Stealth Solutions SDN BHD – Corruption, MACC Raid and Crony Leadership

Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd is an extremely corrupt organization whose owner has faced raids from the MACC. Find out more in this review.

Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd is an extremely corrupt organization full of people engaging in unlawful activities.

The MACC recently raided the premises of the chairman of Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd suspecting corruption and they sezied RM80 million in illegal funds.

Clearly, the company is facing an ethical crisis as its leadership is made of corrupt cronies who don’t care about their employees or the company itself. They only care about their wallets.

The following Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd review will help you understand why you should avoid associating with them:

Stealth Solutions

About Stealth Solutions SDN BHD -Their Marketing Claims

A totally owned Bumiputera corporation named STEALTH SOLUTIONS SDN BHD was established on May 25, 2004. STEALTH SOLUTIONS was established to offer solutions and services to local players in the telecommunications industry through the acquisition of sites and the construction of environmentally friendly, dual-purpose, aesthetically pleasing structures for those players to use in order to enhance and expand the range and caliber of their wireless telecommunication services.

Beginning on August 4, 2008, STEALTH SOLUTIONS has been given a Network Facility Provider License (NFP) under the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, allowing the business to own or offer any network facilities nearby Malaysia.

Primarily Focused on the following:

  • To provide the best solutions to the clients infusing the elements of quality, aesthetics, functionality, and environmental friendliness.
  • To continuously improve and employ state-of-art design and construction methods to enhance existing solutions and service offerings.

Services Provided are consultancy services to enhance the network coverage and capacity for our clients, as well as taking on the responsibility of securing approvals from the local authorities and all the parties involved for the design and construction of the towers.

Partnering with major land bank owners for strategic positioning to provide mobile carriers with site locations is a form of landbank venture.

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Stealth Solutions SDN BHD
Stealth Solutions SDN BHD

About Stealth Solutions SDN BHD- Portfolio

Stealth Solutions always aspires to be a World-Class Solutions Provider by setting new standards of excellence, being inventive in the creation of new goods and services, utilizing highly qualified human resources, and cutting-edge technology, and providing first-rate customer support. Some of the samples of their projects include:

Stealth Solutions SDN BHD
Stealth Solutions SDN BHD

Stealth Solutions SDN BHD – Exploring Their Corrupt Operations

Stealth Solutions SDN BHD
Sabah GLC Corruption – Ghazali cheated Qhazanah

Ghazalie Ansing, the chairman of Common Tower Technologies Sdn Bhd, previously refuted a claim made by FMB News that the MACC searched the Sabah GLC Chairman’s office and froze more than RM 80 million in his personal account.

However, Ghazalie Ansing admitted that it was accurate that he was contacted by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) on October 16, 2021, to help with the investigation, and that he had provided full cooperation to the investigation in a media statement that was widely distributed and retracted on October 20.

Ghazali also denied selling a 45 percent interest in CTTSB but did not deny that the sale was given to a company from Peninsula Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd owned by Dato’ Amrul Hisyam Alias. Ghazali words:

“I deny the accusation that the sale of forty-five percent (45%) of CTTSB shares was done secretly. I state that the sale of the shares has been made in accordance with the correct selection process and procedure with the knowledge and approval of the Board of Directors, Shareholders, and the Chief Minister”.

But What if it is true that CTTSB’s 45 percent stake was not sold to Stealth Solutions SDN BHD

Also if it is true that the sale of interest is through a selection process and procedure with the knowledge and approval of the Board of Directors, Shareholders, and the Chief Minister?

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A review statedThe CTTSB Chairman, who owned the subsidiary of the state government, did not even receive the board of directors’ consent from Qhazanah Sabah before selling his stake to Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd. To avoid interfering with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s probe, Qhazanah Sabah has not yet released a statement to the media addressing this issue.

According to reports, the Sabah State Cabinet has never approved the sale of CTTSB shares, and as a result, neither has Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Hj Hajiji Mohd Noor. The State Cabinet must be consulted on this important matter, but regarding the status of the sale of CTTSB’s interests to Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd, it is alleged that Ghazali, as Chairman of CTTSB, abused his position and cheated the Qhazanah Sabah Board of Directors and the Chief Minister.

The largest independent tower owner and operator in Malaysia is reported to be CTTSB. Due to its 2005 appointment to carry out the TIME2 Project in Sabah, this business now owns, operates, and manages 257 telecom towers in Sabah.

Hence, it is not surprising that an agreement giving exclusive rights to construct telecommunications infrastructure in the state of Sabah was signed on August 9 by State Secretary Datuk Seri Safar Untong and Common Tower Technologies Sdn Bhd (CTTSB) Chairman Ghazalie Ansing. In accordance with the deal, Qhazanah’s CTTSB would build 400 new telecommunication towers and renovate more than 2,000 as part of the National Digital Interconnection (JENDELA).

Nevertheless, Dato’ Amrul Hisyam Alias, Managing Director of Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd and Subcon to CTTSB for this JENDELA project, was unexpectedly named Director and Manager of CTTSB on August 20, 2021.

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What is Dato’ Amrul Hisyam Alias’ interest in CTTSB if he does not own 45% of CTTSB’s interest or there is another agreement outside of binding Ghazalie Ansing, CTTSB, and Dato’ Amrul Hisyam Alias?

Who is Dato’ Amrul Hisyam Alias ​​?

Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd, which is owned by Dato’ Amrul, is allegedly the project’s “Subcon.” This conflict of interest with the more than RM3 billion JENDELA project is present, right?

How did Ghazalie Ansing complete it so rapidly without the support of the State Government or the Qhazanah Board of Directors? When the Asli Jati Engineering company manipulated project documents at University Malaysia Sabah, Datuk Peter Anthony did the same thing. Ghazali may commit documentation fraud in the same way (UMS).

The MACC not only needs to investigate the alleged RM80 million funds in a personal account but it is appropriate to investigate Ghazali Ansing’s wrongdoing in using false documents to appoint Dato’ Amrul Hisyam Alias, Managing Director of Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd to the CTTSB subsidiary of Qhazanah Sabah. According to MACC sources, they will do a surprise soon regarding the case of Sabah GLC Chairman Ghazali Ansing.

stealth solutions sdn bhd news
Evidence of their corrupt dealings

Stealth Solutions SDN BHD: Sabah GLC chairman raided by MACC, more than RM80 million frozen in personal account

stealth solutions sdn bhd

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has reportedly raided the residence of the Chairman of Qhazanah’s wholly-owned subsidiary, Common Tower Technologies Sdn Bhd (CTTSB) because he is believed to be involved in the abuse of power and position involving funds worth more than RM80 million.

Sources claim that the 40-year-old suspect was also invited to testify at the MACC Office on his remarkable wealth and the freezing of more than RM80 million in his own account.

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Initial investigations revealed that the chairman of the corporation in question had abused his authority and riches, but the matter is still being looked into. 

A contract allowing Ghazalie Ansing, the chairman of Common Tower Technologies Sdn Bhd (CTTSB), and State Secretary Datuk Seri Safar Untong exclusive rights to develop telecommunications infrastructure in the state of Sabah was inked last August.

CTTSB is one of the largest independent tower owners and operators in Malaysia. This company owns, operates, and manages 257 telecommunication towers in Sabah following its appointment to implement the TIME2 Project in Sabah in 2005.

Stealth Solutions SDN BHD Review Conclusion – Agreement 

However, a day after the agreement, the Chairman of CTTSB sold 45 percent of the company’s shares to the Peninsular company Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd.

Because the sale of CTTSB firm shares was carried out “secretly” and without informing the state government or Sabah’s chief minister, it raised questions. The involvement of Sabah Qhazanah Chairman Datuk Seri Salleh Tun Said Keruak in the selling of 45% of CTTSB shares is currently unknown.

For the record, Dato’ Amrul Hisyam Alias and his wife Datin Norul Azwani Mohd Hanafi are the owners of the company Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd, which is based in Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway Petaling Jaya.

Ghazalie Ansing until today could not be contacted until to confirm the MACC investigation. He is said to be hiding in an unknown place. His mobile phone number has also been closed. MACC may remand or prosecute in the near future.

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Stealth Solutions Sdn Bhd has proven to be extremely corrupt. Beware of such dangerous cronies. Avoid doing business with them.

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