewer, the invoice appears to be dubious and they have not received any other invoice from the firm.

Additionally, the invoice was received beyond the specified deadline by a month and a day. The company’s actions can be perceived as a form of extortion since they intentionally sent a notice with a time-sensitive nature at a late juncture. It is important to note that the invoice was not lost in transit via mail. This provides additional evidence that they intentionally sent it late.

According to the reviewer, it would have been feasible for the company to promptly notify the two subsequent orders made by them following the cancellation of their initial order.

The company in question has been accused of engaging in false advertising practices and delivering a product that does not match the advertised specifications.

The individual who provided the review had made two separate purchases from SDB. It has been reported that a particular item from the initial package was found to have been tampered with, as per the customer’s statement. The customer placed a subsequent order before receiving the initial one, as per the review. The collection comprised two Silver Peace Dollars with an MS-66 grading, as well as an Alien Anniversary Coin.

One of the Peace Dollars was found to have an incorrect label mark on the NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) label of the hand-plastic slabbed case.

According to the reviewer, they conducted a thorough verification of SDB’s advertisements to determine their accuracy.

It has been discovered that the MS-55 Peace Dollars were exhibited, specifically with the identifying label 3130765-004. Regrettably, the 1924 Peace Dollar received by the reviewer did not feature the S mintmark denoting San Francisco. It is worth noting that there can be a significant difference in value between a 1924 coin and a 1924-S coin, with the latter potentially being worth thousands more.

According to the reviewer, SD Bullion ought to discontinue their practice of promoting their merchandise deceitfully.

In addition to the aforementioned concerns, the reviewer encountered several additional challenges. Upon encountering an issue with SD Bullion, the customer was requested to provide a copy of their driver’s license to proceed with their second order.

The client was faced with an unprofessional attitude from the bullion dealer, who failed to offer a secure method for submitting a copy of their driver’s license.

In addition, it has been reported that SD Bullion has sold MS-66 Peace Dollars that have adhesive residue on them, which may hinder the ability to properly match the obverse and reverse for NGC coin verification purposes. The stickers in question are not featured in their promotional materials.

Client Received A Completely Different Product, SD Bullion Says “Tough Luck”

According to recent reports, a client has allegedly received a product that is completely different from what was expected from SD Bullion. However, it appears that the company is not willing to take responsibility for the issue and is not offering any form of compensation or resolution.

Michael placed an order for a set of 15 Chinese silver pandas and anticipated receiving a complete mint tray. However, a total of 15 distinct coins were received by him. According to the reviewer, pricing changes were implemented at the 15 mark, which would have made it more reasonable for the seller to ship an entire tray.

Michael perceives that he has not been provided with the appropriate product and has been dispatched to inferior-quality items. The individual highlights their previous experience with the dealer and expresses disappointment with the treatment received during their recent interaction.

Upon registering a complaint about the issue, the customer service representative responded by stating that there were no available solutions at their disposal. Michael requested an empty tray, however, despite the item being available in their inventory, the request was declined by the concerned party.

The order was not completed and the client was held responsible for the situation.

According to Andrew, it is not advisable to purchase precious metals from SD Bullion. The customer had placed an order for a pair of silver eggs a couple of months ago. However, the vendor informed him that the delivery of the said items would be delayed by six weeks.

Andrew’s anticipation was met with a sense of letdown. Unfortunately, the anticipated delivery of the silver eagles did not materialize. Upon inquiring about his order, the customer was informed that the company’s policy stipulates a three-day window for reporting lost packages, leaving the customer with no recourse.

Andrew was taken aback, much like any typical consumer. The delivery date had not been specified by the company and the customer was advised to wait for a minimum of six weeks. However, the reporting window for the lost package was limited to only three days.

It is recommended to steer clear of SD Bullion as there have been reports of customers experiencing issues with their transactions. Subsequently, the responsibility will be attributed to their established terms and conditions.

SD Bullion has implemented a slight increase in product prices for credit card transactions.

Upon perusing the website of the bullion dealer, Dane was prompted to select his preferred payment method. Upon selecting the payment option as “credit card”, the user failed to immediately notice the surge in prices, which had escalated by over $400.

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According to Dane, it would be helpful if the website could provide a notification to the customer through a pop-up message indicating that there has been an increase in prices. Upon observing an anomalous alteration, the concerned individual proceeded to contact the establishment to rescind his previously placed request.

However, SDB has recently informed him of a $100 cancellation fee. Despite not having shipped or processed anything, they insisted on charging a substantial fee. Furthermore, upon complaining, the customer service representative appeared indifferent toward the matter.

SDB has been accused of deceiving its clients, delivering damaged products, and shirking responsibility for the same.

Fred had placed an order for a set of five 100-ounce RCM silver bars through SDB. One of the products did not align with the stated description of retaining its initial shine and sophistication.

The posterior of the bar exhibited a brown discoloration throughout. The individual expressed dissatisfaction regarding an issue with SD Bullion and also provided visual evidence in the form of a photograph. According to SDB’s statement, the occurrence of tarnishing or toning in silver products is a common phenomenon and it does not have any impact on their worth.

Subsequently, the organization revised its product description and eliminated the verbiage “original sheen and elegance.”

This action has raised concerns and we would like to address the issue.

As per the reviewer’s statement, SD Bullion has allegedly resorted to collection threats despite the absence of any product or service received by the concerned individual. SDB has initiated legal action and has asserted its intention to refer the reviewer to collections for non-payment of $10,000.

One of the SD Bullion reviews based on BBB sheds light on the predatory behavior exhibited by this particular bullion dealer. It was observed that the individual who placed the order had sufficient funds in their account at the time of purchase. However, owing to certain financial difficulties, he was compelled to withdraw the funds and duly notified SDB regarding the same.

According to the terms and conditions, a cancellation fee of $1000 will be applicable. Upon expressing his objection, he was informed that he could either remit $500 or be subject to a later payment of $1500 in interest and legal fees.

According to the reviewer, he faced difficulties while placing an order that took him around five minutes. However, he now wishes to cancel the order due to financial constraints. Unfortunately, he is being asked to pay a sum of $500 or more for a product that he never received.

It is worth noting that the aforementioned complaint was posted in August 2020, a period during which the global pandemic was causing widespread hardship. The individual highlight their status as a crucially employed worker and expresses concern over SD Bullion’s imposition of a $500 cancellation fee, which they perceive as a form of extortion.

It is recommended to steer clear of such unscrupulous companies and instead opt for a nearby coin shop.

An employee at SD Bullion suggested canceling an order, and now the company is sending collections notices.

The customer in question had an unfortunate encounter with the bullion dealer’s customer service team, which was allegedly due to following the guidance of one of their staff members.

The individual in question has expressed that they have yet to receive the product in question, yet the company has continued to send them collection letters and make phone calls.

Furthermore, it has been brought to light that SDB’s purported commitment to prioritizing customer satisfaction is not upheld, as evidenced by its alleged tendency to engage in harassing and threatening behavior towards its clientele. He has been receiving collection calls and letters demanding payment for products that he claims he never received, with the amounts being unreasonably high.

The transaction was canceled by the reviewer based on the recommendations provided by an employee. The employee recommended that the reviewer attempt to process the transactions once more.

The customer refrained from canceling his order as he was abiding by the guidance provided by the staff member. The individual in question has received collection charges from the company in the amounts of $6,272.13 and $3,754.02. The author highlights that the organization has never made an effort to retain its clientele. Although the reviewer did not attempt to cancel the order, they have been subjected to persistent threats and harassment.

SDB purportedly mentioned that he poses a challenge to collaborate with, however, when probed by the reviewer to furnish an instance of such behavior, they appeared to be at a loss for words. In addition, the organization has stated that they can impose a significant charge referred to as a “restocking fee”.

Upon experiencing dissatisfaction, the reviewer proceeded to communicate with the Federal Trade Commission to address the matter at hand. It was recommended that he refrain from providing any monetary compensation to SDB for their collections.

“SD Bullion Always Has an Excuse for its Mistakes”

According to Paul, SD Bullion consistently justifies any delays in the order. The individual may assert that the payment has not yet been cleared or processed. In addition, it is important to note that once the payment has been made, there is no room for negotiation or leverage. The maximum compensation that can be expected is the original amount paid, minus any applicable cancellation fees.

According to Paul, the customer service of this company tends to exhibit satisfactory behavior only until a purchase has been made. After the transaction is complete, the customer may feel like they are no longer a priority to the company and are simply viewed as a statistic.

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The customer received a damaged product from SDB despite ordering a mint condition one. SDB then proceeded to lie after being confronted with a complaint.

Sophia has expressed her dissatisfaction with SD Bullion, stating that she received underweight and worn secondary market bullion instead of the mint-condition bullion she had ordered. There was an approximate price variance of $80 between bullion in pristine condition and bullion that had undergone wear and tear.

To clarify, it appears that Sophia incurred an additional cost of $80 for a product that did not meet her expectations. When she sent pictures of proof, SDB didn’t respond.

Sophia’s review had been posted a month ago, yet the precious metals dealer had not yet responded.

Subsequently, the user revised her review upon noticing that SDB had addressed her grievance. The veracity of their claim to have attempted to reach out to her is questionable, given her assertion that she had already forwarded numerous images of the bullion she had received from them.

The individual highlights that the response provided by SDB solely aimed at improving their image, in response to her complaint on Trustpilot. Subsequently, an additional update was provided as the response was further revised.

The veracity of the company’s claim of attempting to establish communication with her is questionable, as there is no evidence of any such effort being made. SD Bullion has been observed to respond to several complaints, however, some customers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the company’s level of care.

The customer service experience was unsatisfactory, and the company’s shipping policy only allows for delivery to the billing address.

The customer opted to procure from this bullion dealer due to their competitive pricing, which was the most affordable among online dealers at the time of purchase. However, the order failed to be processed accurately.

Upon her inquiry regarding the mailing address, the firm assured her that the address would be modified accordingly. Subsequently, she promptly contacted and conversed with a representative upon receiving an email requesting her to verify her postal information.

The agent requested an extensive list of items for verification, including everything but the kitchen sink. The reviewer expressed confusion regarding the demands made and suggested that if there are numerous issues with the order, it may be canceled.

Upon being charged a 5% cancellation fee by the agent, the reviewer requested to escalate the matter to a higher authority by requesting to speak with a manager. Upon receiving the call from the manager, the message conveyed to her remained unchanged.

It has been reported that SD Bullion’s product delivery is restricted solely to the billing address. It appears that the statement lacks coherence as several e-commerce platforms provide the alternative to maintaining a separate shipping address and billing address.

The customer was informed by the company that she has two options: either to receive the order at her billing address or to opt for cancellation with a 5% fee.

It is recommended to steer clear of this particular company, according to her suggestion.

Company Doesn’t Care About the Shipment Once it Gets Your Money

According to Dan, his experience with SD Bullion has been unsatisfactory. Working remotely every alternate week, he faced a predicament as the delivery time for an order spanned over 2-3 weeks, leaving him unsure of his availability at home or work.

During this week, Dan was present at his workplace when the company attempted to deliver a package. The individual attempted to establish communication with SDB to seek assistance with modifying the delivery destination or arranging for FedEx to retain possession of the package at their facility. However, SD Bullion did not provide any assistance to him.

Due to the unprofessional conduct exhibited by SDB, Dan experienced a delay of 3 days in obtaining his package from the FedEx hub. In his review, Dan concludes by stating that there exists a plethora of sellers dealing in precious metals.

SD Bullion Sold the Coins They Were Supposed to Deliver to Another Buyer at Higher Prices

Jay had purchased 80 half-dollar Barbers from this company. The customer purchased while the product was available and before the company announced a 5-day shipping delay on their website.

Jay had placed his order on March 13 and he enquired about the status of his order on March 29th. SD Bullion replied to him saying that his order was being processed as fast as possible.

Jay accepted their explanation but a day later, he got a call from them saying there had been an error in inventory and his items were no longer available. The company also told him that those items wouldn’t be available for months.

Subsequently, Jay requested a complete reimbursement. The individual expresses their disbelief regarding the occurrence of an inventory error. The company opted to sell the customer’s coins to a different buyer, citing a 20% increase in prices since the initial order was placed.

Jay had purchased from SD Bullion in the past but he won’t buy again.

More Reviews from the Customers


SD Bullion is a horrible enterprise. The company’s conduct appears to be unprofessional and lacking in consideration for its clients. Based on the numerous complaints posted online, it appears that SD Bullion may not prioritize the needs and concerns of their clients.

Customers often express dissatisfaction about receiving damaged items, non-delivery of products, and unjust billing statements. The company has faced criticism for allegedly distributing counterfeit merchandise. Yet, it seems all of these complaints fall on deaf ears.

If you’re interested in buying gold, silver, or platinum, be sure to avoid SD Bullion. They aren’t worth the risk.

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