Thomas Franchina – Loan Fraud and GetPongo Holdings

Thomas Franchina aka Thomas Charles Franchina is a project manager in Vietnam. He is notorious for running the GetPongo Holdings scam where he didn’t pay numerous staff members anything. 

Thomas earned a Bachelor’s degree from Massillon Baptist College. Then, he started running multiple scams in Vietnam and Singapore. 

Recently, he has started working on multiple construction projects in Cleveland. These include the St. Luke’s Hospital and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation. 

Furthermore, he runs Getpongo Holdings Pte Ltd. It is a Singapore-based firm and are located at 24 Raffles Place #07-02, Clifford Centre, Singapore 048621. 

Thomas registered the company last year. However, it has received a ton of negative reviews from the victims:

Victims of Thomas Franchina Speak Out: Getpongo Holdings Reviews

Thomas Franchina
Here, the reviewer says Thomas Franchina aka Thomas Charles Franchina owed him wages for working.
The reviewer highlights he constantly delayed payments making numerous excuses. Eventually, the reviewer had no option but to file a complaint with the authorities.
Getpongo holdings pte ltd

Marcus says Thomas started the company with 16 staff members. But he didn’t pay a penny to anyone. 
Marcus highlights that Thomas kept making stories about how funds will arrive from Ho Chi Minh. It never happened. He points out that he hasn’t paid his staff since January 2022. 

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Another reviewer points out that he was surprised to see Thomas launching new businesses. 

He highlights that Thomas had launched a similar scam under the same name (Getpongo Holdings) in Vietnam. 

There, he never paid anyone. Instead, he kept saying he is waiting for funding which never arrived. 

“Thomas Franchina Never Intended to Pay his Staff”

Now, he has started running the same scam in Singapore. The reviewer adds that it has been 2 years but Thomas Franchina hasn’t paid any of his employees. 

People have reported him to the Vietnamese authorities. The labor department is looking into him for non-payment of taxes and employee compensation. 

Many have filed cases of fraud against him in Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh.

Here, the reviewer says he worked for Getpongo Holdings Pte Ltd and Thomas Franchina from 10 Jan to 14 Feb 2022. 

He points out that Thomas told the ministry overseeing employee rights in Singapore that he is waiting for funds to arrive. 

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However, he has been giving this excuse for months. 

S Raj shares that Thomas hasn’t paid any of the employees nor the vendors (unicsoft and inellias). 

When Raj asked him about his salary, Thomas told him he doesn’t have any cash available. Moreover, he told Raj that he is waiting for funding to arrive from Dubai to pay his staff. 

It never arrived. 


After going through the above points, it’s clear that Thomas Franchina is a serial scammer. He is not a reliable project manager. 

In fact, he is a crooked capitalist who lies to job-seekers and traps them in a vicious scheme. 

Keep in mind, it’s a common scam and Thomas isn’t the only fraudster running such fraudulent companies. 

Another scammer who uses this tactic is Boyd Parker. He is a UK-based scammer who targets young graduates, promising them high-paying jobs.

But, he doesn’t hire them on salary. Instead, he only offers commission-based roles. 

Such scammers prey on gullible job-seekers. Hence, you should be extremely cautious of them. 

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In conclusion, avoid dealing with Thomas Franchina.

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Thomas Franchina claims to be an internationally renowned project manager. In reality, he is a scammer who hires people but never pays them. Currently, he is based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Beware of him!

  • Never paid GetPongo Holdings employees
  • Facing charges of fraud in Vietnam
  • Ran a similar scam in Singapore
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