Tax Aladin – Beware of these Serial Scammers

Tax Aladin claims to be a mobile app that helps people manage their taxes. However, it doesn’t seem much reliable when you look at the past of its founder, Eddy Aladin. 

It would be best to stay away from Tax Aladin because its ownership has a history of scamming people and has a ton of complaints online. 

Eddy has used different tactics to seem trustworthy so he can scam more people. Read on to learn why you should avoid working with him or any of his businesses. 

Eddy Aladin: Serial Scammer Using Manipulative Tactics

Eddy Aladin claims to be a serial entrepreneur. In reality, he is a serial scammer who even defrauded the US government. 

It’s a surprise that the government hasn’t put him behind bars. 

He is owner of Tax Aladin, Aladin Financial Group LLC (that’s not a typo), IslandMundo, and DoorTax. All of these companies are either a scam or have failed miserably. 

He claims to run a social media consultancy but resorts to buying likes to seem like an influencer. In the following points, I’ll cover his various scams and explain why you should stay away from his latest venture, Tax Aladin. 

Aladin Financial Group LLC: A Failed Business

Eddy Aladin’s most notable company is the Aladin Financial Group LLC. Don’t confuse this company’s name with Aladdin Financial. The latter is a prominent financial firm while Eddy’s company is just a name on paper.

There isn’t any information on Aladin Financial Group, except that it received a PPP relief loan last year of $227,062. 

The federal government was giving out this loan to small businesses so they could handle the payroll expenses during the pandemic. If you’d notice, you’d see that Eddy’s Aladin Financial is listed under the category of “Insurance Agencies and Brokerages”. 

To verify if Eddy’s company truly operates as an insurance agency, I looked them up on NAIC’s insurance broker checker. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is the US standard setting regulator since 1871. There couldn’t be a better resource to verify Aladin Financial Group’s existence.

Unsurprisingly, when I searched for Eddy’s company in their database, I didn’t find any results: 

Either Eddy defrauded the US taxpayers by taking out a loan for a company that doesn’t exist, or NAIC, the primary regulator of the insurance sector in the US, is wrong. 

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Chances are, it’s the former.

It’s obvious that Eddy Aladin scammed the US government by taking a $200,000+ loan for paying himself. After all, he is a staff member at his company, he must have taken out a large sum from that loan.

I’m pretty sure that Eddy used the $200,000 he received for Aladin Financial to launch his new company, Tax Aladin. The question is, can you trust Tax Aladin if you learned that its founder launched it through fraud? 

Aladin Financial Group took a $200,000+ PPP loan as an insurance agency but it is not registered as an insurance company in the US. It is a fraud. 

IslandMundo and DoorTax: Jokes for Companies

Another company Eddy launched in the past is IslandMundo. According to its disclosures, it is a social media marketing consultancy that “focuses on helping clients create brand strategies”.

When you visit, you get this:

I don’t know what to say. It’s horrible. 

IslandMundo is a non-existent social media consultancy. You can say the same for DoorTax, another one of Eddy’s companies.

However, while IslandMundo still has a URL, even though it has nothing, DoorTax doesn’t even have a website for itself. 

All it has is a LinkedIn profile that tells you DoorTax is a tax consultant at DoorTax:

The various paid-articles Eddy has posted online claim he is a serial entrepreneur. However, to be a serial entrepreneur, you should have launched “real” businesses. 

And evidence suggests that’s not the case here. Eddy Aladin hasn’t launched any businesses in the past. And if he did, they all failed. 

Note that his latest venture, Tax Aladin, doesn’t seem legitimate either. Considering how Eddy has been launching shady and non-existent businesses, it wouldn’t surprise anyone if he launched a scam again. This time, it’s called Tax Aladin. 

Using Paid PR To Bury Client Complaints

Finding out all of this information wasn’t easy. 

Primarily because Eddy Aladin has put in a lot of effort to hide anything that exposes his scams. He does this by paying websites to post articles on him. 

When you’d look up Eddy Aladin or his latest venture, Tax Alasin, you’ll find articles that sing his praises like he’s the next Elon Musk. All of the articles are sponsored and share little to no details about Eddy.

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They tell you that Tax Aladin is a revolutionary mobile app but that’s all. The articles point out that Eddy launched IslandMundo and DoorTax, both of which are non-existent companies. 

These articles won’t convince anyone to buy from Eddy. So you might wonder, “Why put so much effort into posting various promotional articles about himself?” 

He did all this so he could bury all the complaints people have posted on him. There are numerous complaints against Eddy Aladin. They suggest he has scammed many people in the past.

Not every victim stays silent. Some of them speak up. 

Eddy Aladin has numerous complaints online and he doesn’t want people to find out about them. Because if they do, they won’t buy into his latest scam, Tax Aladin. I have talked about the various complaints against him later in the article.

Don’t Trust Tax Aladin BBB Reviews & Ratings

Eddy doesn’t stop at paying websites to sing his praises so he can manipulate others. He has also paid BBB (Better Business Bureau) to maintain his stellar reputation.

Eddy’s latest business, Tax Aladin, has a BBB accreditation and an A- rating there with no reviews. 

You shouldn’t trust any business’s BBB rating if it has a BBB accreditation. That’s because businesses have to pay a heavy annual fee to have a BBB accreditation. 

When a business is BBB accredited, BBB gives it a stellar A or A+ rating without hesitation. CNN Money had investigated BBB’s accreditation model after they found that a company with federal charges of discriminating against its employees had an A+ rating. 

BBB had given them an A+ rating because they were accredited with them, otherwise the business had no quality. 

Businesses might pay more than $10,000 per year to BBB for maintaining their A+ rating and accreditation level. They do this because very few people know about BBB’s crooked business model.

Most consumers would see an A+ rating on BBB and would trust the business right away. This is why it’s so dangerous. It is a popular tactic among scams to use greedy review platforms like BBB and Trustpilot so they can seem trustworthy to consumers. 

Eddy Aladin is using a similar tactic with his company Tax Aladin.

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Buying Likes & Followers On Instagram

A huge issue with Eddy Aladin is that he has trouble convincing people that he is a legitimate entrepreneur. 

After all, most of his companies are either non-existent or are scamming the government, not to mention he has many complaints against his name. 

So, to seem trustworthy, he has resorted to buying followers on Instagram. Having multiple followers on one’s instagram page can be highly convincing. 

How do I know he bought his followers? It’s pretty easy. 

His instagram page has over 30,000 followers at the time of writing this article. However, when you’d look at his posts, you’d notice he has no comments on most of them. 

Why would a guy with over 30,000 followers have no comments on his posts? Easy, because they are bots. 

Buying followers on Instagram is quite simple. There are tons of service providers in this industry. 

It’s very common among businesses and scam artists to buy followers on Instagram so they can seem convincing to others. 

People trust influencers a lot. 

Having many followers shows that a person has a strong brand. 

Eddy knows this. That’s why he has spent a lot of money on getting fake followers and likes on his profile. 

It’s a highly unethical practice. And it’s proof that Eddy can stoop to the lowest level to get victims for his latest scam, Tax Aladin. 

Failed Facebook Page Of Eddy Aladin

Another proof why Eddy Aladin is definitely a scam artist is his Facebook page. He claims to run a social media consultancy that helps businesses increase their reach but his own online presence is too little. 

His Facebook page only has 38 followers when I’m writing this article. 

Now, if someone is an expert in social media marketing, wouldn’t they have a ton of followers on Facebook, the largest social media platform on the planet? 

It’s obvious that Eddy’s claim of being a social media expert is a lie. And it shows that his firm, IslandMundo, was nothing more than a scam. 

It also suggests that Eddy’s latest venture, Tax Aladin, might also be a scam. 

Shocking Reviews You Need To Read

The reason why Eddy Aladin spends so much money on paid articles and fake followers is because he has a ton of complaints against his name. 

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Finding them was quite difficult because of all the paid PR Eddy has done. These complaints point out the shady nature of his operations and are further proof that he is a scammer.

The first complaint is from a fortner employee who points out that Eddy is a scammer. The person questions Eddy’s intelligence and says that people should stay away from his operations. 

The employee claims that they filed a lawsuit against Eddy because he didn’t pay them for six months. The person also claims that Marie Carmelle Jean, a lady related to Eddy, is a scam artist just like Eddy. 

This complaint points out that Eddy Aladin is a former kidnapper. They point out that Eddy makes his living by scamming customers and stealing their information. It also says that Eddy runs his scams with his wife, Marie. 

The reviewer has alerted people that it isn’t safe to work with this couple. 

Remember that very few people even speak up about such issues. Most of them stay silent and don’t do anything. Imagine how many people might have suffered because of Eddy’s scams if so many have come forward? 

What To Do Next

Now that you know that Tax Aladin is a scam and you can’t trust Eddy, you should stay away from both of them. 

If you want others to stay wary of this scam, you can share this article with others. The more people know about such scams, the better. 

Many online scammers tend to attack those who expose their shady operations. Scammers like Mogul Productions and him use different tactics to bury such articles. 

That’s why it’s best to spread the word. How would a scam succeed if people already know its reality? 

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