The Celestin Group Morgan Stanley is an Absolute Remiss

If you need a financial advisor in the Mandeville area of Louisiana, you may have heard of The Celestin Group Morgan Stanley. It makes several boasts regarding the quality and expertise of its services.

But they are all fabrications.

To take advantage of naive investors, Celestin Group Morgan Stanley has enacted several problematic measures. That’s why it’s crucial that you’re aware of these clauses. The analysis below should be helpful:

The Celestin Group Staff and Services

The Celestin Group Morgan Stanley can be found at 1261 W Causeway Approach, Mandeville, Louisiana 70471, USA as a wealth management organization. You can reach them at (985).624.6900.

The company’s mission statement emphasizes assisting clients in formulating actionable plans for coping with the complexities of the financial world. They stress the need of learning about their customers’ families, careers, and other factors that have an impact on their financial well-being.

The company also asserts that it routinely updates its strategies to accommodate the client’s shifting goals and ambitions.

Many options are available to clients of The Celstin Group Morgan Stanley.

  • Financial planning
  • Managing Money
  • Preparing One’s Finances
  • Strategies for Estate Administration
  • Insurance for chronic caregiving
  • Annuities
  • Deposits held in confidence
  • Equity compensation plans
  • Conversions to Roth 401(k)s
  • Pension programs at companies
  • Financial services
  • Plus many more.
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Don Celestin is the managing director of The Celestin Group. T.C. Ford, Michele C. Berthelot, and Michael Plasko are three more noteworthy people who work here along with him.

Don and his staff may make some compelling claims about their knowledge and experience, but you are under no need to take them at face value. Don’t put any stock in what they say.


Due to Don’s history of carelessness and the present policies at Celestin Group, which encourage carelessness. You will find in the next section of this study that his company’s terms and conditions contain many exploitative features.

There Are Several Problems Within the Celestin Team M. S. Morgan & Co.

Roots of Ignorance

There are two huge red flags in Don Celestin’s FINRA BrokerCheck report. His initial legal conflict involved Painewebber, Inc.
In 1990, after reports of dispute, the two parties involved in the working relationship parted ways. In this case, the company claimed that the consultant improperly signed client agreements. They were meant for the customer.

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Don was permitted to leave the company. The resource management account form has been signed by him as a client. Don argued that there were no formal complaints filed in New York because he had already notified the client.

But he made some unwise decisions and signed contracts on behalf of his clients. So, the company gave him the green light to leave.

In 2009, Don got into his second argument. The specifics of this disagreement are mostly unknown. Don paid out $165,000 in damages after losing a negligence claim, according to information posted on FINRA’s BrokerCheck.
Don Celestin’s unreliability is highlighted by the fact that he was sued for negligence and ultimately lost the case. If your financial advisor is careless, you could be in danger. For this reason alone, most investors should avoid the Celestin Group Morgan Stanley.

Investment “selling” as opposed to investment “recommendation”

The Celestin Group Morgan Stanley’s revenue comes from commissions on the sale of its goods and those of its affiliates. A financial advisor’s recommendations may be skewed if he or she earns compensation from the investments they propose to clients.

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As a result, they have fewer options for clients’ investments to recommend. As a result, your advisor may steer you away from a wide range of opportunities simply because they wouldn’t generate any fees for him or her.

In addition, the commission rates for a few of these investments are better than those for others. This means the Company may favorably promote a select few stocks above others, regardless of their merits.

Financial advisors may promote unsuitable investments to increase their commissions. This clause is especially risky given Don’s past carelessness.

Be very wary of such financial advisers.

Subtle Costs Added On

In addition to “selling” assets rather than recommending them and charging hidden fees, the Celestin Group at Morgan Stanley is notorious.
12b-1 fees are assessed by the company. It’s a marketing fee the advisor keeps for himself. This charge is paid to wealth advisors by companies in exchange for increased recommendations of the company’s investments.

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As a result, the advisor’s advice may be tainted by the 12b-1 fees. In addition, it raises the price of protection without providing any additional benefits.

For the same rate of return as any other investment, you end up paying more.

The instability of 12b-1 fees is another major issue. Because of this, the company can artificially inflate it and levy covert fees. Long-term investors should be aware of how this might build up and reduce their return on investment over time.


Reading about Don Celestin’s past makes investing with the Celestin Group at Morgan Stanley look like a bad idea.

You should run far, far away from such a dubious financial counsel.

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