Tiger Trade: Scam in Forex Trading

Tiger Trade (tiger.trade) is a fintech company in the foreign exchange market that has a bad reputation for ripping people off.

They have services for copy dealing and a trading app for Windows. It has been accused by a lot of people of cheating them out of money. Many people have said that this company caused them to lose their hard-earned money.

The company’s main customers are Russia and the countries around it.

Tiger.trade is their site. The company also says that it is based in Switzerland.

But they don’t share any information about the rules. The Swiss banking watchdog is called FINMA, and Tiger Trade is not on their list. It’s a finance company that hasn’t been registered, which is a big red flag.

You shouldn’t trade with firms that aren’t controlled because they don’t follow the strict rules and laws that regulated firms do. So, if you trade with such companies, you could lose all of your money. PointPay, a broker that isn’t regulated and is known for stealing money from its users, is a good example.

Not only that.

Tiger Trade Capital AG has also heard a lot of comments about these problems from its clients.

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Who is behind Tiger Trade Capital AG?

Documents show that Nicolas Jouan, Genève, is in charge of running Tiger Trade Capital AG.

He also runs Simrose Overseas SA, Landmark Trust Switzerland SA, Joun-de Rham SA, and a few other companies, in addition to this crypto company.

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But these companies don’t have any online presence that stands out.

Nicolas Jouan is in charge of a group of companies in foreign countries. So, he might also be involved in activities to wash money.

Is Tiger Trade Capital AG called Tiger.Trade using a Fake Address?

When you go to Tiger.Trade’s website, the only way to get in touch with the company is through its business address and two email addresses.

The company is located at Bahnhofstrasse 8B 6340 Baar, Switzerland.

But if you look this address up, you’ll find that it’s just a fake address. In other words, a lot of companies forward their mail to this address.

Tiger Trade Capital AG doesn’t have a real office, which makes it harder to trust the business.

There are a lot of online scams that use virtual office addresses.

What People Say About Tiger.Trade: A Review of Tiger.Trade

Several people were talking about their reviews. They talked about how the company had taken money from them.

Michael is not a real broker, but he does share Tiger Trade (tiger.trade). They are just a group of thieves.

Michael says that they sell trading signals and that the trades you make on their site never show up on any other charts. They take the money you put in and then block your account.

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Timur says that his dealer at Tiger Trade stole $1300 from him. He had asked to get his money out, but the company never did. Another reviewer says that Tiger.Trade AG cheated him out of money. The company said many times that it could help the writer make a good living.

However, it didn’t help.

The person who wrote the review says that Tiger Trade messes with the numbers and makes you lose all of your money at once. So, they don’t think this company is a good choice. There are a lot more reviews, and I’m going to share some of them below:

“Tiger Trade stole 4.3 million rubles from me in one minute”

Sergey says that the Tiger.Trade terminal took out all of his money on June 27, 2022.

For quite a few months, he had been using the computer. On that day, he put in a limit order to buy NGQ22. As part of his order, he set up Stop, Take, and No Loss. The terminal began to close slots and open new ones on its own. Sergey watched the terminal make several big transactions in a minute and 27 seconds.

Sergey lost all of his 4.3 million rubles in deposits because of what happened.

He says that the trading site didn’t do anything at all with his order. His order said that the platform should have ended the deal before a loss was made. But the terminal kept closing spots on its own and opening new ones.

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Later, Sergey got in touch with the company’s customer service. They didn’t help him, though. They said that you do everything at your own risk. He went to their office in Moscow and found only a cleaner and a coder working.

“You can’t trade with them”

Danya doesn’t think it’s a good idea to trade with this Swiss company. They say that you wouldn’t be able to leave the spot if you had any lag.

They also point out that the program has a lot of bugs. If you report to Binance, they tell you to talk to Tiger, and Tiger sends you back to Binance.

Nobody does anything.

You’d be better off using Binance instead of Tiger Trade.

“They won’t let you make money.”

Ivan says that Tiger Trade is a fake dealer run by a con artist.

He says you can’t make money with the company and can’t get the money you put in back either.

Since the company isn’t registered anywhere, it doesn’t have to follow any rules.

Ivan says that they have no licenses. So, he doesn’t think it’s a good idea to trade with them.

“They ripped me off, please help!” – Another Sad Tiger Trade Review

In this post, Tamara asks for help. She says that Tiger Trade ripped her off. She had also put down $500 with the hope of making at least $100.

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But by the third day, the trading site would no longer load. She says that the site no longer shows charts.

Later, she tried to get help from customer service, but no one answered.

“Money Fell Off My Tiger.Trading Account in 12 Hours”

Sera says that they are all con artists. They point out that they put money into their trading account, but within 12 hours, the site took the money back.

The money went away.

When Sera got in touch with them, they didn’t say anything. The company said this must have been caused by the bank, but Sera says that doesn’t make any sense.


When I read the different reviews on Tiger.Trade. The business is a fraud.

You should stay away from them. You can go to a lot of crypto companies.

But this is a foreign company that doesn’t have to follow any rules or have a license. Krissy Mashinsky is just one of many con artists who work in the crypto business. So, you shouldn’t do business with them.

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