Sulim Malook – Serial Scammer of Crypto Millions Lotto

Sulim Malook is the founder of Crypto Millions Lotto, a notorious lottery scam targeting people internationally. 

He has a past of running multiple crypto scams. Before you spend your money there, it’s crucial you read the following review.

Apart from Crypto Millions Lotto, Sulim Malook is the owner of Wilmington Holdings Limited. He’s been running the firm since December 2019. 

Before this, he used to run Ofertas365 Ltd, the company he used to market his previous scam, CML Token. 

At Crypto Millions Lotto, he claims to help people win major jackpots anonymously. You can add funds to your Crypto Million Lotto account in bitcoin as well as in other currencies. 

However, you can only withdraw in Bitcoin. 

While anonymity might seem attractive to many, the biggest issue in Sulim’s lottery firm is that the company delays your jackpot winnings by at least 30 days. 

On top of that, Sulim has a long history of running fraudulent schemes. 

Users report Crypto Millions Lotto is a total scam as they bought tickets which never showed up on their account: 

Sulim Malook

The withdrawal limit on Crypto Millions Lotto is $12.5 worth of Bitcoin. Furthermore, Sulim Malook’s lotto firm has a license from Curacao, which is notorious for having extremely weak regulations. 

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Below are some additional points highlighting why you shouldn’t trust Sulim Malook and Crypto Millions Lotto:

Sulim Malook’s Past of Running Crypto Scams

Before launching Crypto Millions Lotto, Sulim was promoting the CML token. He claimed to let people buy shares in his lotto business through the CML token ICO. 

However, the ICO never took place. 

An Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is when a company tries to raise capital through selling a new cryptocurrency. Investors buy the cryptocurrency hoping it would increase in value as the company grows. 

Sulim Malook had promoted the CML token ICO but people never saw the token. His investors allege it was a fake token and he stole their funds. 

The website Sulim used to promote CML token no longer works. Here’s a snippet of how it used to look: 

Sulim Malook had even plastered the face of his entire family on the website’s landing page: 

sulim malook

Then, he launched LuckyGiftCards, a company which used to sell fake tickets to people for their fake CML tokens. Now, the website of Lucky Gift Cards ( doesn’t work.

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There’s a backup of that site here.

He had spent heavily on promoting both of these fraudulent schemes. There are plenty of promotional articles available on the internet highlighting their pros. 

Below are some of their snippets: 

Lucky Gift Cards: The Most Recent Scam By Sulim

sulim malook

After promoting the fake CML token and a fraudulent ICO, Sulim Malook began promoting Lucky Gift Cards. He stuffed the web with paid reviews of the scam making it seem legitimate. 

At the time, it was a sister company of Crypto Millions Lotto under the management of Wilmington Holdings PC. 

sulim malook

Lucky Gift Cards used to let users buy cards which can enter into their draws. Cards with higher value allowed users to increase the size of their potential winnings. 

According to Sulim Malook, the lottery pool structure meant every user will have a higher chance of winning as all involved might hit the $30+ million jackpot. 

The minimum amount to register a card on Lucky Gift Cards was $25. Just like Sulim’s current venture, you could buy cards on Lucky Gift Cards through multiple payment methods. However, you could only use the funds to buy cards. There was no withdrawal option. 

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The small deposit limit and the lucrative claims sound similar. That’s because Sulim Malook makes similar claims on Crypto Millions Lotto. 

When Sulim Malook’s Daughter Was in the News for Her Racist Rant:

sulim malook

While promoting CML token, Sulim claimed that his daughter, Natasha Malook is an expert in lotteries and has worked extensively in the sector. 

However, she has a shady past of her own. 

In 2014, the then-23-year old was arrested when she screamed racist abuses at 2 police officers. Moreover, he kicked another police officer that night. 

According to media reports, she had passed out as she was extremely drunk. Natasha Malook had a night out with her friends. 

She had called the police officers “n####r”, “p#ki” and “black b#tch”. 

Then, she was arrested. She pleaded guilty to two counts of using racially-aggravated threatening behavior towards police officers. 

The prosecutors said Natasha went out drinking with friends and had at least 8 pints of beer. CCTV footage showed her wandering around then sitting on the platform and falling asleep. 

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The supervisor tried to wake her up as she missed the last train. When the police arrived she started using racist slurs saying “You’ve got a chip on your shoulder ‘cos you’re black”. 

Currently, she is a part of Sulim Malook’s ventures. 


Seeing how Sulim Malook has a long history of running scams, I don’t recommend signing up on Crypto Millions Lotto. 

You should avoid dealing in crypto ventures run by scammers with a history of running fraudulent schemes. For example, Bryan Legend aka Bryan Selier has ran 3 consecutive rugpull scams. However, he is now running Safuu Protocol, another suspicious venture which would cause losses to its investors. 

Beware of such schemes. 

Avoid dealing with Crypto Millions Lotto and Sulim. 

2.7Expert Score

Sulim Malook has a history of running gambling and crypto scams where he took people’s funds and closed shop immediately. Hence, it would be best for you to avoid dealing with Crypto Millions Lotto.

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