Stay Away from the Starner Group of Raymond James!

In the event that you are seeking a financial advisory firm in the state of Florida, you might find The Starner Group. Raymond James, which is located in Coral Gables, is the proprietor of this well-known service.

Despite the fact that they give off an air of complete reliability, the organization is known to steal money from its customers in a variety of unethical ways. You are going to learn about these immoral techniques in the research that is about to follow, and then you will evaluate whether or not it is appropriate for your portfolio.

About Raymond James’s Starner Group

The Starner Group of Raymond James is a firm that provides financial planning services and is located in the city of Coral Gables in the state of Florida. You can reach them at 305-461-6666 or visit their office at 2333 Ponce de Leon in Coral Gables, Florida, which is located in the 33134 zip code of the United States.

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You are welcome to visit their office any weekday between the hours of 8:30 am and 5 pm.

This organization has a staff that consists of Margaret Starner, Scott Weingarten, Bruce Cacho-Negrete, and Adrian Tinoco.

According to the company’s mission statement, its primary objective is to make a sustainable improvement in the quality of life of its customers. They also claim that they will assist you in monitoring all aspects of your financial plans to ensure that they are progressing in the direction that you desire.

In addition to this, the company assures its customers that they are free to make unlimited use of the financial expertise and concierge-level services that they provide.

At first glance, these assertions appear to be completely implausible. When one examines the disclosures made by the company, however, it becomes clear that these assurances are not just unfounded but also deceptive. The terms and conditions provided by the Starner Group contain a number of problematic provisions. The following topics will receive additional attention in the subsequent section of this study:

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Why you should stay away from the Starner Group of Raymond James:

a dispute with a client over millions of dollars
When you’re looking for a new financial advisor, it’s always a good idea to look them up in the FINRA BrokerCheck database. With this database, you can find out about the advisor’s past jobs, years of experience, certifications, state licenses, and legal background.

When a company uses side-by-side management, they tend to ignore the needs of their smaller clients and pay more attention to their bigger ones. Because of this, clients with small or medium-sized accounts usually lose out.

Such companies don’t pay enough attention to their smaller clients’ individual needs and don’t give them enough time and resources. To do this, they give them advice that is the same for everyone.

Getting help from your investment advisor which is always the same is one of the worst things that can happen to your portfolio. Such suggestions aren’t very good, and they never tell you how much your business can really make. It’s a bad idea, but firms that use side-by-side management do it all the time. One of these companies is the Starner Group, which is a shame.

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As is plainly visible, the Starner Group of Raymond James tackles a wide variety of issues. It gets a number of things wrong, from having a leadership structure that is prone to instability to providing customers with the same advise again and over again.

If you don’t want your firm to expand in the years to come, you should avoid doing business with this particular corporation at all costs. Find someone else.

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