Think+: MLM Ponzi Scheme by Michael Fallquist

Think+ is an MLM ponzi scheme you should avoid investing in. Read the following Think+ review to find out more.

About Think+ or Think Energy

The website of Think Energy doesn’t include any information about ownership or executives. On November 18, 2022, a private registration for the domain name “thinkenergy. plus” was made for Think Energy. The annual cost of a Think+ affiliate subscription is $99. According to marketing materials for Think Energy, Michael Fallquist is the company’s founder and CEO

Think+’s Products

Think+ is linked to Think Energy, and it works on the following resources such as:

Renewable Energy: A retailer of energy came up with the brilliant concept to make renewable energy accessible to all customers. 

Electric & Natural gas: Think Energy is an energy retailer with a mass market concentration that has operating permits in 13 states and the District of Columbia for 64 electric and natural gas companies. 

Renewable Electricity: Think Energy offers its consumers long-term, competitive fixed prices for 100% renewable electricity.

About Michael Fallquist 

He is the Chief Executive Officer who initiated the structure for Crius Energy set up for Initial Public Offering to takeover by a significant rival in a decade. 

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Location: He resides in New York City Metropolitan Area. 

Education: Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Colgate University, United States.

                   Master’s in Business and Administration from Cornell University, New York.

Positions: Founder & CEO of Viridian Energy.

                 Founder, Director, & CEO of Crius Energy

Fallquist was the founder of Viridian and Crius Energy when Behind Multilevel marketing first encountered him.


 Viridian was functioning under utility services Multilevel marketing (MLM). As a “strategic partner,” Crius Energy was mentioned. Crius Energy was headed up by Michael Fallquist as a CEO, on the other hand, Viridian Energy was led by Paul Booth As a CEO.

The Fraudulent Past of the Think+ CEO

The Public Utilities Regulatory Authority of Connecticut said in 2015 that it will be examining Viridian’s contracts, contract renewals, customer notice policies, and registration methods. In Maryland, a consumer class-action litigation was also brought versus Viridian and Crius Energy in that same year. Customers were reportedly charged four or five times the underlying market rate by Viridian and Crius. Viridian declared towards the close of 2017 that it would stop operating its MLM business by March 2018.

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Settlement of Allegations:

  • The Massachusetts Attorney General’s Office accused Viridian of using “deceptive marketing and sales methods,” and the company paid $5 million to resolve the matter in March 2018.
  • The consumer class action mentioned earlier was resolved by Viridian for $18.5 million in June 2018.

In the early months of 2019, Vistra purchased Crius Energy after employment reduction. Fallquist made a comeback to the utilities MLM sector in December 2020 as CEO of Griddy Pro. Griddy Pro advertised savings through a variable interest rate to clients in Texas.

The drawback was that customers would have to keep a record of the cost. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas “revoked Griddy’s permission to enter the state’s electricity market” later that same month. Billion-dollar category litigation against Griddy Pro was also filed around the same time. A month later, in March 2021, Griddy Pro and its parent firm Griddy both filed for bankruptcy. The launch of Think+ by Fallquist seems to have taken place in or around December 2022.

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Think Energy is licensed to conduct business in the following US states: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Washington, DC. Rates vary dependent on suppliers and location within these states, just like with any MLM utility business. The Think Energy website offers quotes after a postcode is entered. I entered a few random postcodes from the regions where Think Energy provides services out of curiosity.


In contrast to Griddy, which failed because of a poor business strategy,  Viridian’s “deceptive marketing & sales practices” should be avoided in this case.  Michael Fallquist established Think+ to take advantage of people who are dissatisfied with rising electrical utility costs.

Nothing can be observed on the Think+ and Think Energy websites is openly misleading. They may view their rates by providing their postcode.

That is the manner by which Think+ is expected to work, “not accessible” mistakes to the side. This feeds into Think+’s remuneration plan, which improves on commissions across three utilization levels in addition to local area sun oriented. It ought to be noticed that at the season of distribution, Community Solar is set apart on Think Energy’s site as “just around the corner”.

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