Shyju Kammadan, CEO Sapcle Technologies, Accused of Not Paying Workers

Shyju Kammadan is the CEO of the software company Sapcle Technologies, which is based in Dubai. In a recent LinkedIn article by Aravind Allam, it was said that Shyju never pays the workers on time.

Sapcle Technologies is said to be a fake company that works in UAE and Chennai, India. People say that the CEO is holding up the pay of the company’s workers to get free services.

CEO Shyju Kammadan

The company sends out emails and posts job openings for new people, but when they do work for them for free, they don’t pay them their income. Instead, they fire them and give unclear reasons for doing so.

People say that Shyju Kammadan lives like a king in the Middle East, and there is no reason for him to steal money from his workers.

Don’t accept any job offers from Sapcle Technologies, and don’t work for Shyju Kammadan until there is strong proof that he pays his workers on time.

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