Tiger Trade aka Tiger.Trade Exposed as a Fraudulent Scam: Updated 2023

In the foreign exchange (forex) market, Tiger Trade (tiger. trade) is a fintech company that is renowned for defrauding customers.

They provide copy trading services in addition to a trading application that is exclusive to Windows.

It has been the subject of a large number of complaints from customers who feel that they have been defrauded. Many consumers have expressed their dissatisfaction with the manner in which this company caused them to lose their hard-earned money.

The company’s primary focus is on Russia and the markets that are near it.

Tiger. trade is the address of their website. In addition to that, the corporation asserts that its headquarters are located in Switzerland.

They do not, however, disclose any regulatory information to one another. The FINMA is Switzerland’s federal financial supervisory authority, and the company Tiger Trade is not included in its database.

It is without a doubt an unregistered financial company, which is a significant warning sign.

It is in your best interest to steer clear of trading with unregulated companies because they do not adhere to the stringent laws and regulations that a regulated company would. Therefore, if you trade with one of these businesses, you run the risk of losing all of your money.

PointPay is a well-known illustration of this problem. PointPay is an unlicensed broker that is notorious for stealing money from its consumers.

That’s not the end of it.

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As a result of these problems, Tiger Trade Capital AG has also been the recipient of a significant number of customer complaints.

About Tiger Trade Capital AG: Who is Behind The Company?

Documentation demonstrates that Nicolas Jouan, who resides in Geneva, is in charge of running Tiger Trade Capital AG.

Tiger Trade capital ag

Apart from running this crypto firm, he runs Simrose Overseas SA, Landmark Trust Switzerland SA, Joun -de Rham SA, and several other companies. 

However, these companies don’t have any notable online presence.

Nicolas Jouan is running a network of offshore companies. Hence, he might be involved in money laundering operations as well. 

Is Tiger Trade Capital AG aka Tiger. Trade using a Fake Address? 

When you visit the website, Tiger. Trade, you find a business address and 2 email addresses as the only contact information available for the company. 

The address of the company is Bahnhofstrasse 8B 6340 Baar Switzerland. 

Tiger Trade capital ag

Tiger Trade Review: What People Say About Tiger.Trade

 It is found several people share their reviews. They highlighted how the company stole from them. 

Michael shares Tiger Trade (tiger. trade) and is not a real broker. Instead, they are just a bunch of thieves. 

tiger trade review

Timur shares that the Tiger Trade broker stole $1300 from him. He had placed a withdrawal request but the company never processed it. 

Another reviewer shares how Tiger. Trade AG stole from him. The company made many claims about how it can help the reviewer get a decent income

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Timur shares that the Tiger Trade broker stole $1300 from him. He had placed a withdrawal request but the company never processed it. 

Another reviewer shares how Tiger. Trade AG stole from him. The company made many claims about how it can help the reviewer get a decent income

However, it didn’t help.

The reviewer claims that Tiger Trade deliberately skews the charts in order to cause customers to lose all of their money in an instant.

As a result, they do not advocate working with this broker.

There is a huge quantity of more feedback; I have included some of it here for your perusal:

“Tiger Trade Stole 4.3 Million Rubles From Me in a Minute”

“Tiger Trade Stole 4.3 Million Rubles From Me in a Minute”

Sergey reveals that the Tiger. The trading terminal emptied all of his accounts on June 27, 2022, causing him to lose all of his money.

He had been making use of the terminal for a good number of months at that point.

On that particular day, he put in a limit order to purchase NGQ22, and as part of that order, he also had Stop, Take, and No Loss orders set up for himself.

The terminal started automatically clearing out old slots and opening up new ones. Sergey watched the terminal complete a number of significant financial operations in under one minute and 27 seconds.

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The transactions resulted in Sergey losing his entire deposit of 4.3 million rubles. 

He says the trading platform didn’t follow his order at all. 

According to his order, the platform should have closed the deal before generating a loss. But the terminal kept closing and opening new positions by itself. 

Later, Sergey contacted the customer support of the firm. However, they didn’t help him. 

They claimed everything you do is at your own risk. 

He visited their Moscow office but only found a janitor and a programmer working. 

“They Don’t Let You Trade”

Danya doesn’t recommend trading with this Swiss company. They point out that if you experience any lag, you wouldn’t be able to exit the position. 

Also, they highlight that the software is full of bugs. If you complain to Binance, they tell you to contact Tiger and they send you back to Binance. 

Nobody does anything. 

It would be better for you to use Binance without Tiger Trade. 

Ivan shares that Tiger Trade is a scammer posing as a broker. 

He says the company doesn’t let you earn money and you can’t withdraw your deposited funds either. 

Because the company doesn’t have any registration anywhere, they don’t follow any laws. 

Ivan points out they don’t have any licenses. So, he doesn’t recommend trading with them. 

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“They Scammed Me, Please Help” – Another Sad Tiger Trade Review

Tamara pleads for help in this post. She says Tiger Trade has scammed her. Also, she had deposited $500 hoping she would be able to make at least $100. 

However, the trading platform stopped loading on the third day. She says the platform stopped displaying any charts. 

Later, she contacted customer support but no one responded. 

“Money Vanished From My Tiger.Trade Account In 12 Hours”

Sera calls them a bunch of scammers. They highlight that they had added funds to their trading account but the platform deducted them within 12 hours.

The money vanished. 

When Sera contacted them, they didn’t give any explanation. The firm claimed the bank must have caused this but Sera says it makes no sense. 


After reading the various reviews on Tiger.Trade. the company is a scam

You should avoid dealing with them. 

There are plenty of crypto firms you can go to. 

However, this is an offshore company that has no license or regulation. 

There are plenty of scammers in the crypto industry such as Krissy Mashinsky

And Tiger is one of them. 

Hence, avoid doing business with them.

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