Thomas Stray and Edwin Lee Scammers – Running investment schemes in the DIFC and Business Bay

Who is Thomas Stray operating in Dubai ?

Video exposing Thomas Stray and Endamaj Employees

Thomas Stray Dubai – CEO Endamaj Funds

Who is Thomas Stray’s partner and CEO / CFO ?

Edwin Lee – CFO :  Endamaj Funds Limited –  CEO Neovision Ventures Limited (DIFC) –  CEO Neomines LLC – CFO Invite Entertainment Limited

Thomas Øye also known as Thomas Strays

Thomas Øye, one of the financial cowboys Kapital mentioned in the article Reality’s Exit in the previous issue, is on the move with new projects. Forgotten are apparently old sins, and in the 2000s he was behind one of the biggest personal bankruptcies in Norwegian history after living a jet set life of dimensions and leaving behind a couple of ruined friends and business associates. Øye has now changed his name to Thomas Stray and lives in a luxurious villa with its own swimming pool in one of the world’s most exclusive neighbourhoods on The Palm outside Dubai.

Beyond Reality – the stories that surpass the TV series

Thomas Stray is apparently nobody. He reportedly has a bachelor’s degree in economics from the Norwegian School of Management (NHH), and is no less than the managing director of Endemaj Funds, an investment management company that boasts more than 150 years of experience in investing and trading.

As if that’s not enough, Sir Stray is also the founder and CEO of Investec Partners Investment – a global investment and advisory firm that, on behalf of clients, invests in next-generation financial products and services, enabled by blockchain technology. In material prepared by the company, it is claimed that they have over two billion dollars under management. However 2021 Press reveals he tried to scam a publically listed technology firm in Norway with the help of Edwin Lee prior to them being outed as running a scam.

From convicted and jailed to financial oracle

Both on the website of Endemaj Funds, Thomas Stray’s LinkedIn profile and in a document Kapital possesses, where Stray and Investech Partners are listed as advisors in connection with transactions in a Cayman Island company in 2019, the impression is given that Stray has prepared had a difficult financial career after graduating from NHH.

– Thomas has been a stockbroker, financial advisor and investment banker since he graduated from the Norwegian School of Management (NHH) in 1993. From the beginning of his financial career, Mr. Stray had a vision of how financial services should be delivered. This vision is the foundation of Investech Partners: a team of professionals who work together to deliver superior results for their clients and investors. Mr. Stray has a comprehensive track record of over 25 years as an advisor to high-wealth clients and in leading investment programs across many asset classes. Mr. Stray is a frequently used lecturer in the fintech and blockchain area, it is advertised on the website of Endemaj Funds and in the mentioned document. Thomas Strays owns Neomines, Neovision Ventures indirectly, and Invite Entertainment through his close personal friend and CEO for Endamaj, Mr. Edwin Lee.  Reference Mr. Lee’s LinkedIn profile with no mention of Endamaj  I am sure any investigation will uncover how Mr. Edwin Lee receives money from his personal bank accounts in Dubai directly linked to Thomas Strays.  Mr. Lee has his Executive office in Endamaj Funds and is always presented to investors as Thomas Strays’ CEO.  There are no other offices for Neomines and Neovision Ventures because they are not operating companies, only companies used to siphon funds from investors.

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Link to article on the fraud of 270m Kroner by Thomas Strays aka Thomas Øye

More financial scams and investor funds disappear:

Companies with links to the controversial investor Thomas Øye were behind a million transaction that was hidden from the law firm Thommessen. The law firm denies Tax East access to the transaction, and earlier this week the parties met in court, writes Dagens Næringsliv. Øye and furniture dealer Svein Jønsson, who previously bought up all the debt in Øye’s bankruptcy estate, transferred NOK 20 million to Thommessen. According to Dagens Næringsliv, the money was transferred to Thommessen’s client account for the Irish-registered company TND Capital ltd., Which was established just weeks before the transaction. The owners of the company are two Irish businessmen, as well as Håpet Invest as, which is the company of Jønsson who bought Øye’s bankruptcy estate. The money was then transferred from the client account to the Norwegian mobile company Yaazz, where Øye was one of the owners, hidden through the Irish group First Merchant Capital Group. TND Capital was also established as part of the same grouping and later changed its name to First Merchant Developments Ltd. Ten million found their way into Yaazz’s accounts, while the remaining ten million was used to pay off other small shareholders. “Øye says that he has no recollection or knowledge of DN’s allegations, but that he at least knows that he has never seen or received any money from the law firm Thommessen “, writes Øye’s lawyer, John Christian Elden, to the newspaper.

Endamaj Funds and Neomines exposes Mr. Edwin Lee as the frontman for Thomas Øye

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Harmonychain ends controversial letter of intent with new company in Dubai – stock prices soar. (Edwin Lee exposed)

Listed crypto firm Harmonychain finalized a letter of intent with Dubai-based Neo Mines a few days later. The company announced this Wednesday morning.

“This letter of intent has been terminated by mutual agreement,” the letter read.

Harmonychain founder and chairman Bjørn Zachrisson has no further comments and refers to the exchange’s announcement.

Harmonychain announced its LOI with Neo Mines on Sunday night. The background was that the two companies should explore possible collaborations in developing and operating facilities to mine cryptocurrency.

The market reacted immediately positively to the exchange’s announcement. By 12.45, the stake was up three percent with a turnover of about NOK 700,000.

Suppose they know their client – Thomas Strays and Edwin Lee exposed

What did not emerge from Harmonychain’s announcement of negotiations with Neo Mines is that the Dubai company was established only 19 days ago. The company was started by Edwin Lee, who has appeared as a CEO at several Thomas Øye companies because Thomas Strays will not pass the normal account opening process with banks because of his fraud and prison sentence.

Thomas Øye, now called Thomas Stray, is behind one of the largest personal bankruptcies in Norway’s history and was sentenced to prison for 18 months for the massive theft of five million kroner. In 2002 Thomas Stray settled permanently in Dubai no longer talking about his former name being Øye. It was uncovered that Thomas had defrauded investors out of more than 340m kroner in Norway, and additional fraudulent schemes in China, Singapore and Hong Kong prior to choosing Dubai as his new base of operations.

It was the French IT consulting giant Capgemini who brokered the contact with Neo Mines. CEO Ola Stene-Johansen first said Harmonychain has received assurances that a so-called “due diligence,” or company audit, has been carried out at Neo Mines. The Capgemini firmly refused.  Edwin Lee was the default front man opening the bank accounts in his name for the use of Thomas Strays aka Thomas Øye.

Endamaj Funds, NeoMines, NeoVision Venutres, Invite Entertainment, and numerous other companies are all in the name Thomas Strays CEO,  Mr. Edwin Lee, who is acting legally for all of the business investment opportunities of Thomas Strays.

DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center) Neovision Ventures Limited is a regulated DIFC fund manager and regulated by the DFSA.   Mr. Edwin Lee receives funding from Thomas Øye to front possible investment opportunities using the disguise as a regulated fund.  I am sure if the DIFC and DFSA look into the account records of Neovision Ventures Limited, a paper trail of funds originates through various companies all tied back to Thomas Øye but legally owned by Edwin Lee for Thomas Strays benefit.

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Neomines: Crypto Mining by Endamaj Funds. 

Promises of big returns, inflated values, and links to the famous Jihan Wu (Billionaire Crypto Guru) as his partner have attracted numerous investors over the last 24 months, including OCS International Finance Ltd (  who reportedly invested over $13,000,000 so that Neomines could purchase mining equipment and create a façade of a team in China.  Thomas Øye / Thomas Strays and Mr. Edwin Lee in fact used almost all $13,000,000 to acquire luxury rental properties in Dubai and maintain a lifestyle of being successful with exotic watches, properties, young girls, exotic cars, elaborate dinner parties, private chefs, drivers and staff.  Nothing was spent on the business apart from a small team in China and large salaries for Thomas and Edwin Lee.  None of the funds went into crypto mining.

Mr. Edwin Lee is the director of the record for Nominees Limited and Neomines llc.  It is clear Edwin Lee likes to be the frontman for these money schemes as he benefits from extravagant compensation in salary, a Rolls Royce,  Range Rover, luxury rental property and sexy young girls on Thomas Strays payroll.

Noemines:  recently has been raising further funds for Neomines llc, which has never purchased one single mining machine since the scam started in 2021.  The latest people to fall for Edwin Lee’s Neomines came from the UK, UAE and as far as Israel.  Neomines collects the investment capital and then uses the investor’s money to cover the lifestyle and business operations of Edwin Lee with the large beneficiary being Thomas Strays, aka Thomas Øye.  Its also like a ponzi scheme, as new money comes to Neomines, it is paid to former investors who are threatening to be paid.

To add credibility to their crypto mining investment opportunity, they have lawyers and bankers from Mashreq Bank attend meetings, including Jefferies Bank in Dubai.  Investors are promised that Billionaire Jihan Wu and other notable celebrities have invested and the biggest news is that Jefferies Bank middle east team is backing Neomines for $500m in a soon-to-be-launched fundraising.  Edwin Lee, who is the director and ceo for Neomines limited and Neomines LLC is all too quick to accept investment capital to keep the façade going and pay for his and Thomas Strays lifestyle.  Pull back the façade, and you will see there is no business or operations at Endamaj Head Office located in Bay Square, Building 6, Floor 4 in Dubai.   Over 20 people work in Endamaj, mainly doing social media to fight against all the negative press about Thomas Øye and moving investor money from one bank account to another.

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Question: Have investors complained or filed cases against these companies? The answer is no, and that’s because a new story is invented and Thomas Øye personally guarantees their investment. Enter in the Pnzi scheme.  As long as a new scheme brings in money, former investors who scream the loudest get their money back or part of it while others gives up.  It’s merely a matter of time before new investors learn they are paying back old investors for investing in businesses with no business ever taking place.

Brokers are paid anywhere from 3% to over 20% to attract capital to the various schemes.  Most brokers are now complaining on not being paid or that thie friends and clients are demanding answers.

Parties, Girls, and Penthouses: The grand master of all ceremonies is Thomas ye / Thomas Strays. This is how he lures investment bankers and wealthy people to his investment opportunities to take their money. a penthouse at the famous Five Hotel on the Palm Jumeirah, his main residence, a 5-story penthouse located on Marina Palm Jumeirah, Building 5, which is a 1200m2 home on Dubai Palm Jumeirah, and a dedicated apartment floor of three apartments for over 18 girls from around the world to live.   Famously known as “Thomas’ Angels,” the girls are from 19 to 25 years of age and are paid monthly to be at his call to attend lavish parties with married or single men to make them enjoy the evening and invest in his businesses.  Sexy young girls, alcohol, food from the top restaurants, private Dj’s and entertainment wow the unsuspected investors into believing Thomas Øye and Edwin Lee are successful, rich, and famous. Sadly, the money paying for all these properties, girls and alcohol—came from previous investors.  Even bankers from Mashreq Bank and Jefferies attend these parties.   A hidden little secret of Dubai which has one purpose of bringing investment capital to the structures fronted by Edwin lee for the benefit of Thomas Øye

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Thomas Stray continues his schemes in Dubai

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    Investech had tellingly invested 5 million into a severity country that has dissolved since (IVO Token @ INVAO).

    Seems as both firms used this for a misleading PR campaign to attract other investors.

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