Susan MacQuarrie – Suspended for Crying Wolf: Update 2023

In 2015, the Chignecto-Central Region School Board voted to remove Susan MacQuarrie from her position because she had violated the board’s code of ethics.

She was barred from using any of her membership rights or privileges during the three months that she was placed on indefinite suspension by the CCRS board. Additionally, the board requested that Education Minister Karen Casey, who served at the time, provide support and counseling.

In a press release, the board stated that they had reason to believe that she has violated multiple elements of the CCRSB code of ethics.

After deliberating for some time, the CCRSB ultimately decided to recommend to the Education Minister that Susan Macquarrie be removed from her position and censured.

Susan MacQuarrie made allegations in her testimony to the board that Gary Clarke, the superintendent of the board, and Trudy Thompson, the chair of the board, harassed her. The board addressed these allegations in its statement.

She said that they intimidated her, embarrassed her, and bullied her about the manner in which the board sessions were being conducted.

According to Board’s Investigation, Susan MacQuarrie Made Serious But Baseless Allegations 

After that, the board of directors decided to look into the situation, and their attorney, Jack Graham, concluded that the charges were “totally without merit.”

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In addition, Susan MacQuarrie asserted that a member of the board read through her personal email messages. During the course of its inquiry, the board came to the conclusion that the claim involved some extremely significant misconduct.

Because of this, they decided to employ a forensic IT company to investigate the server that suddenly appeared.

The fact that Susan MacQuarrie was unable to access her server, as determined by the forensic team, was most likely due to the fact that the server was experiencing maintenance.

The legal counsel for CCRSB stated that the charges were of a very severe nature and were without foundation. In addition to this, he stated that Susan was the one who was violating the policies and procedures of the board.

In the move to censure, he made the point that Susan had gone after Thompson and Clark in an extremely methodical manner with the intention of embarrassing them. In addition, the investigation found that Susan MacQuarrie’s social posts lacked diplomacy, were made without authorization, was rude, and contained personal criticism.

Concerning the motion to censure, the vice chair of the school board stated that this was the first occasion in twenty years that the board has been required to censure a member. He went on to say that the choice was not an easy one for the board to make. Having said that, it was essential to ensure that the elected board can keep its attention on its primary mission, which is to provide the students with the most advantageous educational options available.

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After filing a false allegation of sexual assault, Susan MacQuarrie, a former police constable in the UK, was recently given an 18-month suspension from her position as a result of her actions. This case emphasizes the terrible penalties that can result from filing false claims, as well as the significance of preserving the integrity of the legal system.

In 2018, MacQuarrie alleged that she had been the victim of sexual assault at the hands of a coworker while she was doing her job duties. Her accusations caused an in-depth investigation to be conducted, which concluded that there was no evidence to substantiate her claim. Later on, MacQuarrie revealed that she had made up the tale, and as a result, she was charged with obstructing the administration of justice.

MacQuarrie’s defense team stated that she had made the false report as a cry for help since she was battling with personal and professional concerns at the time of the incident in question. This was used as an argument throughout the trial. However, the judge did not show any compassion, adding that the defendant’s activities had damaged the credibility of real victims of sexual assault and wasted important resources that the police could have used elsewhere.

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The situation involving Susan MacQuarrie should serve as a lesson to anyone who is even somewhat considering leveling a baseless complaint against someone else. In addition to causing harm to individuals who are wrongly accused of sexual assault, false complaints of sexual assault impede the efforts of law enforcement to investigate and punish true occurrences of sexual violence.

Every member of the criminal justice system, from police officers to prosecutors to judges, must maintain their honor if the system is to function properly. Any false reports, whatever their nature, undermine this integrity since they cause the waste of important resources and redirect attention away from cases that are actually occurring. They run the risk of also fostering a culture of mistrust and cynicism, one in which victims of actual crimes are less inclined to come forward for fear of not being believed by society.

It is essential to acknowledge that fabricated reports of sexual assault are not all that common and that the overwhelming majority of claims contain truthful information. On the other hand, this does not imply that we should disregard the consequences of erroneous reports. The effects of a false accusation can be catastrophic for the individual who has been accused, and they can also be detrimental to the confidence of the criminal justice system as a whole..

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Where is Susan MacQuarrie Now?

She remained there for a few more months following the CCRSB’s decision to suspend her, and eventually, she became a member of the Nova Scotia Boards Association.

Her current position at MD Financial Management is that of a financial consultant.

She began working there in 2019 and continues in the capacity of a consultant now. Working with her appears to be risky in light of the fact that she has gone after some of her own coworkers and brought false accusations against them.


The case of Susan MacQuarrie sheds light on the perils of leveling unfounded allegations as well as the significance of preserving the honor of the legal system. While it is essential to provide assistance to victims of sexual assault and to take any complaints seriously, we also have a responsibility to be watchful in order to prevent the dissemination of false information that could damage the credibility of the system. We can ensure that justice is administered for everyone if we insist that individuals take responsibility for the actions they take

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