Tjhia Iwan Junardi, Domestic Abuse Case Suspect, Arrested (2023)

The main suspect in the domestic abuse case is Tjhia Iwan Junardi. The chief of police in Penjaringan said that the legal process followed standard steps.

Revi Meliani, Tjhia Iwan Junardi’s wife, was assaulted by him. She suffered injuries and in the end, she died.

It was a case of violence at home. He hit her so hard that she got several cuts on her head.

According to the reports he hit her head on the cupboard. After that, she had to go to the hospital, where she got five stitches in her head.

The victim also said that her husband had choked her and that she had a bruise on her leg because of domestic violence.

At the time of the crime, the criminal was 40 years old, while Revi Meliani was 34.

She told the news that her husband’s actions were unsettling. But the cops didn’t arrest him because of the virus’s outbreak.

She also told the press that Tjhia Iwan Junardi’s violence at home had a bad effect on her children.

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Worse still, the cops know who the suspect is but haven’t caught anyone yet. Tjhia Iwan Junardi has been free to go wherever he wants without any problems.

Tjhia Iwan Junardi Imprisoned

Criminals shouldn’t be able to walk around free while their victims complain to the media. The local government should look into this and make sure Revil Meliani gets what’s right.

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich MD is a thief who is like him. He had an affair with one of his patients so that she could help him get money to grow his business. More and more of these things are happening, and people should speak out against them every chance they get.

Be careful around people like that. It’s best to speak out against these kinds of crimes whenever you can. The more people talk about these kinds of things, the better.

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