The Persistent Debtor: Zachari Saltmer Holds Onto £100,000 Owed”

According to Zachari Saltmer, CEO of One Big Fund, the organization operates as a boutique venture studio and has seven million dollars worth of assets under management. However, it is said that he has refused to pay his marketing fees totaling 150,000 dollars. The overall price of the deal was $150,000, of which $75,000 was due up in advance and the remaining $15,000 was paid monthly.

Swindlers are flourishing on the Internet, and Web 3 space is home to yet another variety of con. There, Web 3 businesses are refusing to pay for the services they receive. According to Australian law, a signee is the one who is liable for making payment for the services rendered. Zachari Saltmer and his company, on the other hand, did not pay any of their marketing expenditures.

Zachari Saltmer serves as the Chief Executive Officer of ‘One Big Fund,’ an organization with headquarters in Australia and subsidiary businesses located in the United States. It is alleged that after signing a contract and obtaining marketing and consulting services from a number of different businesses, it failed to fulfill its legal obligations and make payments as required by the agreement.

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Why has Zachari Saltmer Refused to Pay Marketing Bills of $150,000?

Zachari Saltmer, whose full name is Zechariah Michael Taryn Saltmer, is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of One Big Fund. Zachari Saltmer’s full name is Zachariah Michael Taryn Saltmer. He has taken advantage of a large number of naive individuals under a variety of aliases by giving the impression that he possesses the financial means to pay for marketing services but has in fact spent nothing.

Zara Zaman, CEO and Founder of ZZ Media Marketing offered marketing services to Zachari Saltmer and his company for more than two months. Despite warning signs and threats for whistleblowing, Zara stated that Zachari Saltmer continued to put off paying her by using a variety of excuses.

First, he mentioned that the organization is going through some structural changes and that the board of directors would be reduced in size as a result of the necessity to rebuild the hard wallet so that it can support multi-signature approval.

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After that step was completed, they would never move on unless they had received the signature of at least one of the members. Zara also mentioned that One Big Fund’s chief data officer, Jay Hinton, was aware of all the problems that were preventing my payment from being processed.

After further examination, it was discovered that the signed contract was present during telegram discussions. The name of CEO Zachari Saltmer was also discovered on the Australian Business Network, which is information that is available to the public. Beginning in 2008, he established an intriguing pattern of launching and closing many enterprises in various parts of Australia. These locations included both urban and rural areas.

Zachari Saltmer and His Fraudulent Behavior

One Big Fund is a venture studio that was established in 2022 by Zachary Saltmer and is headquartered in Road Town, in the British Virgin Islands. The company is looking to make investments in new businesses that are developing cutting-edge goods and services with the use of blockchain technology and that have the potential to shake up established markets.

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According to Zachari Saltmer, the business operates as a boutique venture studio and has seven million dollars worth of assets under management. On the other hand, they have not paid the marketing expenditures that total 150,000 dollars.

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Sarah, the founder of a marketing firm, said she told him that she felt disrespected and that he was raising red flags by postponing payments. She once told him she would tell everyone about him and how he signed a contract, received services, and failed to pay his bills. He threatened her with returning to Canada and suing her for defamation.

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Zara was also made to feel uneasy by Zachari Saltmer’s declaration that he would only receive money in person, despite the fact that she had already been waiting for payments for more than two months at that point. When Zara denied it and claimed she was scared about meeting him in person, he became agitated and said that he was saving everything solely to pay her. Zara said that she was nervous about meeting him in person.

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The Chief Executive Officer of One Big Fund, Zachari Saltmer, allegedly did not pay his marketing expenditures of 150 thousand dollars. Saltmer meets ladies through his business, which is known as One Big Fund. His actions are unethical at best and predatory at worst; they are also an example of how arrogant people find themselves in Web 3.

It is imperative that behavior of this nature not be tolerated in this area. However, before the contact, Zara revealed that she and Zachari Saltmer used to chat, so she trusted him as a friend; however, he did not hesitate to take advantage of her trusting him as a friend. Zara claimed that he felt terrible about waiting four months for his payment.

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