Tim Sykes

Tim Sykes
Tim Sykes is a popular penny stock trader who came in the limelight as a self-made millionaire. I came to know about him from my family. And from my experience Tim is running a huge financial scam. I have many reasons to hate this man.

Tim Sykes is an Absolute FRAUD

Tim Sykes is a popular penny stock trader who came into the limelight as a self-made millionaire. I learned about him from my family. And from my experience, Tim is running a huge financial scam. I have many reasons to hate this man.

He claims that he will help you get amazing returns and help you increase your wealth, but the reality is quite different. His students say that they are getting 400% to 500% annual returns. If that’s true, then Tim should be one of the richest people on this planet right now. But is he?

No. He is running a huge, multi-million dollar scam to cheat people and fill his empty pockets fast. He is toying with the minds of the baby boomers and seniors in our society. He is not a great trader, but he is definitely a good marketer.

He knows how to trick people into thinking that he is a credible source. He also spends heavily on buying reviews and generating fake followings so that you will only find good things mentioned about him.

If I hadn’t lost $20,000 to this guy I would have believed those reviews too. But I did, and after I lost it, I did a little research to find out whether it was my mistake or is Tim really a huge fraud.

I found out that Tim Sykes is a fraud. He is taking money from everyone in the name of penny stock trading, but he never specifies the kind of penny stock he is investing your money in. Plus, because they are penny stocks, he can easily say that the risk with these stocks is quite high. You lose money, but he doesn’t because he has already deducted his processing fee from your investment.

You get nothing, and he gets away with a few thousand dollars. His scam is quite large, and he has stolen money from hundreds of people. If you were planning on increasing your income, Tim is definitely not the person you would want to get in touch with. He is a sophisticated financial con artist, and he will steal from you. Many people have lost money to Tim, so your loss wouldn’t be news for anybody except you.

I hope this article helps you figure out what’s really going on with Tim Sykes and his well-known investment schemes. Maybe, it will save you money, and you will be able to make a better decision in this regard.

Who is Tim Sykes after all?

Tim Sykes has a whole Wikipedia page for his life history. You can go there and read all about how he got into investing and how he is an amazing money-maker for everyone. For a little overview, you can read this section.

According to this Wikipedia page, Tim Sykes graduated from Tulane University in 2003. He started day trading at that time, using $1 million borrowed from friends and family. In 2006, he was named to Trader Monthly’s “30 under 30” list of upcoming traders.

Now, here is an interesting detail. The editor of Trader Monthly, Randall Lane later called Tim as the worst pick for this list. Why did Lane say so? Because Tim had lied to them and scammed tehm regarding his success.

Tim Sykes had told them that his Cilantro Fund was the best long-short microstock hedge fund in the entire country, according to Barclays. Later, Lane found out that the “Barclays” that Tim had told them about was not the prestigious Barclay’s British Bank. Instead, it was the “Barclay Group,” which was an unknown research company based in Fairfield, Iowa.

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This incidence alone can tell you how low-minded and deceiving Timothy really is. He has created multiple businesses after this investment. He teaches penny stock trading, he owns and he is the co-founder of

He has put a lot of effort into establishing his fake brand. He wants people to believe the lies he has been telling for years. If you don’t know the reality of Timothy Sykes, you can easily be deceived by his vicious marketing tactics. I was unaware of Tim Sykes’s reality as well.

I didn’t think that Tim Sykes would be a big financial scammer. He lies everywhere, and he doesn’t feel any guilt for causing financial losses to the numerous middle class and poor followers of his brand.


Tim Sykes is one of the biggest finance scammers in the current industry. He had success in his early days, but then he failed. When he started again, he started a bigger scam so he could cheat people with much more effectiveness and ease.

I have lost $20,000 because of Tim and his useless advice. He claims to educate you about penny stock trading and creating wealth, but if you follow his advice, the opposite will happen to you. You will end up losing a great deal of money, just like I did.

I had bought one of these penny stock trading courses for my dad. He was intrigued by Tim and his ‘secret techniques’. He was eager to learn the techniques Tim was mentioning everywhere.

I had bought ‘PennyStocking Silver’ course from his website for my dad. He wanted to get started right away and he had heard about Tim on multiple places. When he searched online he found a number of positive reviews and then there were the success stories of Tim’s students.

I had warned him of these financial scams, but he thought Tim was an exception. Now, I’ve bought him the course’s subscription. The course contains information about learning to trade and gives you access to a chart room with many other active traders.

Well, my dad invested a lot of time in that course. He used to watch the video lessons, check the watchlist, and make plans accordingly. Some time passed, and then he started trading based on that information. He first made a few hundred dollars because of the small investments he made.

Then, he started suffering losses. He tried asking questions on the chatroom regarding the losses he was facing in the stocks and how could he recover from them. But he never got any response there. I tried helping him out but I found that the course material didn’t have much guidance.

And the chatroom provided with the course doesn’t have any active members. This is a huge red flag in itself. Well, my father lost a hefty sum, around $20,000, by following this guy’s advice. I was buying monthly subscriptions because I didn’t want to make a huge investment with the annual plan.

So I contacted the customer support to cancel my dad’s subscription. They take your credit card information right at the beginning and they automatically keep deducting the amount so it’s important to cancel the subscription properly.

To my surprise, they told me that I should give it a try for at least one more month. I told them about the incident, to which they replied by saying I should have waited a while longer and consumed more information.

They didn’t cancel my subscription for at least a month. I contacted them many times, but they were always reluctant to ‘cancel it right away’. It was a big red flag for me because, before this incident, I was blaming my dad for the loss.

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Losing $20,000 is a disaster for any average person. And my dad is no different. He was under a lot of guilt and depression because of this incident.

I did a little more research about Tim Sykes and his company’s products. I found out the reality behind most of his positive reviews and how he is lying everywhere so people will fall prey to his malicious tricks.

According to me, Tim Sykes is one of hte most pathetic and disgusting financial scams on this planet right now. STAY AWAY FROM HIM. He is telling you that he will make you rich. He is showing off his illegitimate wealth and he is doing all that, just so you will buy more of his information products.

He doesn’t tell you about the risks present in penny stocks. He doesn’t tell you the fact that penny stocks are one of the riskiest investments you can make and that you can lose all of your investments quickly if you invest in penny stocks. No, he will only show you the bright picture.

He shows the beauty and glamour of penny stocks. But he doesn’t tell you anything about their risks and damages. This is clearly unethical. He is a scam. When I ended my dad’s subscription to Tim Sykes’ company, they sent us a lot of emails.

They were telling us that we should focus on getting the subscription again. One of their execs called my dad, and when my dad told him about the loss, he said that my dad should take the subscription again and spend more time learning.

We didn’t get another subscription, however. The worst thing about Tim and his brand is the fact that there are many people like my dad who want to increase their earnings through investing, and Tim is leveraging this opportunity by giving useless information.

He doesn’t teach much about penny stocks or investing in his courses. I found out about those facts when I took a look at the various complaints people have posted about Sykes.

His products are a waste, and his customer support isn’t helpful at all. They deliberately delayed my dad’s subscription cancellation so they could charge at least a month more. You see Tim driving expensive cars, but you don’t know that he bought them with the money he took from unsuspecting people.

Tim shouldn’t be lying to people about creating immense wealth. He shouldn’t be lying on such a large scale. His lies are causing people to fall prey to his schemes, and they are losing a lot of money.

Other Victims of Tim Sykes

When my dad had lost the $20,000, he was devastated. He thought it was his mistake and he was the main culprit. He used to blame himself for such a humongous financial loss.

I have to say, that I used to blame him for the loss for some time as well. However, after Tim’s customer support stole a month’s fee ($150) from my account, I began suspecting the legitimacy of Timothy’s companies. What I found was surprising.

I am not the only person who has lost such a vast amount of money because of this scammer. There are literally hundreds of people who have suffered numerous financial losses because they followed Tim’s advice or because they used one of his products. I also found that Tim buys many reviewers so he can maintain his reputation properly.

I am going to share some of the stories of his past customers and people who have lost money because of this guy. These stories will help you realize what a big scammer and fraudster Tim Sykes really is and why you should stay away from this guy and his products.

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One guy has complained about the unethical practices of Tim’s companies. This person’s friend made the mistake of trusting Tim’s company, and he/she thought it would help him/her generate a great income. Like my dad, this person’s friend also suffered a huge financial loss. The problem in this case was more serious, however.

The complainer’s friend had to undergo medical surgery. But he/she was not able to afford it. So instead of taking loans and getting in debt, this person will generate a better income through Tim Sykes’s knowledge. He/she had no idea that the courses Tim offers on his websites are useless and of no value.

This person lost a huge sum, and he or she is suffering from the issue. He/she still has to undergo surgery, but the situation has worsened because he or she no longer has sufficient funds. It shows how serious the impacts of Tim’s unethical courses are on other lives. People are being devastated and buried under mountains of debt. They are getting tricked into thinking that penny stock trading is the best and surest way of generating a solid income. Tim is telling them half-truths, and this is one of the biggest dangers this guy is posing.

This complainant also demonstrated how Tim created a phony brand and how his phony helps him deceive more and more people. However, it’s not the only negative review. Some other people complain about the ethics of Tim Sykes’s companies and products as well.

One person faced a similar issue like I did with the customer support of Tim’s companies. This person had made a purchase of one of Tim’s courses but later figured that he was no longer interested. So he requested to cancel the subscription but he was also charged with an additional month’s fees for no specific reason.

Tim is currently running a massive number of scams, which is why it is critical to put a stop to him. Head over to the Better Business Bureau, and you’ll find a ton of complaints registered against Tim’s company, “Agora Financial LLC.”

Many people have complained about the charging process and the quality of the product there. One customer had bought the subscription to Tim Sykes Weekend Profits. This person had paid $2,000 for the subscription. After getting the subscription, the customer was supposed to receive updates on the various stocks and trades, so he or she can act accordingly.

But he or she never received an update on time. Most the times the trades he received to act on were too poor. This customer faced consecutive losses because of the trades recommended by Tim Sykes Weekend Profits. When this person had contacted the customer support for issuing a refund, they told this person that will not do that because the product will deliver great results.

They charged this customer $895 for a three months’ subscription, denied his or her refund and kept delivering a poor product. You can guess the amount of pain and agony this person must have gone through in order to get the refund.

Fake Reviews:

It is important for you to know that Tim Sykes’ company has hired many professionals from third world countries and other places to write positive reviews for the sake of their branding. A person’s reputation can be ruined in a matter of minutes by the large number of bad reviews on complaint sites.

Tim Sykes recognizes this fact. That is why he makes a concerted effort to acquire positive reviews and the services of professionals who can provide him with some positive feedback. Many of his positive reviews are false, and it shows the level of fraud Tim is.

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Finding genuine reviews of Tim Sykes’s products is quite difficult. If I had been able to find genuine reviews before making any purchases, I would have made a smarter decision. It is an unfortunate fact that Tim and his company are able to deceive people with such ease.

Tim Sykes has deliberately created a few websites that bash him for being a bad service provider. These companies don’t say a lot of negative things about him. They just tell the reader that Tim Sykes is a penny stock investor and that he is unconventional. It’s important that you recognize the difference between a fake review and a genuine one.

Why does he post a fake negative review? Well, the negative reviews posted on these websites are quite weak. Those websites provide links to all the major products and services of Tim Sykes. Therefore, they help his official websites rank highly. And the low-quality of their negative reviews ensures that the reader doesn’t believe the same.

Those negative websites help him strengthen his brand further. He is trying to market himself as the ‘good bad guy’. His whole brand is based around this fake persona. Through the fake reviews he buys from service providers and the weak negative reviews he posts himself on other websites, he is able to create a manipulative brand, that attracts a ton of people and gets him a lot of business.

You, the consumer, don’t get anything of value from Tim Sykes and his products. You are always losing. Tim is teaching you about penny stock investing, but his advice doesn’t work. And you can’t hold him accountable for the losses you suffer because penny stock investing is quite risky in itself. This means you’ll waste a lot of time and money watching his garbage courses and losing money in the penny stock market.

Many customers, like my dad, have faced problems with the quality of courses Tim Sykes offers. In my case, my dad wasn’t getting responses to his questions from the chat room or any other place. He was paying them to gain access to these areas, but it was of no use. You can get an idea of how irritating it must have been for me and my dad when our questions went unnoticed and unanswered all the time.

Tim Sykes Review Verdict

There are many victims of Tim Sykes’ fraudulent schemes. My dad lost $20,000 because of this guy, and it’s certain that if he hadn’t stopped, he could have lost more. And my dad isn’t the only person who has lost his hard earned income in an instant because of this guy. You should know the risks of penny stock trading before you enter this market.

Also, Tim Sykes is a huge financial scammer. He wants you to purchase all of his products, even though they provide you with no value. He lies to you about the market, gives you zero knowledge, late updates, and access to a dead chat room.

He is running a large-scale financial scam, and it is essential that we put a stop to his mischievous activities. How long will we let this guy ruin lives? It is essential to spread awareness about Tim’s scams.

I have done my part; will you do yours?


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Tim Sykes is running a large-scale financial scam, and it is essential that we put a stop to his mischievous activities. How long will we let this guy ruin lives?

Tim Sykes
Tim Sykes
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