3 Reasons To Avoid The Hansberger Group Morgan Stanley

The Hansberger Group Morgan Stanley is a company in Atlanta that helps people with their money. This company, which is run by James Hansberger, takes money from its clients in illegal ways.

In this study, you’ll find out about these unethical methods because you have a right to know:

The Hansberger Group Morgan Stanley

The Hansberger Group Morgan Stanley is a company in Atlanta, Georgia that helps people with their money. The number to call is 4040-264-4269, and their location is 3280 Peachtree Rd NE Ste 2000, Atlanta, GA 30305, US.

James C. Hansberger is in charge of this company. He is also the Senior Portfolio Management Director at Morgan Stanley and the Global Sports and Entertainment Director. Morton Levey, John Wilson, S. Ross Caphton, and Rebecca Stone are some other well-known people who work at this company.

The Hansberger Group Morgan Stanley says it is a one-stop shop for managing wealth and also works as a multi-family business. They offer a variety of services here, such as advice on family government, estate planning, giving to charity, planning for retirement, and financial planning.

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James and his company have been doing business with people who have a lot of money for many years. But they’re not using their information and experience in the right way.

The present rules of the company make things very bad for their clients, especially in the long run. They are made so that an investor won’t understand how bad things are until it’s too late.

The next part of this review will go into more depth about these rules. But first, look at James Hansberger’s court record:

The Hansberger Group’s Problems and Red Flags Morgan Stanley

When looking into a new wealth planner, it helps to know what they’ve done in the past. Checking the advisor’s FINRA BrokerCheck page is the best way to do this.

The FINRA BrokerCheck is a huge database where you can find out how long an adviser has been in business, which states they are licensed in, and if they have ever been in trouble with the law.

So far, James Hansberger, who is in charge of the Hanberger Group Morgan Stanley, has been in two big legal battles. In 2002, he got into his first fight. Here, the client’s lawyer said that the controlled accounts were misrepresented and that the company didn’t do what it was told to do. They asked for losses of $50,000, but the company said no.

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However, the company didn’t say why they didn’t pay the claim.

In 2010, Mr. Hansberger got into a second fight. The complaint said that the MAT series of private placement investment funds were misrepresented. They said that the assistant gave him false information that he had gotten from CGMI.

They paid $144,750 to end the case.

The Hansbergroup Group MD said that he settled the case to escape the cost and risk of arbitration. He also said that he completely disagrees with the claims.

Skilled FAs rarely have to deal with just one legal battle, and Morgan Stanley, the leader of the Hansberger Group, has already had to deal with two big ones. This is not a good sign, and it shows that James might not be as trustworthy as he says he is.

Sell products for investments

When you hire a financial advisor, you expect them to only suggest investments based on how well they fit with your budget and goals. But that’s not possible at this company.

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Because the Hansberger Group Morgan Stanley makes money when certain investment goods are sold. It gives them a reason to be biased in what they say, and it gives them a financial reason to ignore your best interests.

Even if the investments are good for your goals and needs, they have no reason to suggest them if they don’t pay commissions. It’s a gamble to follow the advice of this wealth management firm. Before you follow any of their suggestions, you should ask yourself, “Is my financial growth more important to them than mine?”

Because they care more about making money than helping you grow, these advisors cause you to miss out on many good purchases.

Charge Hidden Fees

The fact that the Hansberger Group Morgan Stanley has hidden fees is also a big red flag. It can offer investments that charge a 12b-1 fee, which is a changeable percentage fee that they use to raise your costs.

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Keep in mind that the 12b-1 fee goes right into their pockets because it is a promotional fee that companies pay to brokers for marketing their goods.

Also, because the fee is a percentage of your portfolio, how much you pay relies on how big your portfolio is. The 12b-1 fee is a nightmare for investors with large portfolios, especially when combined with the secret fees.


If you want a trustworthy wealth manager, the Hansberger Group at Morgan Stanley is not the place to look.

The firm’s management has had legal problems in the past, and the terms and conditions of the company put its clients in difficult situations. For your good, you should look for a different wealth management business in the area.

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