The Dark Side of Chris Capre: An In-Depth Look at His Ethics and Review Manipulation 2023

The Chief Executive Officer of 2nd Skies Trading is a man named Chris Capre. Since 2007, he has been the proprietor of 2nd Skies, a company that promotes the development of a professional edge for traders and investors.

On the other hand, it appears as though Chris Capre has been subjected to a large number of unfavorable reviews and employs dishonest marketing practices in an attempt to bury them.

In the following review, I will reveal some of the reviews that were critical of the product.

In addition, I have emphasized how Chris Capre engages in deceptive marketing practices in order to divert customers’ attention away from these issues.

What People Say About Chris Capre and 2ndSkies:

At this location, a member of Forex Peace Army, a well-known forum for individuals interested in the foreign exchange market, posed a question concerning Chris.

He was curious as to whether or whether any other forum users had any previous dealings with 2ndSkies Forex and Chris Capre.

Additionally, the user mentioned that he did some investigation on Chris and discovered an in-depth analysis of him.

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It was stated that Chris’s most recent program does not provide sufficient value.

The standard of the training has been steadily declining ever since he implemented the update.

In addition, the study brought to light the fact that the majority of the 2ndSkies reviews found on the forum were dishonest.

Chris Capre encourages all of his new members to sign up and publish reviews giving him a rating of five stars.

Instead of asking customers to wait at least a year after signing up for the service before posting a review, he requests that they do so right away.

According to the review, nearly all of the favorable comments on Chris Capre’s page talked about how he had an impact on the reviewers’ life. He was curious as to whether or not these allegations were accurate and whether or not Chris had coerced his students into writing these false testimonials.

The only thing the customer wanted to know was whether or not the 2nd Skies Forex course is worth the time it will take him to complete it.

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These are some rather serious accusations.

On the other hand, the forum didn’t offer very many helpful responses because it devolved into a debate on the credibility of the FPA instead.

After some time had passed, 2nd Skies provided their response to the actual question.

However, the reservations regarding the dependability of the different evaluations written by Chris Capre are valid. In addition to that, I came across a huge warning sign that makes me doubt his sincerity:

Suspicious Testimonials: Fake Chris Capre Reviews

My search for “Chris Capre Review” led me to a page on his website that was specifically devoted to showcasing client endorsements.

However, all of the testimonials that can be seen on this page are comprised of nothing more than a collection of complimentary statements regarding his class, followed by a random list of names.

There is not a single client recommendation on Chris Capre’s website that can be independently verified:

It is fairly typical for questionable companies to post phony reviews on their websites. Because of this, they are able to artificially bolster their credibility.

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It is somewhat peculiar that Chris Capre would engage in such unethical marketing practices, given the fact that he has been working in the field for a significant number of years.

It is unacceptable that he is required to sell his class using such ineffective promotional strategies.

The credibility of 2ndSkiesForex is called into question as a result of this.

In addition, I discovered a number of criticisms leveled against his courses, most of which said that they contained very little substance and were too airy.

Complaints Against Chris Capre

The reviewer argues that you should not waste your time or money on the 2nd Skies Forex since it is not worthwhile.

He draws attention to the fact that there is no assurance of receiving one’s money back and that the performance of the course is subpar.

The reviewer believes that Chris Capre is a talented salesman who has gained a significant number of new followers. However, he does not have a method that is really effective.

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Chris Capre

Unquestionably, this raises a significant warning sign.

It raises the possibility that Chris is fibbing about his encounter.

After that, he established 2ndSkiesForex and has been operating it ever since it was first established.

The Trading Masterclass, the Advanced Ichimoku course, and the Advanced Traders Mindset course are among the ones that he teaches.

Chris does more than just sell courses; in addition, he hosts webinars and contributes articles to Benzinga.


After seeing the suspicious reviews Chris Capre has posted on his website, it’s obvious that he is not as reliable as he claims to be. 

The forex trader has been selling courses for years. However, he still relies on using fake reviews to boost his credibility. 

Furthermore, his claims are unverifiably making it more difficult to trust his claims. 

Due to these reasons, I don’t recommend Chris Capre.

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